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  1. 1. The Dothraki Language Dictionary (2.06) Written by Lajaki June 6th , 2011 This is the first available Dothraki dictionary. Dothraki is the language for the Dothraki pe-ople, a nomadic war-mongering race that ride the aptly-named Dothraki Sea steppes in GeorgeR.R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. It was created by David Peterson, of the LanguageCreation Society, for the HBO adaptation of the series: all copyright belongs to HBO and theLCS. This is a dictionary only of publicly made information, from posts on the LCS blog, theoriginal books, and personal emails. Words which have been created by David Peterson arelisted as DP. Words created from the original book are listed as M. For more information, go Bold indicates a Dothraki word. Italics indicate the English definition. Plain text indicatesgrammatical categorisation: parentheses indicate extra information. Transitivity is marked ifknown as vtr., intransitive as vin.: words marked v. are either unattested or ambitransitive, ortheir transitivity is unable to be deduced. The IPA indicates the correct pronunciation. Sometranscriptions may have allomorphs, as in [qoj] or [qh oj]. I have attempted to use only plainstems. I have included the suffixes when they are known but not the original stem. Stress hasbeen indicated as much as can be guessed at using official rules, such as stress on word-finalsyllables ending in a consonant, but the intonation rules for Dothraki are not fully understoodat this point. The words herein should be all that we have, but if you find more words elsewhe-re, spot any errors or inconsistencies, or have any comments, please let me know on the forum.Thanks. Many praises and thanks go to Ingsve, who helped me compile this, and Tuiq, who put thecoding online. 1
  2. 2. The DictionaryA >achra: [ atSRa] DP adj. smelly assikhqoyi: [assixqOji] DP ni. sign, omen >achrakh: [atSRax] DP ni. smell assikhqoyisir: [assixqOjisir] DP na. prophecyadakhat: [adaxat] DP v. to eat ” ” assilat (1): [assil ”] DP v. to signal ”at >> assilat (2): [assil ”] DP v. to defeat ”ataddo ajjalani: [addo adZdZal ”i] DP n. mid- ”” ”an night assolat: [assol ”] DP v. to command ”ataddrivat: [addRivat] DP v. to kill someone ”” ” astat: [astat] DP v. to say ””ador: [ador] DP n. chair ” astilat: [astil ”] DP v. to joke ” ”atafazh: [afaZ] DP adj. hot astolat: [astol ”] DP v. to speak ” ”ataffazolat: [affazol ”] DP v. to replace ”at at: [at] DP num. one ”affesat: [affesat] DP v. to make someone itch ” ataki: [ataki] DP adj. first ”affin: [affin] DP adj. when ” athaozar: [aTaozar] DP ni. depths, deepaggendat: [aggendat] DP v. to rip ”” ” athastokhdeveshizar: [aTastoxdeveSizar] DP ” ”ahesh: [aheS] DP n. snow ni. nonsense >ahhaqat: [ahhaqAt] DP v. to frustrate ” athchomar: [aTtSomar] DP ni. respect, reverence > >ahhasat: [ahhasat] DP v. to sharpen ” athchomar chomakea: [aTtSomar tSomakea]ai: [aj] M