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Marlabs Capabilities Overview: Services


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Marlabs’ Salesforce practice focuses on enabling clients to get the best out of their Salesforce investments. Through ET Marlabs, a Gold Cloud Alliance partner, we offer implementation, customization, integration, and maintenance services for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and We have deep expertise in Salesforce custom application development using and in building mobile applications.

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Marlabs Capabilities Overview: Services

  1. 1. Marlabs Capabilities Overview © 2016, Marlabs - Confidential +1 (732) 694 100 Salesforce Services
  2. 2. 2 • Founded in 1996 • 2100+ employees • Consistent year-on-year revenue growth • 100+ blue-chip clients across multiple verticals • IP driven global consulting and software services • Headquarters in Piscataway, NJ – USA • Global delivery headquarters in Bangalore, India • CMMI Level 5 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified Marlabs Snapshot 2 Global Locations Strategic PartnershipsAwards and Recognition Verticals Serviced Overview 35% 22% 9% 23% 11% Banking, Finance, Insurance Media & Education Transportation & Logistics Healthcare & Life Sciences Retail & Others
  3. 3. 3 Global presence to drive speed and value Key locations Marlabs Corporate HQ: One Corporate Place South, Piscataway NJ • Global Data Center • Network Operations Center • Sales, Acct. Management & Operations Support • Onshore Development Center Marlabs North American Training Facility Broadhead Road, Bethlehem, PA • Global Training Facility • Multi-Discipline Center of Excellence • Onshore Development Center • DR Data Center Global Development Center BWTC, Bangalore, India • Global Development Center • Multi Discipline Center of Excellence • Asia-Pacific Data Center • Network Operations Center Global Development & Training Center Udayaravi Road, Mysore, India • Global IV&V Center and CoE • Asia-Pacific Training Facility • Global Development Center Global Development Center & CoE Infopark, Kochi, India • Global Development Center • Centers of Excellence
  4. 4. 4 Partners in our success Customers Media & Education Banking, Financial Services, Insurance Healthcare & Life Sciences Logistics & Hospitality Retail & others
  5. 5. 5 Full spectrum of solutions and services Service Offerings Application Development and Maintenance | Information Security | IT Infrastructure Services | Testing | Packaged Implementation & Support | Product Engineering Cloud | Mobility | DAM | DW-BI & Analytics| Microsoft |Java | Open Source | ERP | Salesforce | IoT Services Industry Verticals Technology Solutions BFSI Education Transport Healthcare Energy RetailMedia Government
  6. 6. 6 The expertise driving our solutions and services Centers of Excellence • Improve legacy and proprietary Integration with current solutions/software • Positive impact on usability and architecture decisions among project teams • Increase overall user adoption • Implement the best practices for the development of solutions • Promote cross-platform flexibility • Rapid scale up for project requirements Marlabs Centers of Excellence (CoE) Primary objectives Industrialized assets and methods Innovation Architecture based on cost/benefit analysis Skills and Resources Alliance ecosystem Microsoft Java/ Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Testing DW/BI & Analytics Mobile Infrastructure, Security & Cloud UI/UX ERP/ CRM
  7. 7. 7 Client Project Stakeholders Customer Centric Blended Model Client Engagement Client Executive Sponsor Client Program Manager Client Project Manager Client SME’s IT & Infrastructure Marlabs Executive Sponsor Marlabs Account Manager Business Analyst/ Lead Developer Technical Architect IT & Infrastructure Programmer/ Analysts Quality Assurance IT & Infrastructure Client Team Marlabs On-Site/Off-Site Team Marlabs Off-Shore Team • Strong Transition Mgmt. • Peer to Peer Communication • Defined Escalation Process Steering • Business Alignment • Work Prioritization • Metrics Monitoring Project Management Requirements/ Deliverables Task Monitoring & Control Project Status Issue Management Work Packages Technical Specs Project Lead / Manager Project Lead / Manager
  8. 8. Center Of Excellence - Objectives Accelerating Customer Success
