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Data Management Services by Marlabs


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Marlabs data management services claim to be the forte of our organization. The unique incentive of Marlabs that sets us above all our peers in the industry is that we offer free data management assessment. Marlabs data management advantages consist of value-added quality, reduced costs and risks, and assuredly best services from our alliances namely Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Teradata. Our data management services workforce, also known as the Center of Excellence includes architects, modelers, developers, and administrators who excel in Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata applications to ensure our clients best-in-class service model.
Marlabs has a record of successfully delivering data model performance improvement of up to 400% for clients.

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Data Management Services by Marlabs

  1. 1. Have you noticed recurring performance issues in your application that do not seem solvable at an application level? Is the database architecture constraining the functionality of your application? Do you feel you need someone to review and assess your data model (relational/dimensional)? Is the data layer of your .NET/Java/PHP application being designed and developed by your .NET/Java/PHP programmers? Do you have a need for a data expert but not enough to allocate an FTE? Is there a requirement for a DB Maintenance/Monitoring team to support your existing setup? ` Marlabs Data Management Center of ExcellenceA collection of people who live and breathe data; married to an awe-inspiring array of skills spanning the entiredata space; including architects, modelers, developers and administrators; on Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata. The one-stop data management shop is here! SERVICE OFFERINGS
  2. 2. CASE IN POINT  For a leading pharmaceutical analytics company, Marlabs helped design and develop a complex ETL and custom MDM system entirely using DB scripts. Besides, Marlabs also supported in the performance optimization of reports including one significant case where enabling query re-write in the materialized view not only saved significant development effort, but also enhanced performance by more than 200%  For a leading group of institutions that help in test preparation, Marlabs helped re-design the underlying data model to improve performance. Post re-design, performance improved by more than 400%  For a multi-billion dollar global leader in telecommunication and unified services, Marlabs helped prepare the database design approach and logical model for a complex internal application  For a leading US Insurance company, Marlabs assisted in performance optimization of a business critical process. Marlabs’ analysis narrowed down the problem into a single query and by a combination of writing set-based SQL and usage of common table expressions overall performance improved more than 30 times  For a leading US re-insurance firm, Marlabs helped optimize MS Analysis Services cube-build performance by more than 3 times through a combination of remodeling underlying database tables, introducing cube partitioning and enhancing build logic to incremental load. For a FREE NO-OBLIGATION telephonic assessment on how Marlabs can ease your Data Management headaches: call us at +1(732)-694-1000 or email sales@marlabs.comThe Marlabs Data Management CoE supports data management activities in a shared services modeland helps customers  Improve Quality: All the best resources in each area under one roof  Reduce Cost: Efficiency without redundancy; no need for you to hire FTEs  Reduce Risk: Single set of work processes, centralizing decision-making and applying central governance and controls  Partnerships: Marlabs has partnerships with parent companies of leading databases including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Teradata.Marlabs is a USA headquartered award winning provider of innovative Information Technology and Knowledge Process Outsourcing services.Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey (USA), Marlabs has a culture of success balanced between consistent year-on-year revenue growth and excelling employees. Marlabs also has a strong and dedicated human capital strength of over 2100 and a network ofdelivery centers in USA, Canada, Mexico and India. Marlabs follows a unique multishore model utilizing Global Technology Centers ofExcellence. Marlabs has assisted hundreds of blue chip customers across different verticals to achieve success through both business andoperational excellence.For more information, please call us at +1(732)-694-1000 or email us at sales@marlabs.comUSA | Canada | Latin America | India | Malaysia© 2013 Marlabs Inc. Marlabs believes that the information contained in this publication is authentic and accurate as of its publication date.However, such information is subject to change without notice and Marlabs shall not be liable for any loss resulting from reliance upon suchinformation.