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Marelife NEWS August 2013

  1. 1. The MarLife News Newsletter from MarLife • August • 2013 MARLIFE BUSINESS CENTRE STARTUPWoo-JaiLeewithhisstartupcompayBluGenisthefirsttenantinthenew MarlifeBusinessCentreintheOsloSciencePark. Readmore, Page4-5! Rødseth head of aquaculture in EW Group Espen Muller new CEO of AquaGen. Check out the many reasons why you should become a MarLife Member! Join the net- work! Woo-Jai Lee (left) joins MarLife Business Centre in Oslo Science Park. Øystein Lie, MarLife, says BluGen is a signal tenant of the new business centre since he is valuing the value added of being part of a contemporary marine identity. Photo: Magne Otterdal.
  2. 2. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 20132 KEY PEOPLEDoersintheMareLifenetwork! MareLife, the independent science-based marine innovation network, has reinforced its staff and put in operation R&D projects initiated by experienced working groups covering key areas in marine innovation. A strong and committed staff combined with highly experienced people on our Board and in core working groups, provides Marelife with a solid foundation for moving forward, says Marelife executive manager Øystein Lie. Staff The staff consists of Øystein Lie (Executive Manager), Carl Seip Hanevold (Cermaq) (Working Chairperson), Jon Aulie (The Norwegian Seafood Federation, Marine Ingredients), Paul J. Midtlyng (Aquamedic AS, Aquaculture disease control),Sytse Ybema (Sustainovate, Ocean Resources) and Erik Fedde Lopez, Fedde Consulting (Administrative matters) Our four working groups. Marelife has four working groups in the core areas fisheries, aquaculture, ingredients industry, commercialization. These working groups have been initiating our R&D projects and strategic efforts like the Havlandet Norge report and are chaired by the following people: Fisheries: Lars Olav Lie (Liegruppen AS), Aquaculture: Petter Arnesen (Marine Harvest ASA Ingredients Industry: Jon Aulie (MARING Forum, the Norwegian Seafood Federation, FHL) Commercialization: Knut Traaseth (Norwegian Venture capital Association) NASF Marine Innovation Day Chair: Karl Almås, CEO SINTEF Fishery & Aquaculture Moderator: Jostein Refsnes, COB Norlaks Chair Vision Paper 2013 and Award Committee: Kjell Maroni, R&D Director FHF Board of directors * Carl Seip Hanevold (Cermaq), Chairperon * Live Haukvik Aker (Considium Consulting), deputy chairperon * Kjetil Jakobsen, University of Oslo * Odd Magne Rødseth, AquaGen * Dag Knappskog, MSD Animal Health * Ørjan Olsvik, University of Tromsø * Torstein Steine, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMB * Espen Rimstad, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, NVH * Kristine Naterstad, Nofima * Jon Aulie, The Norwegian Seafood Federation (FHL) MARING The Nomination Committee Sissel Rogne, CEO, The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board (Committee chairperson) Director General Arne Benjaminsen, Ministry of fisheries and coastal affairs (FKD) Geir Andreassen, CEO, The Norwegian Seafood Federation (FHL) Far-reaching network MareLife members represent trend setters from all the marine sectors and the organization har thousands of contacts worldwide. See the member list here: |ØysteinLie|JonAulie|ErikFeddeLopez|PaulJ.Midtlyng|SytseYbema|LarsOlavLie|PetterArnesen|KjellMaroni|LiveHaukvikAker|KjetilJacobsen|JosteinRefsnes OddMagneRødseth|DagKnappskog|ØrjanOlsvik|TorsteinSteine|EspenRimstad|KristineNaterstad|ArneBenjaminsen|GeirAndersen|KnutTraaseth|SisselRogne|KarlAlmås Carl Seip Hanevold
  3. 3. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 2013 3 FEDERATING MARINE CLUSTERS BioMarineInternationalClusters Association(BICA)Federating MarineandBiomarineClusters The BioMarine International Clusters Association (BICA), a new international association of the biomarine industry, will be launched at the 2013 BioMarine Business Convention to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 9 to 12 September. The biomarine industry is an emerging economic sector based on biotechnology and marine bioresources. This new “transversal” industry sector brings a novel approach to economic growth and a large potential for new business opportunities and jobs at the regional, national and international levels. This new initiative seeks to structure and integrate the biomarine industry and foster economic development by creating international business opportunities and partnerships. Founders of the BioMarine International Clusters Association (BICA) is MarLife in collaboration with the BioMarine Business Convention. Pierre Erwes, chairman of BioMarine Busiess Convention explains the role of the new clusters network: “The world of marine bioresources is a complex mosaic with fast and changing boundaries, affecting on one hand the industries involved and, on the other hand, the various innovation processes. I have often emphasized throughout our BioMarine conventions how the disparity of our activities offers a world of opportunities and synergies. By structuring our marine bioresources industry with a transversal approach, we open new walkways for applied research and development of international collaboration, as well as numerous business opportunities. The BioMarine sector is a new source of economic development, one where the value chains and the business models are still under development. Simultaneously, the oceans arethe only remaining truly unexplored resource, a resource we cannot afford to ignore. Since we