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  1. 1. Facts AboutPhobiasBy Caroline Godfrey
  2. 2. IntroductionThere are many phobias in the world, but have youever wondered WHY people fear those things? Thisreport will tell you why people fear clowns and whyclaustrophobia is so common. ENJOY!!!!!
  3. 3. some info about the wordphobia•Comes from the greekword phobos, meaningfear.•Phobos was the son ofAres, the greek god ofwar.•People painted his faceon their shields toscare their enemies.
  4. 4. ClaustrophobiaThis is anirrational fear ofenclosed spaces.It’s a commonphobia. Mostpeople use it asan expressionlike,“I feelclaustropobic.”Help I’mHelp I’mclaustrophobic!claustrophobic!
  5. 5. CoulrophobiaThis is the fear of clowns. It is believed to be causedby the makeup that the clowns wear that exaggeratetheir facial features. People also fear clowns becauseof movies and The Joker from Batman. Theseclowns are portrayed as evil villains and killers.
  6. 6. Tell me this isn’tfreaky!
  7. 7. ArachnophobiaThis is the fear of spiders. The word Arachne is the Greek word for spider. It comesfrom a greek myth about how spiders came to be.
  8. 8. The Greek myth about   first spiderAthena, the Greek goddess of wisdom,battle strategycursed a mortal girl named Arachne who challenged herto a weaving contest and was EXTREMELY rude. Shechanged her into a spider so for the rest of her life shewould be forced to weave in the dull color of grey. Themoral of the story is to NEVER challenge a goddess orgod to an activity that they invented.AthenaArachne
  9. 9. Ophidiophobia•The fear of snakes. This fear is sometimes confused withherpetophobia, or the fear of reptiles. The fear is actuallylearned.
  10. 10. HydrophobiaHydrophobia is thefear of water. It isusually a symtom ofrabies. When you haverabies you havetrouble swallowingwater so some how itdevelops.
  11. 11. NyctophobiaThe bogey man,Dracula, the monstersunder your bed.These monsters lurkin the dark and makeyou hide under yourcovers. They usuallycause this fear of thedark. most peoplegrow out of it as theymature, but for someit lasts a long time.
  12. 12. ScolionophobiaThe fear of school. This is a fear that is crazybut true!!! It fear usually occurs because kidsdon’t want to leave their parents.I am not responsible for any claims that a child can’t go to school because they have thisphobia.
  13. 13. The fear of being alone. Somepeople cannot relax unlesssomeone is near them, such as inanother room, while others musthave someone in the same room asthem. If they are completely alonethe person might have an anxietyattack. HyHy from the “School ofFear” books has a so severe case ofautophobia that she thinks shesBFFs with everyone she meets.
  14. 14. PhobophobiaThe fear of phobias.People usually developthis fear if they alreadyhave a phobia. Overtime it can worsen andcause you to gain evenmore phobias.
  15. 15. AlliumphobiaThe fear of garlic.People withthisphobia suffer panicattackswhen close togarlic. If vampiresexisted then I betthat they wouldhave Alliumphobia.
  16. 16. TrypanophobiaThe fear ofneedles/injections.There are many waysthat scientists believeyou can getTrypanophobia butthe most commonway is that it isinherited.
  17. 17. Those are only a few of the manyphobias in the world!Thanks for watchingmy slideshow and Ihope you enjoyed it!The next two pagesare a quiz over whatI covered in myreport. Good luck!
  18. 18. Quiz•1. What is the fear of water?•2. What is the fear of school?•3. Who might have alliumphobia?•4. What is a very common phobia?•5. Who was the first spider according to the Greekmyth?
  19. 19. Quiz Answers•1. Hydrophobia•2. Scolionophobia•3. A vampire•4. Claustrophobia•5. Arachne
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