intj. yes (obedient response) DP phrase respect to you (plural) >> athdavrazar: [aTdavRazar] DP ni. usefullness ”ajjalan: [adZdZal ”] DP n. tonight ”anakat: [akat] DP num. two ” (also means good or excellent when usedakataki: [akataki] adj. second ” as an exclamation.)akka: [akka] DP adv. also, as well athdikar: [aTdikar] DP ni. speed ”alegra: [al”egra] DP ni. duck athezhirar: [aTeZiRar] DP ni. dancingallayafat: [al”ajafat] DP v. to please ”l ” athhayozar: [aThajozar] DP ni. waiting >ammenat: [ammenat] DP v. to empty ” ” athjahakar: [aTdZahakar] DP ni. pride, prowess >ammithrat: [ammiTRat] DP v. to rest ” athjilar: [aTdZil DP adj. correct ”ar]anat: [anat] DP v. to rest ” ” athmithrar: [aTmiTRar] DP ni. restanha: [anha] DP pn. I ” athmovezar: [aTmovezar] DP ni. magicanna: [anna] DP pn. me ”” athniqar: [aTniqAr] DP ni. rigidity ”annakhat: [annaxat] DP v. to stop (someone) ”” ” athtihar: [aTtihar] DP ni. visionannevalat: [nneval ”] DP v. to sit something, to ” ” ”at athyolar: [aTjol DP ni. birth ”ar] leave something alone athzhokwazar: [aTZokwazar] DP ni. sizeanni: [anni] DP pn. my, mine ”” atthasat: [aTTasat] DP v. to defeat ”annithat: [anniTat] DP v. to cause pain ”” ” atthi: [aTTi] DP num. elevenarakh: [aRax] M,DP ni. curved sword ave: [ave] DP n. fatherarraggat: [araggat] DP v. to choke ” awazak: [awazak] DP na. screamerasavva: [asavva] DP n. sky awazat: [awazat] DP v. to scream ”ase: [ase] DP ni. word ayena: [ajena] DP n. bell ”ashefa: [aSefa] DP na. river azhasavva: [aZasavva] DP n. blessingassamvat: [assamvat] DP v. to break ” azhat: [aZat] DP v. to give ”asshekh: [aSSex] DP adv. today azho: [aZo] DP n. giftasshekhqoyi: [aSSexqOji] DP ni. birthday azisat: [azisat] DP v. to harm ” 2
  3. 3. C > >chakat: [tSakat] DP v. to be silent ” chiftik: [tSiftik] DP n. cricket ” > >charat: [tSaRat] DP v. to hear ” chilay: [tSil DP adj. lying, supine ”aj] > >chare: [tSaRe] DP n. ear chiori: [tSioRi] DP n. woman > >charolat: [tSaRol ”] DP v. to understand ”at chomak: [tSomak] DP na. respectful one > >che: [tSe] DP det. either, or chomat: [tSomat] DP v. to be respectul ” > >cheno: [tSeno] DP ni. liver ” choyo: [tSojo] DP n. joke word for someones be- >chetirat: [tSetiRat] DP v. to canter ” ” hindDdalen: [dal ”] DP num. thousand ” ”en dothrakh: [doTRax] DP ni. ride ”davralat: [davRal ”] DP v. to be useful ” ”at dothrakhqoyi: [doTRaxqOji] DP ni. bloodrider ”disse: [disse] DP adv. only, just ” dothraki: [doTRaki] M n. the Dothraki people ”diwelat: [diwel ”] DP v. to be wet ” ”atdonat: [donat] DP v. to shout ” ” ” dothralat: [doThRal ”] DP v. to ride (With horse, ” ”atdorvi: [doRvi] DP ni. goat ” steed as the subject: to have an erection)dosh khaleen: [doS xal ”] M n. group of wido- ” ”een dozgosor: [dozgosor] DP na. enemy, slang for ” wed khaleesi ones own khalasardothrak: [doTRak] DP na. rider ” drivolat: [dRivol ”] DP v. to die ” ”atE >ejakh: [edZax] DP ni. bank (of river, lake or pond) erin: [eRin] DP adj. kind ” >ejervalat: [edZeRval ”] DP v. to remove ”at ershek: [eRSek] DP adj. oldelain: [el ”] DP n. seed ”ain esazhalat: [esaZal ”] DP v. to take something ”atelainat: [el ”at] DP v. to plant ”ain ” backelat: [el ”] DP v. to go ”at esinakh: [esinax] DP ni. a different thing ”elzat: [el ”] DP v. to respond ”zat esshey: [eSSej] DP n. roofelzikh: [el”zix] DP ni. response eveth: [eveT] DP n. wateremat: [emat] DP v. to smile, to approve of (when ” evethiz: [eveTiz] DP ni. poison water used with allative) ezat: [ezat] DP v. to find ”enossho: [enoSSo] DP ni. mule ” ezzolat: [ezzol ”] DP v. to teach ”atFfakat: [fakat] DP v. to kick ” firikh: [fiRix] DP n. ringfatat: [fatat] DP v. to slap ”” firikhnharen: [fiRixnhaRen] DP ni. crown ” ”fatilat: [fatil ”] DP v. to insult ” ”at fonak: [fonak] DP na. hunter ”fekh: [fex] DP num. seven fonakasar: [fonakasar] DP na. hunting party ”fevelat: [fevel ”] DP v. to thirst ”at > > fonas chek: [fonas tSek] DP phrase said at par- ”fichat: [fitSat] DP v. to take ” ting lit. hunt wellfini: [fini] DP conj. whatrelative pronoun that introduces relative clause fonat: [fonat] DP v. to hunt ” ”fire: [fiRe] DP n. ring fotha: [foTa] DP ni. throatfiresof: [fiResof] DP ni. year frakhat: [fraxat] DP v. to touch ” 3
  4. 4. Ggadim: [gadim] DP ni. lungs ” gendolat: [gendol ”] DP v. to rip ” ” ”atgamiz: [gamiz] DP n. rice gerat: [geRat] DP v. to lack ”garvolat: [gaRvol ”] DP v. to hunger ”at gizikhven: [gizixven] DP n. candy ”gendat: [gendat] DP v. to rip ”” ”gende: [gende] DP n. rip ”” gorat: [goRat] DP v. to charge ”gende: [gende] DP adj. ripped ”” graddakh: [gRaddax] DP ni. waste, refuse ””Hhadaen: [hadaen] DP n. food ” ” havazh: [havaZ] DP n. seahaesh: [haeS] M n. spawn Havazh Dothraki: [havaZ doTRaki] DP prop.n. ”haesh rakhi: [haeS raxi] M n. spawn of the lambs, Dothraki Sea lamb men", Lhazareen Havazzhifi Kazga: [havaZZifi kazga] DP >haj: [hadZ] M adj. strong prop.n. Black Salt Sea >haje: [hadZe] DP adj. right hayolat: [hajolat] DP v. to wait ”hake: [hake] DP na. name haz: [haz] DP det. thathakelat: [hakel ”] DP v. to name ”at heth: [heT] DP n. rimhakeso: [hakeso] DP adj. famous ”ak] DP na. gloves hlak: [hlhaqe: [haqE] DP adj. tired hoshora: [hoSoRa] DP adj. goldenhaqeqqe: [haqEqqE] DP adj. exhausted hoyalat: [hojal ”] DP v. to sing ”athasa: [hasa] DP adj. sharp hrakkar: [hRakkar] M n. white lionhash: [haS] DP conj. if, then hranna: [hRanna] M n. a type of grass ””hatif: [hatif] DP n. face ” hrazef: [hRazef] DP n. horseIido: [ido] DP adj. wooden, fake ” ildat: [il”at] DP v. to strike ”d ”idrik: [idRik] DP n. leader of the hunt ” indelat: [indel ”] DP v. to drink ” ” ”atifak: [ifak] DP na. foreigner ishish: [iSiS] DP adv. maybeifat: [ifat] DP v. to walk ” izzat: [izzat] DP v. to poison ”J > >jadat: [dZadat] DP v. to come ” ” jedda: [dZedda] DP ni. pony ”” > >jahak: [dZahak] DP n. Dothraki hair-braid, lion’s jerat: [dZeRat] DP v. to trade ” > mane, hairstyle jesh: [dZeS] DP n. ice > >jalan: [dZal ”] DP n. moon ”an jil: [dZil DP adj. right, rightful ”] > >jalan qoyi: [dZal ” qOji] DP n. harvest moon ”an jin: [dZin] DP det. this ” > >jano: [dZano] DP ni. dog ” jini: [dZini] DP pn. this, this one ” > >jaqqa rhan: [dZaqqA Rhan] M n. mercy men (not ” jinne: [dZinne] DP adv. here ”” > literal translation) jolinat: [dZol ”at] DP v. to cook ”in ” > >jasat: [dZasat] DP v. to laugh ” jorok: [dZoRok] DP n. corn 4
