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Student reflection


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This is a whole class activity designed to facilitate student reflection on a project. The intent is to begin to build a student's ability to self-reflect on the learning process.

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Student reflection

  1. 1. Marlena Hebern
 @mhebern In the style of edcamp’s “Things That Suck” by Bill Selak Facilitating Student Self Reflection
  2. 2. Thanks to @mathkaveli for being part of such an inspirational Twitter PLN!
  3. 3. Academic Goals Culture Goals Establish a positive climate Students feel like they are a part of the class Students begin to build rapport with one another Students learn to reflect on their work Student learn to reflect on themselves as learners Students consider new approaches to learning
  4. 4. How to Set Up the Activity: • Use the room space as physical likert scale. Mark one end of the classroom as a 1 and the other end a 3. • Periodically, you may need to verbally rename one end a yes and the other a no. • Display a purple slide • Students physically move to the side of the room to identify with their view on the topic along the continuum. • Display the following purple slide • Discuss in pairs and choose students to give their reasons for their position. • Allow plenty of discussion and group sharing or partner sharing. • Move on to the next topic and repeat! • Introduce prior to the activity a group quiet signal, as this can be a lively session!
  5. 5. And remember, use 1-2 of these slides at a time. This deck is a resource and is not intended to be used in its entirety-in one session.
  6. 6. Self Reflection Guidelines: In this activity, we will be moving around the room and discussing our thoughts and ideas with partners or the whole class.
  7. 7. Self Reflection Guidelines: To give everyone a chance to participate in the discussion….there are a few guidelines.
  8. 8. Self Reflection Guidelines: During whole group discussion, one person talks at a time.
  9. 9. Remember: Display a YELLOW slide Students move on the continuum Then discuss a PURPLE slide
  10. 10. How much did you know about the subject before the unit?
  11. 11. For discussion: How did this pre-knowledge help or not help you?
  12. 12. How difficult were the problems you encountered during the unit or project?
  13. 13. For Discussion: How did you solve them?
  14. 14. How much do you think you still need to work on learning this skill or content?
  15. 15. For Discussion: What resources do you still need?
  16. 16. How do you feel about your work?
  17. 17. For Discussion: What do you like/dislike? What would you change given the chance? Or not change? What did you enjoy most/least?
  18. 18. Was this project/ problem hard or easy for you?
  19. 19. For Discussion: What was most frustrating?
  20. 20. How confident are you with this topic?
  21. 21. For Discussion: What kind of evidence can you show to prove or demonstrate How does this evidence show mastery?
  22. 22. How well did you meet your objectives for this project/ problem?
  23. 23. For Discussion: What goals did you meet or not meet for your project/problem? Why do you think?
  24. 24. How much did you learn about yourself through the process?
  25. 25. For Discussion: What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project or solving this problem?
  26. 26. How much will other people be impacted by your project?
  27. 27. For Discussion: What would you like others to notice or take away from your project or problem?
  28. 28. How much assistance did you receive from other students?
  29. 29. For Discussion: How did it help or not help? Why?
  30. 30. How much improvement could you make on your final project?
  31. 31. For Discussion: How would you make it better?
  32. 32. Would you do anything differently next time?
  33. 33. For Discussion: What? How? Why?
  34. 34. FREEZE! Don’t move for this one- just think… What 3 words describe your project/ solution? Why?