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Google Tour Builder


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Use Google's easy Tour Builder to create custom map tours. Easy to learn, simple to use.

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Google Tour Builder

  1. 1. Google Tour Builder How to Marlena Hebern
  2. 2. Google Tour Builder • Originally built for service men and women to record their service. • Create a custom tour in a Google Maps program called Google Tour Builder • Zoom in for a closer look! • Add pictures and text • Save your tour • Pretty easy!
  3. 3. Google Tour Builder In the classroom: • ELA: Create book tours • ELA: Create plot tours for budding authors • History: Historical event tours- the Civil War, WW1 and WW 2, etc. • Social Studies: Mission reports, the Gold Rush, expansion of the west, the Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark, etc. • Music: Famous musicians life tours • PE/Health: Tours of places to visit and healthy things to do outdoors • Science: Notable science locations, Los Alamos, Laurence Livermore Lab, etc • Math: Famous mathematicians tours, famous discoveries.
  4. 4. Search for Google Tour Builder, then click on the red button to get started.
  5. 5. This is the first card. Name and describe your tour.
  6. 6. Add your first location by clicking the blue button, Add Location.
  7. 7. Type in your desired location and enter.
  8. 8. If this is the location, click Add to Tour.
  9. 9. .Add photos.
  10. 10. Search for images and select.
  11. 11. .Optional: Add dates.
  12. 12. .Add text.
  13. 13. Change icons here.
  14. 14. Zoom in for a closer look.
  15. 15. Grab Peg Man and drop him in for street view.
  16. 16. Like the view? Click on Lock the View to lock it in your tour. Keep adding locations until your tour is done.
  17. 17. When done, click Done Editing.
  18. 18. Preview your tour.
  19. 19. Get a link and share.
  20. 20. Add people and get your sharing link.
  21. 21. If you want to edit your tour after you finished, click this down arrow menu and choose edit.
  22. 22. This home button takes you back to your home menu.
  23. 23. This home button takes you back to your home menu.
  24. 24. Have fun!