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Marelife NEWS christmas 2013

  1. 1. Newsletter from MarLife • December • 2013 The MarLife News MerryChristmas & HappyNew Year Pierre Erwes (left), Biomarine Business Convention and Øystein Lie, MarLife, are committed to the new Biomarine International Clusters Association BICA. Here from meeting in Paris, desember 2013. TEAMING UPFOR MARINE CLUSTERS Approaching2014 withstrongbiomarinecommitments |TheMarineInnovationDay2014 innovates itself|MarLifegeneralmanagernewDeanatNMBU|Marinesectorstrong contributorto the NorwegianbiotechreportBioVerdi
  2. 2. THE MARLIFE NEWS • DECEMBER • 2013 WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. TheMarineInnovationDay2014 is innovatingitself. Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Portugal's Secretary of State of the Sea, accompanied by Arne Benjaminsen, Director General, Research and Innovation Department, The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, opens the Marine Innovation Day in Bergen, Tuesday March 4. Some new innovations have been done to the Innovation Day itself! Headline for the most important meeting in the international marine innovation community in 2014 is: «Solutions to next generation marine sector - all in the same boat” Karl Almås CEO Sintef Fishery & Aquaculture, chairs the meeting, Jostein Refsnes, Chairman Nordlaks, is the moderator and Kjell Maroni, R&D Director FHF is co-chairing with Mr Almås and Maroni is chairing the award committee and the award ceremony. Approaching christmas we have already a notable schedule for the innovation day with high level key speakers on the marine challenges. Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Novus Aqua, will outline the Innovations in Global Marine Aquaculture with major trends: Aquaponics. Followed by Thor Sigfusson, Managing Director Iceland Ocean Cluster, he will talk about sustainable exploitation of marine resources. Pierre Erwes, CEO BioMarine, will outline the new Biomarine International Clusters Association BICA, where Mr. Erwes is cofounder and chairman. Innovative cases The brand new feature at our 2014 meeting are the innovative case award, with money prizes to the winners. The case presentations will take place already before the first coffee break. The innovative case award ceremony is held in the second half of the innovation day, to give ekstra focus on those talented innovators who works day and night to meet the future marine challenges with new solutions. It will be presentede eight innovative cases in all fields and all 2 Above: Audience at the Marine Innovationn Day 2013. Photo: Gorm K. Gaare. Right: Manuel Pinto de Abreu and Arne Benjaminsen. parts of the value chain, each with 7,5 minutes available time for presentation. New inventions with commercial potentials, novel solutions within existing businesses or within startups and follow up on prior cases will be exposed pre conference on web, during conference by posters, oral presentations and to compete for award. At the award ceremony four hours later, Kjell Maroni, will present the winners of Marine Innovation Day Award 2014 and Young Talent Award 2014. The financial challenge Ragnar Tveteraas, Professor, Head of Center of Innovation Research, University of Stavanger, will give new insight in the innovative needs and finance framework to expand the “Blue Field”. Odd Magne Rødseth, Group Director Aquaculture, EW Group, will give his views on how to engine the innovative dynamics between manufacturers and solution providers. Klara Stensvåg, Professor University of Tromsø, will show Marine Bioactive miracles with vast application potentials. Professor Nils Christian Stenseth, University of Oslo,will talk about Marine genomics and its vast potential to advance all marine sectors. Round Table and One2One Also a new feature: Jostein Refsnes, Chairman Nordlaks:, will moderate the “Marine Round Table”. Refsnes intends to challenge the keynote speakers in a dynamic session, also interacting with the audience. Finally the organizing committee lead by professor Øystein Lie, Executive Manager of MarLife and Tanja Hoel, Executive Manager of Fiskeriforum Vest, has decided to arrange the Innovation Dayand one2-one meetings. Assisted by an online service, the delegates will be profiled and given the opportunity to pre order one2one-meetings at any time they prefer during the conference.
  3. 3. THE MARLIFE NEWS • DECEMBER • 2013 BICA TO SET SAIL PrinceAlbertonboard, 3 Right: Prince Albert is the honorary chair of BICA. harbourinMonaco The new Biomarine International Clusters Association (BICA) with Prince Albert as honorary chair, is now established with headquarters in Monaco. The board consists of global biomarine networkers teaming up with the founders MarLife and Biomarine Business Convention. Øystein Lie and Pierre Erwes met in Paris in December to sum up a busy autumn preparing the new BICA for an even more busy 2014. - The BICA is setting sail aiming to build a powerful association of clusters engaged in global and local biomarine innovation and entrepreneurship, concludes Mr Erwes and Mr Lie. The association, registered in Monaco with Prince Albert as honorary chair and the tasks of the new body, was discussed and outlined during the Biomarine Business Convention i Halifax in September 2013, where the Prince confirmed his endorsement. In short BICA will seek to represent the marine global community when communicating with regulators and authorities in developing acts and regulatories. BICA will act as an extended arena for business and investment opportunities and hold a dynamic information directory of relevant marine data. The BICA board: - His Excellency Bernard Fautrier , CEO of Prince Albert II of Monaco foundations: - Deborah Mosca, Chief Executive Officer, MCOI - Marine Bio-Technologies Center of innovation: - Ilaria Nardello, Marine Biotechnology Research Coordinator, National University of Ireland, Galway, - Oystein Lie, CEO MarLife, - Pierre Erwes, Executive Chairman BioMarine, One of the first tasks for the BICA board will be to engage an excecutive team, which is on the agenda early 2014. Marine business centered in Oslo Oslo's first co-working space for marine business and innovation will materialize early January 2014 at Norway’s main interface between Academia and industry, Oslo Science Park. The business centre will host marine companies and provide access to state of the art