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  • Just like plants, our energy systems are connected to the energy of the land.
  • Just like you can’t grow a garden witho
  • To understand and work with Feng Shui one requires an indepth knowledge of all the above. New Age theories, Supersition, symbolism, Law of attraction while helpful on some levels are not Feng Shui.
  • Basically what it comes down to – is we all need Qi . Environments with an abundance of Qi supports the lives of people for better health, and more opprotunities and the energy to act on them.
  • When Qi is able to collect, , it has a very strong and postive influence on the surrounding evnrionment.
  • The effect of a location where Qi can collect such as a large park will radiate out for blocks.
  • The model that is used as a guide in the ancient texts looks similar to this. It is often referred to as the arm chair. The principles behind this model exist on a macro and micro level. On a macro level, you want a solid mountain behind you, gaurdian mountains flanking either side, protecting the site from wind and a foot stool in front, supporting and collecting energy. There must a either a large flat valley or sufficient in size body of water to collect the Qi. This flat spot is where the wind and water meet, also referred to as the dragons lair. It is the spot where Yin and yang merge and collection spot of the most concentrated Qi. It is felt that if you are fortunate enough to be located in one of these spots, it is like hitting the jack pot,
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  • Feng Shui for REALTORS®

    1. 1. With Marlyna Los Master of Feng Shui *
    2. 2. *
    3. 3. * * There are 2 reasons why you should learn more about Feng Shui!
    4. 4. * *1. To understand your clients needs *2.So that you can personally get the advantage they are looking for!
    5. 5. * *The Chinese believe that luck is not random, that luck can be created. *Energy moves in patterns – the Chinese were Masters at observing these patterns and the rules within these patterns. *The Chinese use Feng Shui to understand the past and optimize the future.
    6. 6. Heaven Qi Earth Qi Human Qi www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    7. 7. *This means that the spaces where we live and determine 1/3 of the influences (energy – opportunities) of our lives.
    8. 8. *Feng Shui means Wind and Water. *Earliest physical evidence relating to Feng Shui dates back to 4000 B.C.E. *Feng Shui aims to create harmony between the physical environment, buildings and people.
    9. 9. What is Feng Shui? www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los Four Aspects need to be considered for a Feng Shui analysis: • Time • The Environment • The Building • And the Resident
    10. 10. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    11. 11. * www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    12. 12. *At the centre of the philosophy is the idea that land is alive and filled with energy.
    13. 13. * *Reputation *Children *Wealth *Relationships *Health *A clear mind
    14. 14. Core theories of Classical Feng Shui require an understanding of – *Qi *Yin and Yang *Five Element Theory *The Ba Gua Compass
    15. 15. The types of Classical Feng Shui are *Flying Stars (Fei Xing) *Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) *Three Harmony (San He) *Three Cycles (San Yuan) *64 Hexagrams (Xuan Kong Da Gua *All Schools of Feng Shui require an understanding of Environmental Forms
    16. 16. * Qi – is not just energy – it is energy that supports life *. *Qi is the invisible force that shapes, nurtures and governs all living beings. *Qi cannot be seen or heard, however it’s influence can be felt around us in all places. *Qi is visible by effect. *How to harness Qi in our environment is the main concern of Classical Feng Shui.
    17. 17. *Qualities of Qi are broadly classified as – *Sheng Qi - Positive *‘good breaths’ of energy, growth Qi *Sha Qi – Negative *‘bad breaths’ of Qi, destructive Qi
    18. 18. *When Qi is a positive force it brings supportive energy to your life whether in mental or physical health, good relationships and increased prosperity. *When Qi is a negative, it is a blocking, depleting and destructive force.
    19. 19. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    20. 20. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    21. 21. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    22. 22. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    23. 23. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    24. 24. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    25. 25. *Qi pools and collects in open spaces *To be beneficial, Qi must circulate and not be stagnant *In narrow spaces, Qi is squeezed and moves rapidly *Qi flows downwards, never upwards
    26. 26. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    27. 27. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    28. 28. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los Together Mountains and Water represent the interaction of Yin and Yang, which give birth to Qi in the environment.
    29. 29. The Land should have visible Qi that supports life *Auspicious Qi is visible by effect, vegetation, animals, birds, lushness. *Avoid land that appears dry, rocky, or sandy indicating the absence of or insufficient Qi.
    30. 30. *
    31. 31. Yin and Yang are the two primordial types of Qi. *Yang - Active and Moving *Yin - Receptive and Still
    32. 32. *On a simplistic level, Feng Shui is about determining where is Yin and where is Yang within the location and building and then matching the room activity to the right type of Qi. *Yin Qi governs health and relationships *Yang Qi governs opportunities and money
    33. 33. www.fengshuiconsulting.info
    34. 34. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    35. 35. *The Luo Pan Compass
    36. 36. *The Luo Pan Compass is to Feng Shui what the telescope is to astronomy.
    37. 37. The relationship between the outside world and the building is measured by the Luo Pan Compass.
    38. 38. *Where a builder sees a building as a physical body a Feng Shui expert sees land and buildings as bodies of energy and information.
    39. 39. Feng Shui factors when evaluating the energy of a building are *Its shape *Its internal layout, flow of Qi *The location of the main door, and main rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens.
    40. 40. *Is there a spot for Qi to collect? *A ‘Bright Hall’ is an open space that allows Qi to meander into and collect, before entering a property and should therefore be present right before and after the main door.
    41. 41. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    42. 42. www.fengshuiconsulting.info Marlyna Los
    43. 43. *Key Interior Features *Front Door *Bedrooms *Kitchen
    44. 44. *To evaluate the front door it is important to not only look in, but to also look out.
    45. 45. *When Qi becomes Sha (negative energy) it is unstable. It is experienced as attacking, aggressive and confrontational force. Over time, this type of energy will deplete the life force of the building, causing problems with relationships, mental and physical health and wealth.
    46. 46. *A bedroom with good Feng Shui will support and improve your physical and mental health and relationships on all levels. *The effects of Qi are very subtle, they occur over time. *The ratio of Yin to Yang and the quality of Qi in a bedroom has a direct impact on how well you sleep and hence on how you feel and act.
    47. 47. Things to avoid include *Sha Qi *Too Yang a space *Slanted or uneven ceilings *Positioning bedrooms over the garage *Bedrooms larger than the living room *Bedrooms positioned over the kitchen *Too many doors *Too much window or too many mirrors *Irregular shapes ie: L Shapes
    48. 48. *
    49. 49. *
    50. 50. *Feng Shui is the art of finding, collecting, and directing Qi to improve your life.
    51. 51. *Good Feng Shui is visible by effect *How are you doing? Are you healthy? How are your relationships? Are you saving money? Do you get the recognition you deserve? How are your energy levels?
    52. 52. *Why have the Chinese used Feng Shui for all these centuries?
    53. 53. *Upcoming Course *3 Day Feng Shui for Business Oct 3rd, 4th and 5th
    54. 54. Contact information *Marlyna Los *www.fengshuiconsulting.info *info@fengshuiconsulting.info *604 339 8878