Green Power Labs An Introduction


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A company of solar resource experts and engineers; a brief overview of services available

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Green Power Labs An Introduction

  1. 1. Green Power Labs Inc.: A company of solar resource experts and engineers February 2009
  2. 2. Green Power Labs: Our Fields of Activities • High resolution mapping, monitoring and forecasting of solar energy resources • Development of GIS-based decision support systems for solar energy applications • Solar suitability assessment for commercial and residential buildings and communities • Solar thermal, photovoltaic and air systems engineering
  3. 3. Solar Resource Mapping: Based on Historical Climatology Trends
  4. 4. Global Solar Climatology Mapping KWh/m 2/day 7 6 5 4 3 2 GPLI compiled a database of historical and current solar radiation information NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy, Global Data from July 1983 - June 1993
  5. 5. Canadian Solar Climatology Mapping Our database of solar radiation information allows Green Power Labs to map solar resource in Canada and around the world
  6. 6. Proprietary Solar Radiation Models Our solar radiation models allow prediction of solar resource availability at any site.
  7. 7. Solar Resource Map of Ontario We “prospect" for solar energy to provide decision support in selection of the most suitable locations for solar power generation.
  8. 8. Satellite-based Solar Resource Monitoring and Mapping
  9. 9. GPLI enhanced ArcGIS to allow for mapping solar irradiance from satellite images Projection: UTM NAD83 Zone 20
  10. 10. Our proprietary software automatically downloads and clips GOES images and recalculates solar radiation Proprietary software for automatic downloading and clipping GOES images for a specified area of interest
  11. 11. The models developed by Green Power Lab show high correlation of satellite-based solar resource monitoring and solar radiation measurements at ground-based meteorological stations.
  12. 12. Recent Projects – Nova Scotia, Canada High-resolution satellite- based solar resource maps for Nova Scotia (Canada)
  13. 13. Recent Projects: South-Western States Green Power Labs’ satellite-based solar maps can be produced for any place in the world.
  14. 14. Solar Suitability Assessment of Existing and Proposed Industrial and Commercial Buildings and Sites
  15. 15. Recent Projects: Minas Basin Pulp and Power Solar gain Solar generation
  16. 16. Recent Projects: Commonwealth Games 2014 Green Power Labs conducted a comprehensive solar study for the proposed Athletes Village and Sports Facilities
  17. 17. Project Engineering: Solar PV Thermal and Air
  18. 18. Recent Projects: Joggins Fossil Cliffs Interpretive Centre Green Power Labs assessed the solar suitability of the site Green Power Labs selected PV technology and manufacturers Green Power Labs engineered and commissioned solar PV system Courtesy of WHW Architects
  19. 19. Advanced Site Planning: LIDAR Based Mapping for Community Energy Planning
  20. 20. LIDAR-based Digital Elevation Site Model and 3D Visualisation Dalhousie University Campus, Halifax LIDAR – derived Digital Elevation Model allows for reconstruction of site features at ultra-high resolution
  21. 21. Ultra-High Resolution Solar Resource Map Dalhousie University Campus, Halifax Mapping accuracies: 15 - 25 cm LIDAR-based mapping provides unique information on solar energy availability for every surface of the survey area.
  22. 22. Suitability Rating and Solar Generation Potential Dalhousie University Campus, Halifax As a result of this LIDAR-based analysis, the most solar suitable locations are identified.
  23. 23. SolarRating Online:
  24. 24. SolarRating Online: Solar Education and Promotion Green Power Labs created this interactive, educational online program to provide a learning tool about efficient use of solar energy.
  25. 25. Thank You 1 Research Drive Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada B2Y 4M9 902 466 6475