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Letter of recommendation


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Letter of recommendation

  1. 1. Negotin, 10/12/2014 Letter of recommendation As a former employer of Marko Jevtic I can only say that Marko is highly responsible in his work and generally a reliable person that an employer can count on. I was very satisfied with his performance while he was working as a programmer, solution analyst and web developer at Inovator. If he is challenged with something he is unfamiliar with he is good at acquiring necessary knowledge, managing and delivering work of good quality. He has covered a broad area of different tasks and technologies. He has mostly worked with open source technologies and web technologies. He is a good team player as well and as a person he is very positive and spreads good energy in the team. Based on my good experience with Marko Jevtic I can warmly recommend him to any employer. Douglas Niklas Nedeljkovic CEO