started the first BioMarine platform in 2008, I have been preparing the next big step forward to structure our industry. The timing is perfect!” "Since BICA will represent the most comprehensive blue network there is around, it will create a unique “fishing pond” of opportunities of cross sector dialogue and synergy based innovation and not the least: enhanced opportunities to investors to achieve insight into these fast growing fields and hence also to carry out investment in promising targets in the most qualified way," says Øystein Lie, MarLife. The “cross-border” nature of the emerging biomarine industry is opening new pathways for Research, Development & Innovation and market opportunities, with at least four structural advantages: 1. A fast-growing business environment; 2. Synergies and cross-fertilization among sectors; 3. Access to unexplored natural resources; 4. Prime access to emerging Research, Development & Innovation opportunities. What is unique about BICA is the conjugation of a strong international business community and an intensely networked set of marine bioclusters. BICA’s Mission is to champion marine bioresources and their sustainable and innovative utilization. We will federate national and regional marine and biomarine clusters, advocate policies that will enable the realization of marine biotechnology’s promise for providing breakthrough products to feed the world, clean our environment, and improve health and nutrition. Networkformarineproteins Marint Protein Nettverk (MPN): A new membership association is established to foster innovation and business development in the emerging field of marine proteins. This is the new blue wave, after the omega-wave, of exploiting marine proteins for a vast variety of products and markets: spanning from enzymes in industry and science to food and feed additives in both mass market and specialized consumer markets (sports) to biomaterials etc. MPN, now with 12 founding members and fast growing, is open to companies which deal with marine raw materials aiming at refining and marketing the resulting proteins and derivatives thereof. The association will represent the main interests of this group and MarLife is serving as its secretariat with Jon Aulie as executive manager. Pierre Erwes (left), co-founder of BICA, networking at the NASF Marine Innovation Day 2013 - Karen Pittman (right), University of Bergen. Photo: Gorm K. Gaare.
  4. 4. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 20134 THE FIRST MARINE STARTUP IN PLACE -andfurthersixhaspre-signed contractatthe MarLifeBusinessCentre Woo-Jai Lee opens his new startup company in the new MarLife Business Centre. BluGen is the first company in the Centre, which is officially opening at the end of 2013. - This is a signal tenant of MarLife Business Centre.   Woo-Jai Lee is an ideal tenant because he is valuing the value added, says the head of MarLife, Øystein Lie, welcoming mr Lee to the biomarine centre established by MarLife in collaboration with Oslotech at the Oslo Science Park complex. Maybe it is not a great coincidence that Lee returns to the Oslo Science Park, location of both MarLife headquarters and the new MarLife Business Center.   It was in this same buildings that the startup of GenoMar took place,   Øystein Lie as the founder and Woo- Jai Lee as one of the first employees.   Mr Lee has for 15 years served as Chief Scientific Officer in Genomar.   Nine years in the Oslo Science Park, and the last six years in the Fred. Olsen headquarters down town Oslo. The new company BluGen offers scientist services for the fish farming sector, as well as trading services for norwegian seafood in the international market.   According to Mr. Lee, BluGen allready has an agreement with one of the big aquaculture companies on DNA fingerprinting an breeding r&d services.  Woo-Jai Lee has also a contract with the Korean government on aquaculture R&D.   He says the new MarLife Business Centre is ideal for his business. - It is good to be in close connection with the clusters related to this building, says Lee. MarLife general manager Øystein Lie confirms that the Business Centre allready has pre signed further five tenants.   Construction work is about to start, and the new offices will be ready at the end of 2013. - This is Oslo's first and only biomarine business center, attracting trend setting marine companies and solution providers, says professor Lie. The business center is also the head office of MarLif. - We offer a unique marine environment of players which allows cross talk to incease idea flow and advance innovation. The business center will also have access to a large resource pool of biotech students, researchers, vast biotech in general and marine in particular national and international networks, says Øystein Lie. At the business center startups and marine players will be assisted at rigging R&D and innovation projects. - We are located in a versatile and robust ecosystem at Oslotech, which harbors human resources within top science, business, finance and services, large capacities of meeting rooms, laboratories, incubator, startup companies, established businesses for most sectors, says Øystein Lie. Woo-Jai Lee (left) joins MarLife Business Centre in Oslo Science Park. Øystein Lie, MarLife, says BluGen is a signal tenant of the new business centre since he is valuing the value added of being part of a contemporary marine identity. Photo: Magne Otterdal. Woo-Jai Lee, BluGen (left) and Øystein Lie, MarLife. Photo: Magne Otterdal.
