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The Fine Art and Hard Science of Marketing


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The Marketing Department often gets a bad rap. We're too pushy or not pushy enough. We can't quantify how we're doing. This presentation demonstrates to business owners and marketers alike why a good marketing strategy is essential, and what tactics can be used to accomplish measurable financial & creative results.

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The Fine Art and Hard Science of Marketing

  1. 1. Marla Schuchman The Fine Art and Hard Science of Marketing
  2. 2. Art Source:ErikKwakkel Science  Creativity  Practice  Experimentation  Facts & Figures  Strategic Planning
  3. 3. Marketing is reaching a relevant audience and encouraging them to take an action that will benefit your business.
  4. 4. The Worst Area of Business?
  5. 5. The Worst Area of Business “Everyone Hates Marketing”
  6. 6. Sistine Chapel ceiling is a great marketing campaign for the Catholic Church  Raises Awareness  Enhances Brand  Brings Organic Traffic
  7. 7. Big Picture Perspective + Targeted Tactics Holistic Marketing
  8. 8. Big Picture: Know Your Audience
  9. 9. Tactics:  Define your audience using research-backed personas  Determine how they can & should act to your benefit  All customer engagement is not a “like” Comments vs. Likes vs. Shares
  10. 10. Big Picture: Define Your Footprint
  11. 11. Reality: Marketing analytics tools have a lot of competition. Find one that works for you. Assumption: Marketing is hard to quantify.
  12. 12. Tactics:  Results-oriented metrics - focus on actions taken, not page views  Tools - CRM, CMS, email automation, customer support platforms, analytics  Monitor & involve other departments Sales, Finance, Support, R&D, et al. affect and are affected by marketing efforts
  13. 13. Big Picture: Embrace Creativity
  14. 14. Tactics:  Allow room for creative freedom  Experiment & find inspiration
  15. 15. Know Your Audience Define Your Footprint Embrace Creativity
  16. 16. May 30th, 12:30–2:00pm @ Peninsula Technology Incubator
  17. 17. 757-932-5080