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Iron Chef and Hyper Docs


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2 great tools for Google Classroom

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Iron Chef and Hyper Docs

  1. 1. Google Classroom Iron Chef and Hyperdocs Marlena Hebern @mhebern
  2. 2. Iron Chef Activity Teams of 3: The team leader opens the document from Google Classroom and shares with the team members.
  3. 3. Iron Chef Activity I need a vacation! You are travel agents working for none other! Find a super funky and cool place for me to visit in California.
  4. 4. Delete picture and add your own with caption. Secret Ingredient: Trivia about yourself Slide 1 Using the websites below, list 3 facts about this location.
  5. 5. Delete picture and add your own with caption. Secret Ingredient: Trivia about yourself Slide 2 Using the websites below describe the artist or history behind of the site. Include at least one quote.
  6. 6. Delete picture and add your own. Secret Ingredient: Trivia about yourself Slide 3 Using Google Maps, provide driving directions from SF to the site.,- 119.306607,6z
  7. 7. Ken Fox Secret Ingredient: Secret Ingredient: My girls and I raised 4 Guide Dogs for the Bind. Ken Fox: Giant Auburn Statues -Largest sculpture: 42 ft and 120 tons -Ken Fox was a dentist -Residents did not like the statues at first, but now his concrete miner stands at the entrance to Auburn.
  8. 8. file:///Users/mhebern/Downloads/6 cs_primary_source.pdf Build Time: Allow about 10 minutes per slide
  9. 9. Name of Document Insert a thumbnail of the document if possible. Secret Ingredient: Interesting facts about your document. Using the sites below ( or using the document artifact) CONNECTIONS Prior Knowledge Link the primary source to other things that you already know or have learned about. (The History Project) What questions do you have about this source? What other source might you need to gain a deeper understandings of the topic? (The History Project)
  10. 10. Group Structure for Iron Chef: Primary Source Documents Slide 1: Content Slide 2: Citation Slide 3: Context Slide 6: Conclusions Slide 5: Communications Slide 4: Connections ONE Slide Deck Per Group
  11. 11. On Iron Chef Presentations 3 Students/ 1 Group at a Time 30 Seconds per Slide! Grade as you go!
  12. 12. On Iron Chef Grading -Artistic Impression -Technical Accuracy -Overall Perfection
  13. 13. On Iron Chef Presentations
  14. 14. Variations How to: http://ww w.pechak
  15. 15. Variations How to: http://ppt-
  16. 16. Side Note: Management Task Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 a. b. c. d. e.
  17. 17. Google Drive: Hyperlink Challenge Website Link (Post the link here) YouTube Link (Post the link here) A Link to a Tool to be used for a task. (Post the link here) My Favorite Vacation Spot (insert picture here) Hint: use ctrl c (cut) and ctrl p (paste) or the insert menu
  18. 18. iMovie to Classroom
  19. 19. iMovie to Classroom
  20. 20. iMovie to Classroom
  21. 21. iMovie to Classroom L
  22. 22. iMovie to Classroom L
  23. 23. iMovie to Classroom L
  24. 24. iMovie to Classroom L
  25. 25. iMovie to Classroom L
  26. 26. iMovie to Classroom L
  27. 27. iMovie to Classroom L
  28. 28. iMovie to Classroom L
  29. 29. Debrief: Classroom as Student What Did We Do? Opened the conversation Found resources Edited sides Made a movie Turned in assignments Had some fun!
  30. 30. Debrief: Classroom as Student What Did We Do? Remember: Drive: 4 digit code. Classroom: School gmail.