Baseball History


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Bryce Alonso

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Baseball History

  1. 1. History of Baseball inHistory of Baseball inthe United Statesthe United Statesby Bryce Alonsoby Bryce Alonso
  2. 2. What Started It All?What Started It All?There have beenmany sports in thehistory of theUnited States. But,baseball has trulyalways beenAmerica’spastime.
  3. 3. In the Beginning...In the Beginning...Baseball was not all funand games when it firstoriginated.When baseballoriginated, africanamericans were notallowed to play with thewhite men.
  4. 4. Early African American BaseballEarly African American BaseballSince the “blacks” weren’t allowed to play with the“whites”, the African Americans went and built theirown league that they could play in.This league was publicly know as the Negro League.
  5. 5. Players in the Negro LeaguePlayers in the Negro LeagueWhite racial riots would come towatch these games just to taunt andmake fun of these players.These “fans” would call names, throwfood, and even threaten them. Thiscruelty needed to stop.
  6. 6. Jackie Robinsonwas the first blackbaseball player toplay in the MLB.He played for theBrooklyn Dodgers(Now known as theLos AngelesDodgers).JackieRobinson
  7. 7. Brooklyn
  8. 8. Los Angeles
  9. 9. 42There has been a movie created aboutJackie Robinson’s baseball life.This movie is called 42 because that washis number in the major leagues.
  10. 10. Satchel PaigeSatchel Paige could havebeen one of the bestpitchers of all time inMajor League Baseball.Most of his statisticswere not recordedbecause he played mostof his career in theNegro Leagues.
  11. 11. Satchel Paige
  12. 12. George “Babe” RuthBabe Ruth isarguably one ofthe best baseballplayers of alltime.He played for theNew York Yankees.(one of the mostsuccessful teamsever)
  13. 13. Lou Gehrig• Lou Gehrig wasarguably one of thebest 1st basemanever to play thegame.• Lou Gehrig died ofwhat is known thesedays as Lou Gehrig’sdisease.
  14. 14. Lou gehrig’s disease• This disease is a diseasethat effects the brain andthe spinal chord.• This is a fatal (deathly)disease and has no cure asof today.
  15. 15. Yankees•Lou Gehrig played forthe NewYorkYankeesalong with Babe Ruth.
  16. 16. New York YankeesThe Yankees areviewed as the mostsuccessful team of alltime.They have had someof the best playerslike: Babe Ruth, LouGehrig, and alsoMickie Mantle (not inSlide Show)
  17. 17. Aroldis Chapman
  18. 18. Fastest pitcH• Aroldis Chapman in currentlyplaying for the CincinnatiReds.• He holds the fastest pitch ofall time in baseball, standing at105 mph.
  19. 19. conclusion• In conclusion the reasonI wanted to do this reportis:• To teach about the pastimeof baseball.• To teach how AfricanAmericans werediscriminated in the “olddays” of America.
  20. 20. Thanks for watching!!
  21. 21. Credits/SourcesCredits/