  5. 5. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 2013 5 REPORT ON "THE NEW OIL" Shapingacommoncross sectorbiotechplatform, reportduethisfall The pioneering the "BioVerdi" project, initiated 18 months ago, is produce a road-map report this summer, lining up directions where business and industry in collaboration with academia and research will create added value of life science. - The project has been very well received in all environments, from universities and industry to venture capital sector as well as governmental agencies. Top executives have expressed specific interest in and support for the project, says Øystein Lie, who is in charge of the project together with Marius Øgaard, manager for networks and competence at Oslotech. Cross sector BioVerdi is aiming at implementing measures to increase innovation and value creation from life science research across the four major sectors of the Norwegian bio economy: medicine, marine, agro and industry. The project embraces top executive nationwide partners from all sectors and from academia, industry and capital owners in collaboration with Government and granting entities. Thus, it is a true cross-field and trans-boundary initiative to develop a stronger “ecosystem” of innovation. Currently 40 partners have joined the project and they intend to provide a report early Fall 2013. The recommendations from the report in detail are thus not yet available but it is clear that the following major elements will be brought forward: collaborative innovation centres (CIC) virtually interlinked across borders to become complete systems (CIS), incentives directed to mobilize critical financial and human capital with emphasis on early phase and market innovation efforts.
  6. 6. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 20136 NEW TOP POSITIONS Rødsethbecomesheadofaqua- cultureinEWGroup, Muller takesthehelmatAquaGen Espen Muller (50) has been appointed new CEO of AquaGen. He most recently served as CFO of the same company, and he took up his position on 1 July 2013. Odd Magne Rødseth who has led AquaGen since 2004, has entered the corporate management of EW Group, as leader of the aquaculture division. EW group, owner of AquaGen, is headquartered in Visbek outside Bremen. Espen Müller has worked as CFO of AquaGen since 2004. He has broad experience from management positions in various technology companies, as well as banking and finance. GeirAndreassennewFHF CEO Geir Andreassen has been appointed new CEO of The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund- FHF. He leaves the CEO position in FHL - The Norwegian Seafood Federation. FHF is the Norwegian seafood industry’s tool in managing the industry’s investments into industry-based R&D. - We are very satisfied with employing Geir Andreassen as new CEO, says Jan Skjærvø, chairman of the board at FHF. He emphasizes that FHF now is strengthened, not least in terms of industry relations. - It is essential that the FHF anchoring in the industry is strong, and it can hardly be stronger than with Geir at the helm. His acceptance of the position says a lot about how important r&d is considered in the industry, and how important it will be for industry's future, says Skjærvø. Espen Muller, the new CEO of AquaGen Odd Magne Rødseth, new head of aquacul- ture in EW Group, here in action at the Marine Innovation Day in Ber- gen, March 2013. Picture: Gorm K. Gaare. Geir Andreassen, CEO at FHL - new CEO at FHF. ARTICLES & REPORTS As a consequence of our operations on R&D and innovation projects, analyses, reports and events like the Marine Innovation Day, NASF 2013 Bergen,MarLife has been involved at producing the following products: Final Report Blue Bio project: Link: Microalgae market analysis (a main delivery form Blue Bio). Link: Report from the project: “Konseptbevis- DNA-sporing av rømt laks”. Link: Article in Fiskeribladet Fiskaren: Article in Global Aquaculture Advocate, June issue: “Blue Food Solutions” A series of presentations and innovative cases exposed at Marine Innovation Day, NASF 2013, Bergen. Link:
  7. 7. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 2013 7 WHY JOIN MARLIFE? AsaMarLifememberyouwill havefollowinggeneralbenefits: - Access to our articles, reports, conference presentations, analyses and vast and diverse global marine network. - Newsletter and magazine. You will automatically receive the MarLife newsletter summing up our activities and achievements as well as moves in the global marine sector in general - VIP invitation. You will be among the first to be invited to our conferences, mini-seminars and partner events. - In the spotlight. Your will have the opportunity to share and expose your ideas, events, projects, inventions, solutions and products in our media and at our events. Membershavefollowing specialbenefits: Business operator: Customer and market source, strategic business partnership, corporate finance, market analysis and trends, contemporary sci. and tech solutions for cost efficient, sustainable and best practices production, R&D partnerships