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Writing For Audience Curation


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Writing For Audience Curation

  1. 1. Writing for your readers
  2. 2. First Identify your readers One of the difficult question to answer is who is your target readers. It is a bit of task to identify your audience depending on what you are writing about. audience/ If you want to connect with your reader, it is a must to know what your readers want from you. The links above gives the useful tricks to understand your readers.
  3. 3. The links below talks about who your audience should be and can be s readers/ It list the strategies the writer can adapt to better understand the readers mind to make your ideas more interesting. your-readers/
  4. 4. What do the audience want from me? Connection with the audience is an essential thing. If there is no connection with the readers, the writers goal is not met. speaker-can-deliver/ really-want