  9. 9. 9 We offer end-to-end Salesforce services • Business process modelling in Salesforce • Workflow management through triggers, Workflow processes and custom Apex modules. • Setting up of Profiles and Users • Data Setup/Upload • Defining & Mapping Role Hierarchy for Organization • Defining OWD, Public Groups, Sharing Rule • Creating & deploying Templates (Emails/ Letterheads) • Creating & deploying workflows & Approvals • Creating & deploying Reports & Dashboards Rollout Services • Develop and customize Salesforce solutions to suit the business needs of clients • Develop complex Salesforce applications and also customize and extend existing applications. • Leverage Salesforce products developed at Marlabs COE • Evaluate products on the Salesforce App exchange and customize them. • Leverage Salesforce Chatter and its API to increase collaboration. Custom Application Development Application Integration Maintenance • Comprehensive integration solutions using ESB, ETL and custom frameworks to fit the overall client architecture • Enterprise middleware based integration solutions for Salesforce using ESB (Enterprise Service bus) tools like Tibco, Mulesoft and WSO2. • Custom integration frameworks for Salesforce using SOAP and REST based webservices. • Data integration solutions for Salesforce using ETL tools like Informatica, Talend and Dell Boomi. • Well-defined approach for providing Salesforce maintenance services • Effective support in an admin role by completely replacing client’s need for an internal Salesforce admin • Maintenance includes resolving open tasks, assessing usage, updating the records regularly, taking back-ups, cleaning data, updating versions, auditing users and licenses, examining logs, and analyzing the usage of fields. • Continuous Salesforce maintenance services allow customers to focus on their core business.
  10. 10. 10 Salesforce Customization, Custom Development & Integration Customization Development Integration & Data Warehousing Salesforce Objects Custom Objects Apps, Tabs, Layouts Validation Rules Workflows/Approvals Reports, Dashboards Analytical Snapshots Roles, Profiles, Groups OWD, Sharing Rules Apex Sharing Apex Visualforce Flash JavaScript AJAX Web Services API Chatter API Bulk Service API Metadata API External Databases Data Warehousing Reporting Services Tools like Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, Talend, WSO2 Batch Processing/ Schedulers IDE/ Setup Menu Data Loader/ Connecter CastIRON/Informatica/Data Stage Salesforce Administration/Change Control Management/Project Management Subversion,CVS,GIT,ClearCase Force.comMigrationTool/Deployment Wizards Sandboxes/Production Our technology stack
  11. 11. 11 Salesforce Business Analysts Technical Leads/ Architects Salesforce Certified Developers Salesforce QA Engineers Salesforce Certified Administrators Marlabs Salesforce Practice Standards Analysis & Design App. Implementation Change Management Customizations Data Loading Rollouts Tools & Best Practices Code & Reviews Training Administration Marlabs Delivery Team Engagement Model
  12. 12. 12 •A100% native Salesforce solution that tracks tickets/cases after the ticket has been resolved. The automated system send a automated message through email, SMS and/or Phone call to the requester when the ticket is resolved in Salesforce. •If the ticket is not resolved, the ticket is reopened and the requester is connected back to support team to gather more information. •An automated follow-up is also done 24 hours later to check if the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the ticket. •If satisfied, the customer is provided with an automated survey asking to rate the service they received. •The ticket follow-up information and the survey results are collated as part of the Customer Service metrics Dashboard in Salesforce. TicketNotify • , •The Appdynamics plugin integrates the Appdynamics Application monitoring platform with Salesforce and opens tickets for major events like server crash, application slowness generated by Appdynamics. •It also provides a dashboard with the server health on salesforce that can be used by customer service agents to provide real time outage information to customers. AppDynamics Integration More Apps and Plugins Salesforce
  13. 13. 13 Case Studies
  14. 14. 14 • SlideShare is a Native Salesforce application that allows you to generate leads from your PowerPoint presentations. • When the customer responds to a call to action like the one shown below in the footer, he is sent a copy of the presentation in real time. • SlideShare is configured to capture the customer information and automatically create a lead in Salesforce. About SlideShare • Embed the SlideShare contact number as a footer in the presentation you are making. • Configure SlideShare in Salesforce to email the copy of the presentation with a welcome message to the user. • Customer sends a text message with his/her email address to the number shown. • SlideShare will parse the email address and the pre configured email to the user. • SlideShare will enter the customer information into Salesforce as a new lead. How It Works SlideShare (Lead Generation through Presentations) Salesforce App
