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Copy Gradebooks in


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Copy grade book templates (created locally) in

Published in: Education
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Copy Gradebooks in

  1. 1. How to Copy a Gradebook in Standards Based Grading Marlena Hebern
  2. 2. How to Copy Gradebooks in From the home screen, choose GRADEBOOK
  3. 3. Choose COPY GRADEBOOK
  4. 4. Choose HEBERN and the correct year. (You may need to click on the tiny down arrow to see Hebern)
  5. 5. Check the gradebook you wish to copy.
  6. 6. Scroll down on the SAME PAGE and MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE FIRST 3 OPTIONS.
  7. 7. Check the gradebook you wish to copy. Change the NAME and CHANGE THE NUMBER of the gradebook to match the ASSOCIATED PERIOD below. Set your grade books to YEAR. Be sure to CHECK the ASSOCIATED PERIOD. (Or you will not be able to add your students later) The red * simply tells you that you have checked the box and are good to go. Then SAVE.
  8. 8. To add another gradebook, return to the DASHBOARD and start again. It goes fast once you get the hang of it!
  9. 9. It appears you must add an assignment before you add your class. One way to do this is: From the DASHBOARD, find your gradebook and choose ADD ASSIGNMENT.
  10. 10. Then fill out the fields. *You MUST add at least one standard field or the grades will not translate to the report card. Click on ADD STANDARDS.
  11. 11. Choose LOCAL and grade level.
  12. 12. Choose the standard area. We have eliminated the finer standards, but you will still need to choose a category. Say OK
  13. 13. You will see the standard listed. Click SAVE and you have now created an assignment. You may now add students under the student tab.