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  1. 1. in this report you will learn my opinion on thetop actors of 2013
  2. 2. actor number 1Chris Hemsworth
  3. 3. chris hemsworthCHRIS HEMSWORTH was born august 11 1983 inMelbourne, Australia. He is best known for his roleas Thor 2011. His first film was star trek. He is inthe middle of three brothers. Luke Hemsworth, hisolder brother, and Liam, his younger brother who isalso an actor. He is married to actress Elsa Pataky.They have a young daughter named India Rose.
  4. 4. actor2Andrew Garfield
  5. 5. AndrewGarfieldHe was born in LOSangeles. but moved tobritain when he wasonly 3 years old. he isbest know as spiderman in the amazingspiderman 2012. Hisfirst film apperancewas lions for lambs.
  6. 6. Actor3Joseph Gordon Levitt
  7. 7. Joseph GordonLevitthe was born in L.A. Hewas raised in shermanoaks. his parentsfounded theprogressive jewishalliance. his first filmapperance wasbethoveen. he is bestknown for his role asArthur in Inception.
  8. 8. ACTORRobert DowneyJR.
  9. 9. Robert downeyjr.robert downey jr. is an amazingactor. he was born inmanhattan, new york april 4,1965. he suffered from drugabuse at a very young age. hemade a miraculous comebackand today is one of the greatestand most talented actors on thered carpet. he is best known forhis role as iron man. he will starin the upcoming iron man 3movie
  10. 10. actor 5hugh jackman
  11. 11. HUGH JACKMANJACKMAN WAS BORNIN Sydney, new southwales. he loved actingever since he was ayoung boy.his first filmapppearance was theErskineville Kings. But heis best known for his roleas Wolverine in the Xmenmovies. he will star in theupcoming movie TheWolverine.
  12. 12. actor 6Will Ferrell
  13. 13. will ferrellWill Ferrell is one of the mostfunny actors of today. Hewas born in Irvine, California.He has a younger brothernamed Patrick. He wasalways making people laughevenn when he was veryyoung. He is known asprofessional comedian andimpressionist. he is bestkniwn for his roles inanchorman, and elf
  14. 14. actor 7will smith
  15. 15. Will smithsmith was born in westphiladelphia. he wasraised as a baptist. hisparents split when hewas thirteen. he startedperforming as a rapper.he is best known for hisperformance on thefresh prince of bel air.he will star in theupcoming movie afterearth
  16. 16. actor 8dwayne the rock johnson
  17. 17. Dwayne JohnsonHe was born inHayward, California. Hisfather was aprofessional wrestler.That is were he gotinspiration to be awrestler. he beganacting with the film theMummy Returns. he willstar in the upcomingmovie fast and Furious6.
  18. 18. actor 9Leonardo Dicaprio
  19. 19. leonardo dicapriodicaprio was born in Losangeles, California. hestudied film and is one ofthe best actors of today.hjis first film appearancewas critters 3. but is bestknown as Jack Dawsonfrom Titanic. he is in themovie the great gatsbywhich is now playing
  20. 20. actor 10chris pine
  21. 21. chris pineChris pine was born in los,angeles. His inspiration to bean actor came from his father.He studied theater atamerican conservstory. Healso received a bachelorsdegree in english. his first filmwas the princess diaries 2.He will star in the upcomingfilm Star Trek into darkness.
  22. 22.