  15. 15. 15 • A SalesForce based customer portal built on Salesforce Communities that enables end users access to data related to them as part of the Self-service portal. • Users can directly open tickets with the company, track the progress of the tickets and also access the Knowledgebase and FAQs to resolve common issues. • The portal also provides end users the ability to see outstanding invoices, billing detail, past case history and other information related to the customer account. About Customer Portal • The out of the box Communities solution provided by Salesforce was not robust and user friendly. We suggested to go with a custom look and feel for the User Interface and utilize the Salesforce Communities and Salesforce Platform backbone for functionality. • For a comprehensive solution, customer related data from three different systems had to be included. We suggested a java based integration solution that would bring the data into Salesforce and then use them in the Portal. The data in Salesforce was available for use with other projects too. • Customer wanted a integrated solution that worked for Web and Mobile platforms. Due to cost and schedule constraints, the mobile version was moved to a later phase, but the design was done to accommodate mobile for the next phase. How It Works, Challenges Customer Portal Salesforce App
  16. 16. 16 Salesforce App Customer Portal (contd.) About Customer Portal • Project Length: Total 5 months -  6 weeks Communities design, development  8 weeks Custom Integration design, development.  6 weeks: QA, Release management and other client specific processes. • Team:  6 people from Marlabs and 3 people from the client as below. – Salesforce Developers: 2 – UI developer : 1 – Business Analyst: 1 – Java Developer: 2 for Custom Integration with three different systems.  From the Client as below. – Project Manager : 1 – QA tester/lead: 1 – Release management and deployment: 1
  17. 17. 17 Marlabs Case Study A leading British-based electronics business specializing in light-emitting diode lighting for hazardous locations wanted to streamline and measure the performance of various brands and sales teams. Marlabs Role: • Requirements Analysis • Application Customization to map the business processes • Rollout/ Setup Activities • Customization Activities • Data Loading • End User/ Administrator Training • Administration & Support. Benefits • Streamlined sales and marketing activities across the board improved visibility • Instant availability of data on daily sales, targets, expenses • improved sales productivity and efficiency of operations.
  18. 18. 18 Marlabs Case Study New York City-based company that provides a platform specializing in real-time online advertising wanted SFDC administrative services. Marlabs Role: • Perform basic, mid and high level daily administration of SFDC. • Create and maintain custom objects • Continuously monitor data integration t ensure data integrity and quality • Create and maintain reports and dashboards • Fields and page layouts • Manage mass imports and exports of data • User account maintenance (roles & profiles) • Support internal staff with administrative and general usage reports & trouble issues • Manage operational requests such as creating workflow, rules, validations, field creations, escalation-policies, auto-assignments etc. and implement required functionality Benefits • Streamlined sales and marketing activities across the board improved visibility • Instant availability of data on daily sales, targets, expenses • improved sales productivity and efficiency of operations.
  19. 19. 19 Marlabs Case Study Largest multinational publishing and education company in the world wanted to have a unified view of their customers at all points of time and across all stages to be rolled out for their North America, India, China, Brazil, South Africa offices. Marlabs Role: • Implemented CRM for Sales, Marketing, Service Fulfillment & Service Operations. Our approach was aimed towards streamlining the schools’ databases and setting up processes to handle multiple business verticals and product lines within the same system. Client can also access from their mobile devices for their planning and execution of day to day activities as well as make informed decisions. Benefits • Provided an unified view of their customers at all points of time and across all stages. • Enabled their internal sales and service teams to perform their duties better, thereby improving productivity. • Single source of information for all business verticals. • Decision making using visual representation of sales foot print across North America.
