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What's your name


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A Smart Start activity for students to introduce themselves to the class..

Published in: Education
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What's your name

  1. 1. Smart School Start 2015 Academic Mini-Mixers Who Are You? Estimated time: 30 minutes by Marlena Hebern
  2. 2. Academic Goals Culture Goals Establish a positive climate Students begin to build rapport with one another Student feel like they are a part of the class Light and meaningful writing activity Use as a quick writing assessment and the kids don’t even know! Students have fun
  3. 3. In self contained classes: Do this as a school wide activity In departmentalized classes: Do this for each period
  4. 4. Use any program such as Pages or Keynote! Students can use the iPad camera to take a selfie, insert into Pages, and write a short introduction!
  5. 5. Mrs. Hebern I like camping, art, and swimming. I lived in Mariposa for over 20 years. I know small schools… I had 81 kids in my high school senior class!
  6. 6. I am about…. Sarah and Garrett Some stranger in a costume and Julie Mr. Hebern being a mom and wife and a teacher. technology 1800 on Twitter empowering others helping out
  7. 7. I am not about…. people leaving other people out! putting people down! wearing dresses…ugg! dogs AND cats TOGETHER!
  8. 8. Slide 1: Name and 3 facts Slide 2: I am about…. (at least 3 things) Slide 3: I am not about… (at least 3 things) Slide format: Pictures are last…get the words in first!