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Horses by grace ritchie


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Horses by grace ritchie

  1. 1. Horses!By Grace Ritchie
  2. 2. History• The clicks of horses hoves have been onour planet for over 50 million years, muchlonger than humans, but once man andhorse met our two species have beenpowerfully linked!
  3. 3. Types Of Horses• There are many different kinds of horses,including: shetland, buckskin, mare, paint, ect.
  4. 4. Caring• Horses love attention you need to feedthem, brush them, and play with them!
  5. 5. Hooves• Hoves are horses feet, and they can haveshoes too! There is a doctor called aFariary who checks horses feet and givesthem “shoes”, horse shoes.
  6. 6. Ponies• Some horses are miniature and wont growvery big thier called Shetlamd Ponies.
  7. 7. Baby Horses!• Baby Horses are called colts.The motherhorse carries the baby for 9-10 months.
  8. 8. Horses In Need• Horses are very sweet animals whentreated nicely, but unfortunattly over 1000horses are being abandodned each year.
  9. 9. Rescue• Horses all over the world need our helpthere are being tied up and left to starveand die.
  10. 10. Ridding• Many people ride horses for fun andentertainment!
  11. 11. English Riding• English ridding is with a saddle that doesn’thave a horn and is less wieght than westernsaddles.
  12. 12. Western Riding• Western Ridding countains a much heaviersaddle and a horn.
  13. 13. Racing• Some people even rave horses for a living!
  14. 14. Games• In Many counries people even play a gameon their horses this is called Polo.
  15. 15. Bit• A bit is another type of halter that goesinto a horses mouth.
  16. 16. Hackamore• Hackamore’s are a type of halter for ahorse, but that does not go in the horsesmouth.
  17. 17. Food• Horse’s eat a hay, grass, and sweet grains
  18. 18. Kentucky Derby• This year will be the 139th anniversery ofthe Kentucky Derby
  19. 19. Horse Tricks• Many people are able to teach their horsestricks, just like dogs! This horse is bowing!
  20. 20. Rodeo• A Rodeo is and American tradition forfamily fun and a way to see horses run!
  21. 21. Rodeo Kings andQueens• Rodeo Queens are girls who win rodeosand the judges crown them the best
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