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Hrmc webinar employee benefits

  1. 1. Protecting Families, Finances, and Your Future TM
  2. 2.  Resides in Cookeville TN  Married, ten children  Began marketing legal plans in 1994 and has personally sold over 7000 policies  Has earned over five million dollars in income from marketing employee benefits  Committed to helping others achieve financial successMark H. Riches Chief Executive Officer
  3. 3.  In business since 1993  Specializes in the marketing of employee benefits to businesses  The largest benefit broker for legal and identity theft plans in the US  National enrollment team serving every major city in the United States  Compliance division offering compliance and security services Protecting Family, Finances and Your Future
  4. 4.  You are three times more likely to be in court than to spend the night in the hospital  The average attorney in the United States charges more than $200 an hour  The average employee takes 104 hours (13 days) a year off work to deal with legal life events  In a recent survey 7 out of 10 employees said they would find a legal plan to be a useful benefit  Over 80% of people do not have a current last will and testament
  5. 5.  Founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972  Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange  Ranked as one of Forbes “200 Best companies in America” - six of the last ten years  Corporate Offices Ada OK - 800 employees  National Network of professional law firms who were paid in excess of 100 million dollars last year  Over 55,000 corporate clients and 1.5 million members
  6. 6. PREVENTIVE LAW Unlimited Telephone Consultation Letters and Telephone Calls Legal Contract & Document Review Access To Legal Forms Online Summary of Benefit Only See membership policy for complete details, limitations and exclusions. MOTOR VEHICLE Assistance with Moving Violations Anywhere in the US Drivers License Services Defense of Criminal Charges Personal Injury and Physical Damages Collection ESTATE PLANNING • Preparation of your Last Will and Testament • Annual Updates • Preparation of a living will and durable power of Attorney TRIAL DEFENSE Defense of Civil Actions Pre-Trail and Trial Assistance Coverage Increases For the First Five Years
  7. 7. IRS AUDIT SERVICES Consultation Representation at Audit Representation at Trial Summary of Benefit Only See membership policy for complete details, limitations and exclusions. PREFERRED MEMBER DISCOUNT 25% Discount from the attorney’s standard hourly rates for services not covered under the membership, including pre- existing conditions. LEGAL SHIELD • 24 Hour Access to The Provider Law Firm if you are Ever Arrested, Detained, or served with a Warrant. 25% FAMILY COVERAGE Life Events Legal Plan Covers Member, Spouse and Qualified Dependents
  8. 8.  There are over 27,000 identity theft victims every day in the US  The FBI reports that identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America  Only 28% of identity theft deals with credit cards and yet most ID Theft protection plans only monitor credit reports  The average dollar amount charged in ID Theft is $92, 893  68% of all ID Theft victims had warrants issued for their arrest  Over 400,000 dead people opened bank accounts last year – AARP FACTS ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT
  9. 9. Drivers License Medical FinancialEmployment SSA & IRS Character & Criminal Five Common Types of Identity Theft
  10. 10. About 60 seconds to find out that you are a victim of identity theft It takes… An average of 600 hours to restore your identity
  11. 11. • Credit Analysis • Credit Monitoring • Identity Restoration TM Covers an employee and their spouse
  12. 12.  Kroll is the world’s leading risk consulting company.  Headquartered in New York and publicly traded on the NASDAQ (KROL)  Founded in 1972 by Jules Kroll  Operates in 65 cities and 33 countries with over 3800 employees  A subsidiary of Marsh-McLennan (MMC), the nation’s largest risk management company with over 57,000 employees worldwide  Kroll maintains a superior expertise in monitoring credit and restoring the lives of identity theft victims.
  13. 13. The group rate for the Life Events Legal Plan™ and the Identity Theft Shield ™ is only $25.90 per month! That is less than the cost of a bottle of water a day!
  14. 14. What kind of business offer these plans to their employees?  Public and Private Schools  City and County Governments  Health Care Facilities  Law Enforcement  Corrections  Manufacturing Companies  Trucking  High Tech Industries  State Governments  Association Groups  Banks and Credit Unions  Real-estate  Mortgage Companies  Automotive  Construction  Utility Companies
  15. 15.  Contact businesses in your local market area and make presentations to them using professional proposals or power point  Meet with the employees of those businesses and do a 15 minute benefit enrollment or an identity theft workshop  Re-service your group accounts at least every year and enroll new employees of the company Your Responsibilities Include:
  16. 16. The top commission paid on each employee that enrolls is $181.82 Plans Per Month Commission Per Membership ($25.90) Monthly Income Annual Income 38 $181 $6,800 $82,536 55 $181 $10,000 $120,000 100 $181 $18,000 $216,000 150 $181 $27,000 $325,000 Based on Top Commission Level
  17. 17. You also earn up to $52.30 a year in residual income on every active membership! Active Memberships Annual Renewal Annual Income 1000 $52.30 $52,000 2000 $52.30 $104,000 3000 $52.30 $156,000 5000 $52.30 $261,000 10,000 $52.30 $523,000 Based on Top Commission Level
  18. 18. “If it doesn't pay residual income – Don’t do it!” Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad “If you’re not earning residual income then basically you’re starting over every day!”
  19. 19. Training Includes:  8 hours of on-line training to become a Certified Risk Management Consultant  Field training in your local market - Someone works with you to help you make your first presentations  Two day classroom trainings available monthly  Two day training at the home office of Pre- Paid Legal Services, Inc. in Ada Oklahoma on August 7th and 8th
  20. 20. Other Benefits Include:  High participation rate (Average of over 60%)  Guaranteed Issue - No underwriting of policies  Commissions paid daily by direct deposit  You set your own hours – no quotas!  Convenience of working from your home office  Monthly car bonuses  Annual vacations  Access to group health, dental, and vision benefits
  21. 21. The Sky is the Limit! There is no limit to the number of memberships you can write in a month and there is no limit on the size of companies or geographic restrictions
  22. 22. Protecting Families, Finances, and Your Future TM
  23. 23. • Become an agent of Harvard Risk Management Corporation. • Enroll as an associate and member of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. ($49.00 one time associate fee) • Begin your training online and open your first group this month! • Bonus: If you write 38 legal & IDT plans this month you can earn a $2500 bonus! How Do You Get Started?
  24. 24. This concludes the presentation Please get with the person that invited you to the webinar
  25. 25. Protecting Families, Finances, and Your Future TM
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  27. 27. Profile of Success Melissa Williams Hammond Louisiana
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