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Smart Start Best Name Game EVER


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Need a simple, effective, no prep name game?
Want a name game where participants can feel safe while learning their peers names? Here you go!

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Smart Start Best Name Game EVER

  1. 1. ?Smart ?School Start 2014 ? Academic Mini-Mixers Best Name Game EVER Estimated time: 30 minutes by Marlena Hebern
  2. 2. Culture Goals Academic Goals Establish a positive climate Student feel like they are a part of the class Students begin to build rapport with one another Light and meaningful writing activity Use as a quick writing assessment and the kids don’t even know! Students have fun
  3. 3. In self contained classes: Do this as a school wide activity In departmentalized classes: Do this for each period
  4. 4. Fun feedback! Play the name game and then students draw a name and write a message introducing themselves to a classmate. OR Students can use the iPad camera to take a selfie, insert into Pages, and write a short introduction!
  5. 5. ??? Best Name Game EVER One spring I realized that my students didn't know the names of their classmates? ! I never let that happen again!
  6. 6. ??Best Name Game EVER And, this isn’t that name game… ! You know, the one where one child bett?at a time struggles to remember everyone’s name… ! This one is er!
  7. 7. ?Best Th?Name Game The Play.. ! Stand in a circle. say?EVER The first person says, “Hi, my name is Mary.” e WHOLE class s, “Mary.”
  8. 8. ?Best WHO?Name Game Ma?EVER ! The second person says, “Hi, my name is Kevin.” The WHOLE class says, “Mary, Kevin.” ! The third person says, “Hi, my name is Sandy.” The LE class says, “ry, Kevin, Sandy”
  9. 9. ??Best Name Game EVER ! And that’s it! ! The game continues until th?everyone is named around e circle.
  10. 10. ??Best Name Game EVER ! Tips: Allow enough time mo?so you can complete the game in one sitting. ! Keep the pace ving!
  11. 11. ?Older? Best Name Game EVER ! Academic Extension: ! Students draw a name and write a message introducing themselves to a classmate. sho?! For very young students, complete a sentence frame. My name is ______ and I like ______. ! students write a rt paragraph.