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Nba report


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Nba report

  1. 1. NBA BasketballBy:Jack Tims
  2. 2. NBA stands for national basketball association. TheNBA commisioner is David Stern. NBA is aprofessional basketball league and at the end of theyear there are the playoffs.
  3. 3. In the playoffs the top eight teams in each conferencego to the playoffs.The number one seed plays the eight seed and thenumber two seed plays the seventh seed and so on.The one who wins all of their series goes to the NBAfinals and plays the winner of the other conference.Playoffs
  4. 4. Brian ScalabrineBrian Scalabrine played at university ofsouthern california and got drafted in the NBAdraft in 2001. He got drafted to the NewJersey nets and played there for four years.
  5. 5. All Star WeekendIn All-Star weekend There are lots of activities. Such as Allstar game, Celebrity game, and slam dunk contest.
  6. 6. Lebron James got draftedto the Cleveland cavaliersstraight from highschool,Then he left them tothe Miami Heat and won anational title in 2012.Lebron James
  7. 7. Kevin DurantKevin Durant plays for theOklahoma city Thunder. Lastyear they lost to Lebron andthe Heat in the NBAchampionship. This year theyare going into the tournamentas number one seed in thewest.
  8. 8. The RivalryKevin and Lebronplayed eachother lastyear in the NBA finalsand they also fight forthe scoring title,MVP, and NBA finalsMVP.
  9. 9. Road To The Finals
  10. 10. 2013 NBA PlayoffsThe 2013 NBA playoffs juststarted and is almost in thesecond round. Going into theplayoffs as 1st seed was theOklahoma City Thunder in thewest, and the Miami Heat inthe east. If the playoffs workthe way they are suppose tothey will meet in the NBAFinals again.
  11. 11. NBA Legends
  12. 12. Michael JordanMichael Jordan is considered the best playerin the NBA. He also had 6 NBAChampionships. Michael Jordan was also astarter for the ’92 “Dream Team” in theolympics when he led them to a gold medal.
  13. 13. Larry BirdLarry Bird playedFor the BostonCeltics and wonthree NBAchampionships. Healso played for the’92 Dream Team.
  14. 14. Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson playedfor the Los AngelesLakers from 1979-1991.He won five NBAChampionships andalso played for the ’92Dream Team
  15. 15. Kobe BryantKobe Bryant played forthe Los Angeles Lakersand won 5 NBAChampionships. Hedidn’t play college ballbecause he was so goodthat he came straightfrom High School.
  16. 16. Most NBAChampionshipsThe Boston Celtics won 17 NBA Championships. BillRussel won 11 with the Celtics and the other 6 werewith different people.
  17. 17. The End
  18. 18.