  5. 5. K >k’athjilari: [kaTdZil”aRi] DP adv. rightfully, right khaleesi: [xal”eesi] M n. queenkaffat: [kaffat] DP v. to crush ” khas: [xas] M n. small group of protectorskarlinat: [kaRl ”at] DP v. to gallop ”in ” kher: [xer] DP n. fleshkash: [kaS] DP adv., conj. while, until, during, kherikh: [xeRix] DP ni. leather then khezhat: [xeZat] DP v. to be sad ”kazga: [kazga] DP adj. black ki: [ki] DP prep. by,because of also preceds quo-kemat: [kemat] DP v. to conjoin, to marry (some- ” ted speech. one to someone else)kemolat: [kemol ”] DP v. to marry someone ”at kifindirgi: [kifindiRgi] DP adv. why ””khal: [xal M n. leader, king ”] kifinosi: [kifinosi] DP adv. how ”khalakka: [xal ”akka] M n. prince, son of a khal kisha: [kiSa] DP pn. wekhalasar: [xal ”asar] M na. horde, group, tribe ko: [ko] M na. bodyguardLlain: [l ”] DP adj. beautiful ”ain laz: [laz] DP aux. could, canlainat: [l ”at] DP v. to be beautiful (used for in- ”ain ” lekh: [l”ex] DP na. language animate nouns.) lekh: [l”ex] DP ni. tongue > lekhilat: [l ”at] DP v. to taste ”exil ”lajak: [l dZak] DP na. fighter, warrior ”a > lenta: [l ””a] DP n. neck ”entlajasar: [l dZasar] DP na. army ”a > > lojat: [l dZat] DP v. to hit ”o ”lajat: [l dZat] DP v. to fight ”a ” loqam: [l ”oqAm] DP n. arrowlamekh: [l ”amex] DP ni. mare’s milk lost: [l ”] DP adj. disappointed ”ostlanat: [l ”at] DP v. to run ”an ” loy: [l DP det. some ”oj]Mma: [ma] DP prep. with, and memzir: [memzir] DP n. bird call, tweetmae: [mae] DP pn. him, her menat: [menat] DP v. to be empty ” ”maegi: [maegi] M n. wise, sorceress, witch mhar: [mhar] M adj. soremahrazh: [mahRaZ] DP n. man > mithrat: [miTRat] DP v. to rest ”majin: [madZin] DP conj. and then, then, so, and ” mithri: [miTRi] DP n. rest so, consequentlymawizzi: [mawizzi] DP ni. rabbit mori: [moRi] DP pn. theyme: [me] DP pn. he, she, it movelat: [movel ”] DP v. to make by hand ”atmek: [mek] DP num. five mra: [mRa] DP prep. withinNnakh: [nax] DP ni. end, stop ” niqe: [niqE] DP adj. rigid ”nakhat: [naxat] DP v. to stop ” ” nirat: [niRat] DP v. to be full ” ”naqisat: [naqesat] DP v. to be small ” nithat: [niTat] DP v. to feel pain ” ”nayat: [najat] DP n. girl ” ” nizhat: [niZat] DP v. to be tough ” ”nem: [nem] DP part. passive particle ” noreth: [noReT] DP n. hair ”nesat: [nesat] DP v. to know (information) ” ” notat: [notat] DP v. to turn ” ”” >nevakhi: [nevaxi] DP n. sitting-spot ” nroj: [nRodZ] DP adj. thick, complex ” >nhare: [nhaRe] DP na. head ” nrojat: [nRodZat] DP v. to be thick, complex ” ” 5