etc. Solution and service provider: Customer and market base, new insight on marine sector bottle necks and potentials to address with R&D and innovations, new knowledge for refining next generation services etc. Networker/Cluster Manager: Team up with MarLife and sister networks and clusters to strengthen your mission and operations for the sector and to extend your membership portfolio and contacts. Startup company: Your early phase company or R&D project will have improved opportunity to be upgraded and funded when reviewed and exposed at our many events, arenas and one-2-one meetings with MareLife’s investor, industrial and granting network. R&D organization: Commercial partners in R&D, R&D partners, new insight on marine sector bottle necks and potentials to address with R&D and innovations, R&D finance etc. Investor/fund manager/broker/analyst: Vast investment opportunities and targets exposed through the network and through a series of events at different scale and covering the entire marine value chain in all branches (a true fishing pond for investors) Advisor: One of the best customer base there is in the marine sector world wide. Granting entity: Current insight in R&D and innovation needs in all marine sectors upon which to develop adequate R&D programs, robust base for R&D policy development. Management authorities and policy makers: Opportunity to interact with all possible stakeholders and a robust knowledge base as a good basis to update and hammer out optimized management regimes and policies. UNIQUE opportunity in Oslo •Oslo’s first business hub space for the biomarine sector •Associate with trendsetting biomarine companies •New premises at Oslo Science Park, Norway’s number one science-based innovation hub •Centrally located only 10 minutes from Oslo city centre on the campus of the University of Oslo with contemporary research environment. •Head office of MarLife: An International biomarine innovation network, covering all marine sectors and the entire value chain. We offer: •A unique environment of marine players which allows interaction to increase idea flow and advance innovation •Access to a large pool of biotech human resources •Assistance for startup companies and innovators in setting up RD and innovation projects •Meeting and conference facilities at all levels •Contemporary offices with in-house meeting room and reception area for visitors •Located in a versatile ecosystem in the Oslo Science Park which houses top life science companies, incubator functions, laboratories and diverse infrastructure services •Flexible rental agreement (only three months termination notice) MARLIFE BUSINESS CENTRE CMYK = 22, 0, 8, 0 CMYK = 64, 0, 25, 0 CMYK = 95, 34, 7, 0 CMYK = 71, 8, 21, 0 CMYK = 100, 75, 10, 0 CMYK = 100, 75, 10, 0 Gradient buildup Type colors NGOs: Best opportunity to keep updated on all relevant problems and accompanying solutions, RD and innovations needed to address those as and to interact with all possible stakeholders as the best available base to customize your policies and operations. Certification and standardization provider: Best available opportunity and knowledge base upon which to develop new and customize existing ones (certificate standards, best practices protocols, risk assessment procedures etc). Diverse customer base. Commercial and RD partnerships. Consumer and the people: A vast marine knowledge source making available consumer product information, the developments and trends of the sector in terms of scale and sustainability, career opportunities etc. Media/press: One of the very best environments to monitor the “pulse” of the marine sectors Biomarineeventsthisfall Halifax, September 9-12 Biomarin Business Convention In Halifax Sept. 9-12 trendsetting players and stakeholders of all marine sectors will meet to address the most central issues for the development of the blue economy and to do business. MarLife’s main mission at the event is to co-chair the Biomarine cluster session on Sept. 10. At that session a new global body will be launched: Biomarine international cluster association (BICA); a global borderless association of existing biomarine clusters. Reykjavik, September 28-30 Normeer CEES Paris, October 7-10 GOAL, Global Aquaculture Alliance Oslo, October 14-18 Oslo Innovation Week Oslo, to be announced StorbyMarin Oslo, to be announced MarLife Mini Seminar
  8. 8. THE MARLIFE NEWS • AUGUST • 20138 THE MARLIFE NEWS - NEWSLETTER TO MARLIFE MEMBERS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Øystein Lie | PRODUCED BY: Oslo Business Memo | ·MarLife is an independent, international marine innovation network organized on a membership basis. All three industrial marine fields are part of the network: aquaculture, fisheries and marine ingredients. ·MarLife is a true cross sector network, embracing leading international players and trend setters from industry, finance, public and private investors, universities and a range of science and technology organizations. Join the network! Erik Lopez Fedde Jon Aulie Carl Seip Hanevold Øystein Lie