North to Alaska


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North to Alaska

  1. 1. North to Alaska 
  2. 2. AdventureFrom the first humans to cross the Bering Land Bridge to thosewho came after, all hada daring, can-do spirit.From explorers to gold miners to teachers tofarmers, each of these fearless folks shapedAlaska and you can stillsee their impact today.
  3. 3. A few special things about Alaska…
  4. 4. But Anchorage is the largest city. Tulsa has about 100,000 more people than Anchorage.
  5. 5. Juneau is the Capital
  6. 6. Tallest Mountain in NA –Over 20,000 feet 20,000 feet
  7. 7. Biggest Quake – Good Friday 1964 9.2 on Richter scale
  8. 8. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is more than 13 million square miles, six times bigger than Yellowstone.
  9. 9. Coldest of Cold The coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States was in Alaska. On January 23, 1971, the temperature dropped to -79.8 at Prospect Creek. Thats only one degree warmer than the coldest temperature ever in North America. On February 3, 1947, the thermometer at Snag in the Yukon hit -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperature recorded in the world is -129F at Vostok, Antarctica on July 21, 1983.
  10. 10.  Juneau, Alaska is the cloudiest place in the U.S. Anchorage tied Hilo, Hawaii for the #2 spot at 41%.
  11. 11. Wind In Alaska youll find the windiest places and the least windy. Talkeetna ties Medford, Oregon for the lowest annual wind speed of 4.8 mph.
  12. 12.  Yakutat, Alaska holds the record for the rainiest place in the United States. It averages more than 160 inches each year.
  13. 13. The Eagles have landed. Some 4,000 eagles come to the Chilkat River near Haines in November to feed on a late run of salmon there.
  14. 14. Most active volcanoes in U.S. 80% of all active volcanoes and 10% of all the volcanoes in the world are located in Alaska.
  15. 15. Largest state park in the UnitedStates: Wood-Tikchik State Parkin southwestern Alaska is 1.6million acres.
  16. 16. Willowptarmigan
  17. 17. Sport: Dog Mushing
  18. 18. Forget-Me-Not
  19. 19. King Salmon
  20. 20. Big DipperDesigned by BennyBenson who won astate-wide contest in1926. The Big Dipperand the North Star—eight stars of gold--stand for the sky and thestate flower.
  21. 21. Glaciers Greatest concentration of glaciers in the US: Nearly 30,000square miles or 5% of the state iscovered by glaciers.
  22. 22. Sources