  20. 20. 20 Marlabs Case Study Leading conglomerate company headquartered in India wanted a mobile & cloud based real-time information access to effectively plan, execute, analyze activity/visits and campaign management. Marlabs Role: • We recommended a Perfect-call Resulting In Driving Excellence (PRIDE), a Salesforce integrated automation system. Developed a mobile app that captures all the information from an outlet visit with rich UI/UX and branding; this enables a simple and powerful system for the field force. The management and analytics team take control of this data so as to make it more actionable and meaningful decisions. Benefits • Single application for capturing all information related to sales and marketing. • Targeted and specific campaigns, visibility and promotions. • improved sales productivity and efficiency of operations. • Better tracking of campaign management/market development activities. • Improved follow-up process and hence, satisfied customers. • Clear visibility in revenue pipeline, leading to better predictability in revenue forecasting.
  21. 21. 21 Requirement Integration of Salesforce with the existing data warehouse. Solution Provided the customer with tactical and strategic design options to move data into the data warehouse for comprehensive reporting. The options included a quick solution using Talend to move data into staging tables and use it for reporting and analytics. The strategic solution included Talend for batch update of data and enrichment modules that allowed standardization, cleansing, and deduplication of data. It also provided an API based access to data in the date warehouse for transactional applications. Integration case studies Finance system integration Data warehouse integration with Salesforce Single sign-on solutions Requirement Seamless single sign-on experience for the customer from custom portal site to Salesforce communities. Solution SAML enabled the custom application by integrating with Shibboleth identity server and created a custom authentication module to handle the authentication and authorization of the customers. The custom module was also designed to handle the self registration and license management for Salesforce communities. Requirement Two way Integration of financial system with Salesforce. Solution Designed a robust integration solution for pushing and pulling data from Salesforce in real-time using WS02 and SOAP/REST based Web services. The system exposed a custom REST based API that allowed other internal applications to access real-time financial data and Salesforce data.
  22. 22. 22 Standing apart in the marketplace Value Proposition Delivery Excellence Domain Expertise • Flexible, transparent, and mature engagement models • Seamless solution integration • Certification compliance • Robust Governance • Strong focus on emerging technologies • Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for technology proficiency • Best in class technology and security infrastructure Customer Centricity Investment In Talent • US based, IP driven organization with a digital technology focus • Flexible engagement models with global talent • Proven record of successful on-site, off-shore and blended engagements • Customized solutions and services • High competence levels in all technologies • Home grown algorithm for matching resources with customer’s unique need • Global training centers: Continuous quality improvement programs • High retention rates Higher Customer Satisfaction Excelling Employees Project Certainty Highest ROI and Value
  23. 23. 23 Contact Us 2 USA New Jersey Marlabs Inc. (Global Headquarters) One Corporate Place South, Floor 3, Piscataway NJ 08854 - 6116 Tel: +1 (732) 694 1000 Fax: +1 (732) 465 0100 Email: India Bangalore Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. Bagmane World Technology Center, 14th Floor, Citrine Block - 4, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bangalore – 560 048 Tel: +91 (80) 67229400/700 Email: Canada Marlabs Canada Incorporated 1235, Bay Street, Suite 400 Toronto Ontario M5R 3K4 Tel: +1 (416) 934 5005 Email: Mysore Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. # 462, A & B Block, Udayaravi Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysore - 570023 Tel: +91 (821) 4000200 Email: Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. # 469, A & B Block, Udayaravi Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysore - 570023 Tel: +91 (821) 4191450 Email: Mexico Marlabs Technology Services Av. Patriotismo 229 Piso 8 Col. San Pedro de los Pinos Mexico, D. F. C. P. 03800 Tel: +1 (732) 694 1000 ext.6011 Email: Kochi Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. "Athulya", 2nd Floor, Infopark Kusumagiri P.O. Kakkanad Kochi - 682 030 Email: Marlabs Software (P) Ltd. Trans Asian Corporate Park, XIV/396-C, Seaport Airport Road, Chittethukara,Kakkanad Kochi - 682 037 Ph: +91 (484) 6062885/886 Email:
  24. 24. 24 THANK YOU