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crosstribution is a "business-to-business" affiliate network for cost-saving business solutions with built-in CRM features, free to join for everyone.
crosstribution is designed for media professionals, marketing agencies and anyone who wants to build new, recurring revenue streams for themselves, their family, business or non-profit organizations. The b2b affiliate network offers cost-saving business solutions for SMEs, non-profits, churches and allows its affiliate partners to build a marketing network, receiving recurring direct and indirect commission through referrals.
crosstribution donates 100% of its own proceeds towards social justice, poverty relief and the promotion of family values.

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Introduction to crosstribution

  1. 1. c rosstribution TM the b2b affiliate network for media services
  2. 2. What is c rosstribution ? TM is a free CRM tool and“business-to-business” affiliate network fornetwork marketers, sales and media professionals,agents and referring businesses,distributing cost-efficient marketing services andInternet business tools to businesses andnon-profits.
  3. 3. What and Who? !"#$%&(% TMWhat? (the product):Who? (the prospects): Small Businesses (Discounted Packages!) Non-Profits (Charities, Churches, Non-Profits - Discounted Packages!) Larger Organizations (with plenty of media content or in need of Custom Solutions)
  4. 4. New Markets with New Demands1. Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)(Businesses with 2 to 500 employees)United States: 27,500,000 Canada: 1,050,000 Europe: 21,000,0002. Non-Profits(Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, NGOs)United States: 1,500,000 Canada: 161,000 Europe: 8,000,0003. Churches(All denominations and sizes. Fast growing market. High media demands. Event focused)United States: 450,000 Canada: 140,000 Europe: 830,000Total: 30,000,000 4,000,000 30,000,000 5
  5. 5. How it works1. signup and receive your PartnerID2. find clients3. find Affiliate Partners4. receive a steady, growing income stream through recurring commission of direct and indirect sales.
  6. 6. How it works
  7. 7. No Pressure - Enjoy Independence!5 instant commission levelsNo commitmentNo pressureNo qualification requirements
  8. 8. Is this an “MLM”? Nope. It is a CRM application and affiliate network for businesses and non-profits. It does not address consumers, nor does it provide consumer products.Then why do we give awayindirect commission as well?
  9. 9. Simply because...1. indirect sales should be awarded as well (it is only fair!)2. accelerate the growth, because it: o rapidly covers the costs of lightcast customerʼs marketing expenses o helps businesses to build a new revenue stream faster o allows Affiliate Partners to become an even greater blessing to their businesses and charities faster o accelerates the growth to support the “missions output” (, humanitarian aid, educational projects, relief work, world missions) o accelerates the process by which the powerful tools of lightcast into the hands of TM thousands of new businesses, churches and ministries amplifying their work in reaching people in need around the world.
  10. 10. Whatʼs your goal? Support my family and add to my current income Enhance my lifestyleBecome financially independent Release me into full-time missions work or ministry Support my church or charity
  11. 11. Requirements for success with (whatever your goal may be)1. Knowledge o about lightcast services and the basics of social media marketing, video hosting/delivery, online advertising. o personal experience with a lightcast package.2. Faith o faith comes from knowledge about the market size, market demand, market growth, price advantage, innovation of service packages offered and the power and future of internet technology.3. Network o Easy access to decision makers in businesses, non-profits, churches. o Easy access to other motivated network marketers or businesses with potential and interest to become Affiliate Partners.4. Communication Skills o You will need to be able to present the offers to meet businessesʼ and non-profitsʼ needs in a confident, professional and convincing way. (or at least be a good referrer, stirring up interest and connecting prospects with a lightcast media specialist.)5. Persistence o no business is built and no revenue is made upon “first trial attempt”, but with persistence only.      (Perseverance  must  .inish  its  work  so  that  you  may  be  mature  and  complete,  not  lacking  anything.  James  1:4)
  12. 12. Who can participate? Anyone! And anyone can become highly successful with it!BUT...for some it may require more work, for others it will be less.Itʼs EASIEST for:Media & Marketing Agencies and Businesses with existing client andprospect base and for individuals with contacts to potential affiliate partners.Requires MORE SELF-EDUCATION from:Individuals with no existing client or prospect base, with no contacts to potentialaffiliate partners and for individuals without knowledge about social mediamarketing, media hosting and streaming.
  13. 13. Getting Started1. Become an Affiliate Partner (Register at , no “buy-in”, no costs, no obligations)2. Make “2 Lists”: Clients Partners List 1: List 2: Businesses, Organizations Individuals, Businesses in need of Marketing Services interested making money and Social Media Assistance Tip - who are your prospects? Tip - who are your prospects? SMEs, churches, non-profits businesses and individuals who might need support in who would like to build a brand their social media marketing new revenue stream for endeavors and a cost-saving themselves, while supporting solution to the challenges of the work of non-profits and media hosting, integration and charities delivery
  14. 14. Next Steps1. Send email invitations with your Invitation Links to your List 1 & 22. Make face-to-face appointments3. Invite your prospects to relevant Webinars4. Assist your prospects during registration process5. Follow up with your Prospects6. Connect your List 1 Prospects (Clients) with a lighcast Media Coach7. Connect your List 2 Prospects (Partners) with your Promoter8. Make sure your Clients and Partners feel cared for
  15. 15. 2011ʼ Bonus Benefits for Affiliate Partner with lightcast Platinum or Diamond package TMo Additional commission levels: 2 additional commission levels will be opened up for APs with Platinum package and 4 levels for APs with Diamond packageo Stock in : sign up 5 paying clients with lightcast Silver or higher and receive 10 shareso Shareholder Assembly: you will receive a seat and voice in the annual conventions of the shareholder assemblyo shareholders will receive a seat and voice in the, recommending and voting on humanitarian projects, educational programs, world missions projects the fund supports
  16. 16. Can you……imagine presenting this business opportunity to 100 or more individualsor businesses who work with SMEs, non-profits and churches?…imagine to present the advantages of the cost-saving lightcast TMservice packages to 100 or more small-mediumbusinesses, non-profits and churches?
  17. 17. Contributing while making money!lightcast donates $ 100 for every new Silver and Gold Contract TMlightcast donates $ 200 for every new Platinum and Diamond Contract TMlightcast allows your Charity or Church of Choice to receive 4% monthly TM commission of all business you bring to lightcast donates its proceeds into the “” - a jointly managed missions fund, voted upon at annual conventions
  18. 18. Can you picture it? What is your sensation, your instinct, your confirmation deep inside? Live to change. Live to impact. Live to be a blessing!Bless:o small-medium businesses, non-profits, churches with cost saving solutions to expand their reacho your family, friends and generations to comeo your church and charity of choiceo millions of people in economically and socially challenged regions
  19. 19. Join us on this MISSION today!Your God-given capital of time, health, talents and contacts are valuable and have the power to help people in need.Your life already adds value to the world around you. Simply accelerate the process!TOGETHER we can change the world.TOGETHER we can light the darkness.