  6. 6. Oogat: [ogat] DP v. to slaiughter ” orvik: [oRvik] DP n. whipoggo: [oggo] DP na. head of animal os: [os] DP ni. pathohazho: [ohaZo] DP adj. heavy oskikh: [oskix] DP ni. yesterdayokhat: [oxat] DP v. to ring ” osoleth: [osol DP ni. bridge ”eT]oma: [oma] DP prep. withoutondelat: [ondel ”] DP v. to wear ”at ostat: [ostat] DP v. to bite ””oqet: [oqEt] DP ni. sheep (singular) ” ovethat: [oveTat] DP v. to fly ”ori: [oRi] DP num. eight ovvethat: [ovveTat] DP v. to throw ”Qqafat: [qAfat] DP v. to ask ” qosar: [qOsar] DP n. spiderqazat: [qAzat] DP num. nine ” qosarvenikh: [qOsaRvenix] DP ni. lie, trap, de- ”qazer: [qAzer] DP n. apple ceptionqeso: [qEso] DP n. basket qoth: [qOT] DP adj. repetitiveqisi: [qesi] DP prep. about, concerningqiya: [qeja] M adj. bleeding qovat: [qOvat] DP v. to tremble ”qiyalat: [qejal ”] DP v. to bleed ”at qoy: [qOj] DP ni. bloodqora: [qORa] DP na. hand, arm qoy qoyi: [qOj qOji] DP phrase blood of myqorat: [qORat] DP v. to sieze someone ” bloodRraggat: [raggat] DP v. to choke on ” rhaesh: [RhaeS] M n. land, countryrakh: [rax] M n. boy, lamb Rhaesh Andahli: [RhaeS andahl M prop.n. ” ” ”i]ramasar: [ramasar] DP na. plain(s) Land of the Andals, Westerosray: [raj] DP adv. already rhaesheser: [RhaeSeser] DP na. worldrea: [rea] DP na. organ rhaggat: [Rhaggat] M n. cart ”rek: [rek] DP det. that rhaggat eveth: [Rhaggat eveT] DP n. ship ”remekat: [remekat] DP v. to sleep ” rissat: [rissat] DP v. to cut, slice ”rhae: [Rhae] M na. foot, leg riv: [riv] DP n. tiprhae mhar: [Rhae mhar] M n. sore-foot rizh: [riZ] DP n. sonS >sajak: [sadZak] DP na. rider she: [Se] DP prep. on, upon, in, onto, off of >sajat: [sadZat] DP v. to mount ” shekh: [Sex] DP n. sun >sajo: [sadZo] DP na. steed shekhqoyi: [SexqOji] DP ni. total solar eclipsesamven: [samven] DP adj. numerous ” shierak: [SieRak] M na. starsamvenolat: [samvenol ”] DP v. to surpass ” ”at shierak qiya : [SieRak qeja ] M n. comet, bleedingsamvolat: [samvol ”] DP v. to break ”at starsan: [san] DP n. heap, pile ” shilat: [Sil ”] DP v. to meet ”atsave: [save] DP adv. again shinat: [Sinat] DP v. to burn out, fizzle out ” ”sek: [sek] DP adv. yes shiqeth: [SiqET] DP n. ironsekke: [sekke] DP adv. very shor: [Sor] DP n. garment mainly worn by womensen: [sen] DP num. three ” shori tawakof: [SoRi ”awakof] ni. armor (steel t >serja: [seRdZa] DP ni. leather vest dress)shafka: [Safka] DP pn. you (respectful) sikhtelat: [sixtel ”] DP v. to spit ” ”at 6
  7. 7. silat: [sil ”] DP v. to mark ”at sorfosor: [soRfosor] DP na. earthsilokh: [sil”ox] DP ni. tomorrow sorohis: [soRohis] DP intj. halt (when referring tosorfo: [soRfo] DP ni. dirt a horse)Ttawak: [tawak] DP na. metal, real, authentic, le- ” tihilat: [tihil ”] DP v. to look at, to glance at ”at gitimate tikkheya: [tixxeja] DP n. verb ”thi: [Ti] DP num. ten tokik: [tokik] DP na. foolthirat atthiraride: [TiRat aTTiRaRide] DP v. to ” ” ” ”oro] M ni. bone tolorro: [tol dream, (lit.) to live a wooden lifetih: [tih] DP n. eye ” tor: [tor] DP num. four ”tihat: [tihat] DP v. to see ” ” torga (1): [toRga] DP prep. under ”tihikhziri: [tihixziRi] DP ni. overview ” torga (2): [toRga] DP ni. stomach ”V >vado: [vado] DP n. vado ” vichomerat: [vitSomeRat] DP v. to be respectful ”vaes: [vaes] M n. city vidrogerat: [vidRogeRat] DP v. to ride ” ”Vaes Dothrak: [vaes doTRak] M prop.n. city of ” vikeesi: [vikeesi] DP n. sling for annoying wo- the Dothraki manVaes Seris: [vaes seRis] M,DP prop.n. Free Cities vil: [vil DP v. to manage ”] t ”oro] M prop.n. city of bo-Vaes Tolorro: [vaes ”ol vimithrerat: [vimiTReRat] DP v. to rest ” nes vindelat: [vindel ”] DP v. to stab ” ” ”atvafikh: [vafix] DP ni. wool vitiherat: [vitiheRat] DP v. to look upon ” ”vekhat: [vexat] DP v. to be present ” vitihirat: [vitihiRat] DP v. to watch, to observe ” ”vekhikh: [vexix] DP ni. noun vizhad: [viZad] DP n. silver ”velainerat: [vel ”eRat] DP v. to sow ”ain ” >veneser: [veneser] DP na. class, category ” voji: [vodZi] DP n. people >>verak: [veRak] DP na. traveler vojjor: [vodZdZor] DP n. deity, godverat: [veRat] DP v. to travel ” vorsa: [voRsa] DP na. fireverven: [veRven] DP adj. violent ” vort: [voRt] DP n. tooth ”vezh: [veZ] DP n. stallion vos: [vos] DP adv. not >>vezhven: [veZven] DP adj. great, stallion-like ” vosecchi: [vosetStSi] DP part. emphatic negati- >vichiterat: [vitSiteRat] DP v. to shiver ” ve >vichomer: [vitSomer] DP adj. respectful, re- vosma: [vosma] DP conj. but spectable vrelat: [vRel ”] DP v. to leap ”at >vichomerak: [vitSomeRak] DP na. respectful one vroz: [vRoz] DP adj. slowYyanqolat: [janqOl ”] DP v. to gather ”at yomat: [jomat] DP v. to cross ”yatholat: [jaTol ”] DP v. to rise ”at yomme: [jomme] DP prep. acrossyer: [yeR] DP pn. youyeri: [jeRi] DP pn. you (plural) yot: [jot] DP ni. fruit ” 7
  8. 8. Zzalat: [za ”at] DP v. to want, to hope for l ” zhokwalat: [Zokwal ”] DP v. to be large ”atzande: [zande] DP n. satchel, sack ”” zhor: [Zor] DP na. heartzanisshi: [zaniSSi] DP ni. shade ” zhorre: [Zore] DP adj. own >zhaqe: [ZaqE] DP n. bass fish zichome: [zitSome] DP adj. disrespectfulzhavvorsa: [ZavvoRsa] DP ni. dragon zigere: [zigeRe] DP adj. required, requisitezheanalat: [Zeanal ”] v. to be beautiful (used for ” ”at zigerelat: [zigeRel ”] DP v. to recquire ”at animate nouns.) ziqwehelat: [ziqwEhel ”] DP v. to retch ”atzhey: [Zej] DP part. vocative marker zir: [zir] DP n. birdzhikhak: [Zixak] DP adj. sick zireyeselat: [ziRejesel ”] DP v. to offend, bug, ”atzhinda: [Zinda] DP num. six ”” jostlezhokakkwa: [Zokakkwa] DP adj. enormous zirisselat: [ziRissel ”] DP v. to cut off, to remove ”atzhokwa: [Zokwa] DP adj. big zoqwat: [zoqwat] DP v. to kiss ”The Changelog • 2.0 Updated the dictionary with over 100 new words. • 2.01 Corrected a few mistakes • 2.02 Added a translation for the word athdavrazar • 2.03 Added the word vorsa and turned zhavvorsi into nominative • 2.04 Added new words and changed some IPA. • 2.05 Corrected some IPA • 2.06 Added around 35 words, removed all stresses from IPA and fixed some mistakes 8