offices, meeting rooms and research facilities in addition to being head quarter of MarLife. The construction commenced mid October this year. It is anticipated that the hub will be supplied with more infrastructure of relevance for marine innovation in the years to come like lab customized experimental facilities, lab hotels, incubator etc. Diplomatic efforts at MarLife Lim Shrimp Organization (LSO) visited MarLife the 18th of October 2013 at Oslo Science Park accompanied by the Chinese Ambassador to Norway, Zhao Jun. Øystein Lie invited Lim Shrimp Organization to establish an office at MarLife Business Centre. Lie also discussed with the Ambassador how the relationship Norway-China was developing and potentially improving. Ambassador Zhao replied that the relationship was still very challenging, but the Marine Business Centre initiative would definitely contribute in a positive way. The marine sector in one of the most important in the Norwegian-Chineese relations. Opportunities in microalgae Microalgae has vast genetic diversity and versatile cultivating options. A lot is going globally in the field, from basic R&D to scaled production and marketing a vast array of products. MarLife are into a series of microalgae analyses and reports, the first of which is carried out as a joint delivery from the Blue Bio project. The report is spanning from describing the biology of interesting target algae, landscape of R&D groups and commercial players, outlooks on trends and developments etc. Currently, we are planning establishing an experimental scale microalgae facility in Oslo Science Park in collaboration with Oslotech AS. People involved at MarLife headquarter in the micro algae efforts are: Jon Aulie,Pål Myhre, Sytse Ybema and Lene Jahnsen. Dialogue academia/business The MarLife miniseminar in December created a vibrant dialogue between the Academia and the business players. At the meeting, held at NMBU, important problems like dark muscle spots and Piscine reo virus and heart and muscle inflammation was on the agenda together with Zebrafish as cost efficient model for fundamental disease studies. The enhance dialogue academia/business is not least spot on in the BioVerdi report on a common biotechnology platform for innovation and entreprenurship. The report, where the marine sector is significant, is to be published in 2014. It is now in the conclusive prossess, and will be finalized early in the new year. Advertise in Blue Frontier Magazine! Blue Frontier Magazine covers global biomarine challenges and innovations. The first issue in 201 4 is released in connection with the Marine Innovation Day in Bergen in March 201 4. The high quality Magazine is distributed internationally to marine sector VIP' s, companies, research institutions. The Magazine pdf will be distributed globally, promoted through newsletters, biomarine business networks and social media. C heck out the 201 3 issue, click this link: cqG41 E For more information, terms & conditions, Blue Frontier Magazine, No 1 , 201 4, contact: Sales Director Finn Eirik Larsen Tel +47 900 90 1 59
  4. 4. THE MARLIFE NEWS • DECEMBER • 2013 4 Marine Innovation Day 2013: From left George Chamberlain, Kjell Maroni, Jostein Refsnes and Øystein Lie. THE NEWatNMBU, but DEAN Prof. Lieintop job notleavingMarLife! Øystein Lie is from January 1st in his new position as Dean at the VetBio Faculty, The Norwegian University of Environment and Life Science. Oslo Business Memo printed this profile story in December 2013: The Biomarine Business Center at Oslo Science Park, the planned life science complex at Oslo University and huge investments in the new bio and veterinary university NMBU at Ås, reflects a vast MARLIFE BUSINESS CENTRE A unique environment of marine players which allows interaction to increase idea flow and advance innovation For more information, please contact: Øystein Lie: +47 91 7 48 240 oystein@ I ngar M adsen: +47 906 03 880 ingar@ amount of future marine and biotech opportunities in Oslo. At the center of Oslo's marine innovation gravity is the network MarLife, lead by professor Øystein Lie. The senior marine entrepreneur and bio scientist is spending days and nights working for a new world order when it comes to science based business. It has not always been easy for scientists to play with business entrepreneurs. Professor Lie, himself, an entrepreneur and founder of GenoMar, is taking on new academic challenges as dean at the VetBio Faculty, NMBUfrom January 2014. - Making the world able to feed it's rapidly growing population, we have to find new cost efficient and sustainable solutions for food production. Biotechnology’s enabling power is one aspect, systemic approaches to find and sustainably exploit new sources and provide more food output from aquaculture and the fantastic riches of the different trophic levels of the sea is another, making science and business cooperate more trustfully is a third and very important aspect, says professor Øystein Lie. Starting in his new dean job, he will still continue to manage MarLife at the strategic level and building networks of cooperation in the biomarine field worldwide. He is soon closing a two year project, the BioVerdi report on Norwegian bioeconomy as the countrys new, important platform for economic development. Involving 50 parties, from the academic captains to leaders in the four big sectors industry, marine, health and agriculture, the report establishes a common, national platform for biotech innovation and entrepreneurship. - We are really speaking about Norway's new oil, says prof. Lie, managing the report's secretariat together with Marius Øgaard, head of networks and competence at Oslotech. The global challenges will for the years to come be a playground for Øystein Lie and his allies, now building a new global network connecting regional and national biomarine clusters. Read about BICA, the Biomarine International Clusters Association on the previous page. Not least; the preparation for the annual biomarine innovation summit in Bergen, Biomarine Innovation Day, is fighting for space in Øystein Lie's over-tight schedule. He did not find more hours than 24 per day. Or did he? BioMarine Cascais BioMarine Cascais, Portugal,30 – 31 Oct. 2014 In Cascais 30-31 October 2014 trendsetting players and stakeholders of all marine sectors will meet to address the most central issues for the development of the blue economy and to do business. Read more: