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Process Industries Proposition


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Process Industries Proposition

  1. 1. Greater Grimsby Process Industries Proposition GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  2. 2. Greater Grimsby is home to a large number of companies in the process industries from speciality chemicals to pharmaceuticals. Greater Grimsby offers: 50 years experience of process industries the UK’s largest port capable of handling major projects a supportive environment and specialist training facilities proven expertise in engineering and construction leadership in new fuels and green processes a ready and able workforce the lowest operating costs in the UK So, if you’re looking for the optimum location for: petrochemical and biofuels pharmaceutical and biotechnology composite materials speciality engineering Greater Grimsby is the natural choice. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  3. 3. Greater Grimsby Get it Straight From the Heart Greater Grimsby is a straight-talking, no-nonsense place. We speak our minds and tell it how it is. When it comes to promoting our area, we give you the facts to make your own mind up. Big UK-leading facts like, we’ve got: - the busiest port complex - the largest concentration of food companies - the most renewable energy opportunities - the greenest power station - the biggest strategic employment sites - the lowest operating costs Our towns of Grimsby, Immingham and Cleethorpes, and surrounding Lincolnshire villages offer very different things. But taken as a package, they combine to offer cost-effective, well-connected business locations within a few miles of stunning countryside and great schools. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  4. 4. From the Heart of the UK to Europe and the World Greater Grimsby puts you at the heart of the UK and Europe. We are centrally located on the east coast of the UK in the county of Lincolnshire. Our area includes: - Grimsby – the world-famous port and Europe’s Food Town - Cleethorpes – the popular seaside holiday resort - Immingham – a focal point of heavy industry and logistics - Wolds villages – an area of outstanding natural beauty Thanks to our maritime and fishing heritage, we are outward looking and have traditionally had strong international links, especially with Scandinavia, something that continues today with many commercial partnerships. Distances from Greater Grimsby Miles Km Being 200 miles from London, Edinburgh and Rotterdam, means that we Sheffield 60 96 are truly central to the UK and Europe. Leeds 70 112 Our area is an integral part of the Humber region and enjoys close links Manchester 100 160 with the nearby cities of Hull and Lincoln. Liverpool 130 209 Birmingham 130 209 London 160 257 GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  5. 5. Greater Grimsby Major Centre for Process Industries We understand the challenges and opportunities in the process industries. Greater Grimsby is at the centre of a major concentration of process industries, which in the wider Humber region employs around 15,000 people in 120 companies that collectively turnover more than £6 billion each year. The process industries in and around Greater Grimsby are incredibly 50 years diverse and include: - petrochemicals - commodity chemicals - speciality chemicals - composite materials - pigments and paints - pharmaceuticals of process industries in the area - supporting services With more than 50 years of experience in nurturing this cluster of industries, local partners are committed to growth and expansion into new and exciting areas that will shape the way we live in the future. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  6. 6. UK’s Biggest Port Uncongested Roads Rail and Air Links From Greater Grimsby you can reach more people in less time. The Port of Grimsby and Immingham is the UK’s largest port by tonnage. Its prime deep-water location on the Humber Estuary, gives companies direct access to mainland Europe and beyond. Uncongested roads and motorways connect to all parts of the UK placing 40 million consumers within a 4-hour drive. This area is the busiest in the UK for rail freight with a choice of specialist terminals serving destinations across the country. 40m Humberside Airport, conveniently located just a few miles from our main towns, is a key national and international gateway connecting over half a million passengers to 30 destinations every year, with daily flights to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the world’s third largest international airport. consumers in a 4-hour drive GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  7. 7. Global Brands Choose to Invest in Greater Grimsby You will be close to some of the world’s biggest names. The process industries cluster in Greater Grimsby continues to attract global players from the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. - Novartis employs more than 500 people at its Grimsby site – a quarter of whom are graduates. The Swiss-headquartered giant has invested more than £430 million in its Grimsby manufacturing facility in the last decade. - Ciba, part of BASF, the world’s biggest chemical group, operates a 50- care facility in Grimsby which manufacturers products from paints to textiles. - Cristal Global, the Saudi-owned chemicals company, produces titanium dioxide at its Immingham site. - China National Bluestar Corporation, one of China's fastest growing chemical groups, acquired the former Akzo Nobel acrylic operation. 120 companies in process industries - ConocoPhillips, the third-largest integrated energy company in the United States, operates the Humber Refinery in North Lincolnshire. around the Humber GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  8. 8. Port, Farms and Food Industry Drive BioEnergy We have some of Europe’s most important green energy investments. Greater Grimsby is a growing focal point for the bioenergy market. Proximity to the UK’s largest port complex, Europe’s food town and the agricultural hinterland of Lincolnshire (known as “the breadbasket of England”), makes the area extremely attractive for green energy. “The region is ideally situated to Greenergy owns and operates two biodiesel plants at the port of sell our output into the two world Immingham, as does Total and Bioethanol. The plants are capable of using a variety of feedstocks including rapeseed, soy, palm and used cooking scale refineries located here. It also oils. Vireol is building a bioethanol plant in Grimsby, and Abengoa Bioenergy is building one at Immingham using wheat as feedstock, this combines the benefits of a deep due to open in 2010. sea port, allowing us to move Helius and RWE Innogy are working together on a major €260 million biomass facility in the area. Siemens and Drax have also chosen the south product in and out, access to a bank of the Humber for biomass facilities. Encycle's renewable electricity power station, to be located near Immingham, will divert up to 210,000 local market and allows us to tonnes of food waste and non-recyclable packaging away from landfill each year. source feedstock from the farms that surround the port.” Andrew Owens, Chief Executive, Greenergy GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  9. 9. Supportive Network That Understands Your Needs Practical support and cross-industry networking opportunities. Since its establishment in 1999, Humber Chemical Focus has grown into one of the UK’s leading regional chemical initiatives with more than 100 members. The HCF works with companies and organisations within the region to create and support the industry using the four key pillars; Networking, Innovation, Skills & Training and The Humber Region. HCF hosts a range of publicly funded contracts spanning industry surveys, skills “I feel very confident that our programmes, projects, promotions and network groups including: area will continue to grow and - Humber REACh Network – for managers with responsibility for Health, Safety, Environment and Compliance matters. play its full part as one of - Humber ChemSkills Network - comprising the training managers and HR Europe’s most competitive managers of the chemical and petro-chemical industries in our region. regions to move, produce and - Humber Environmental Managers Network - attended by Health Safety Managers, Environmental Engineers and local conservationists. distribute chemicals.” - Humber Fire & Security Network - for Fire Protection and Security Dr Glyn Hughes, Humber Chemical Focus Managers and colleagues from the Police and Fire services. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  10. 10. Unique Training Centre for the Process Industry Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence – Humber (CATCH). Demonstrating the area’s commitment to the long-term growth and expansion of the process industries, a unique £8 million training facility has been established. It is able to simulate a chemical plant without the risks of handling dangerous substances at high temperatures and pressures. £8m CATCH exists to make a real contribution to the competitiveness of the chemical and allied businesses in the area by encouraging people to choose careers in the industry and by facilitating the provision of effective, industry-led training and competence assessment within an authentic plant environment. CATCH’s unique selling point is that it is a facilitator of training, pulling together the relevant training providers, like the Grimsby Institute, to deliver training centre investment bespoke training and competency requirements. Companies can utilise CATCH with their own training provider or ask CATCH to find a suitable training provider to deliver their specific training requirements. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  11. 11. Supply Chain Provides Vital Industry Support We have an integrated supply-chain with specialist service companies. All around Greater Grimsby, there are hundreds of specialist construction, engineering, logistics and many other service companies that provide a vital supply-chain to the major manufacturers in the process industries. - Jacobs Engineering Group of the United States recently acquired L.E.S. Engineering, to create a 1,000-person maintenance, construction and service contractor headquartered in Grimsby, specializing in mechanical, instrumentation and electrical installations for the process and industries. “This latest investment at our - BIS OHARE is a leading engineering services supplier to the process industry with a base in Immingham. Customers include Ineos, Total UK, Grimsby base is further evidence of ConocoPhillips, Albion Chemicals Distribution, EoN and Syngenta. our commitment to the town and - Jex Engineering is one of the UK's leading providers of high quality process engineering installations for the chemical and pharmaceutical the Humber region.” industries, employing 280 people of which 190 are based at Grimsby. Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Jex Engineering GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  12. 12. Novartis Award Proves Value of a Grimsby Workforce Award-winning workers make the difference. Novartis Grimsby provides important manufacturing facilities for the firm’s ChemOps division with four Process Units for Diovan, Aliskiren, Multi- purpose Production and High Volume Production. Key products include treatments for hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and epilepsy. Along with plants in Switzerland, Ireland, Brazil and China, ChemOps is responsible for the worldwide supply of pharmaceutical drug substances for Novartis Pharma. “Our Grimsby workforce is energised In 2009, the Grimsby workforce were singled out by the Swiss company and involved, and understands the when they beat off competition from 23 other Novartis manufacturing sites worldwide, to win an award that recognised their work. One aspect that changes required by the business to was noted in the reasons for the win was the development of operational excellence scorecards, which has added shift competition to the workplace. evolve, with increased levels of This led to improved quality standards of a staggering 400 per cent. engagement and satisfaction.” Tom van Laar, Head of Global Technical Operations, Novartis GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  13. 13. World-class Oil Refineries Fuel New Opportunities Our world-class refining facility is a vital asset. The Humber Refinery is one of the most complex refineries in the ConocoPhillips portfolio and one of the most sophisticated in Europe. It is a fully integrated plant that produces light products and fuel oil. It is the only coking refinery in the UK, the world’s largest producer of specialty graphite cokes and the largest anode coke producer in Europe. Located in North Lincolnshire, the refinery has been one of ConocoPhillips’ “It is a real powerhouse of a refinery. key assets in the UK since the late 1960s. It has gained an international reputation while producing products for the benefit of customers at home We have got some really good and abroad. The east coast location allows cost-effective North Sea crude oil imports and product exports to European and world markets. It people here. I am looking forward to produces around 14 million litres of petrol every day – that’s enough to drive to the moon and back, twice. working towards our vision of A purpose-built warehouse at Immingham docks stores the petroleum coke becoming the safest, most profitable before it is shipped out. The warehouse has an internal area equal to Wembley Stadium. European energy complex.” ConocoPhillips has invested a further £700 million at its Humber Refinery Mike Wirkowski , General Manager, Humber Refinery to keep it at the forefront of the industry. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  14. 14. One of the World’s Greenest Power Stations Combined Heat and Power plant shows the way to a low carbon future. ConocoPhillips operates the Immingham Combined Heat and Power plant, one of the greenest power stations in the world generating 730 megawatts of electricity. The development of ICHP has made a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the United Kingdom and is capable of savings of up to 3 million tonnes per year when compared to power produced from conventional coal fired power production, and separate “The expanded CHP capacity production of heat. The plant is fuelled by natural gas with liquid fuel as backup. It produces electricity and creates steam, which is used by the demonstrates our commitment nearby Humber and Lindsey refineries. to lower carbon technologies. The expanded plant, together with ConocoPhillips' Humber refinery, is strategically placed to realize the vision of an ultra-low-carbon integrated This major long-term investment energy hub able to supply heat and power to a wide range of local industrial customers. If current studies demonstrate economic feasibility, by ConocoPhillips is timely in the enlarged Immingham CHP could be modified to utilize gasification technology to operate as a 'clean coal' facility with carbon dioxide stored or view of the UK government's used for enhanced oil recovery. ongoing support for combined heat and power. ” Bob Hassler, ConocoPhillips GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  15. 15. New Materials and Carbon Fibres for Green Economy We have specialist manufacturers creating the materials of the future. The growth in advanced materials and composites is a major opportunity for the process industries in the Grimsby area. This has particular significance given our emerging role as a key hub location for renewable energy, in particular offshore wind energy. One example of this is Bluestar Fibres, based in Grimsby. They make carbon-fibre precursor, which is used in carbon fibre products such as tennis racquets, skis, golf clubs, mobile phones, aircraft brakes, automotive components, fire retardant clothing and the brakes of Formula One cars. Its biggest growth potential, however, lies in its application in the fast-growing wind-turbines sector. Composite materials and carbon fibre precursor made in Grimsby is used in the construction of high-performance rotor blades around the world, for customers including SGL Carbon, the German group that supplies composite materials to the wind energy sector. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  16. 16. Europe’s Food Town Creates New Biotech Opportunities Cross-sector convergence creates new market opportunities. Grimsby is known as “Europe’s Food Town” because of the high concentration of food processing companies in the area and its position as the seafood capital of the UK. This presents several areas of opportunity for companies involved in biotechnology, including: - potential use of fish waste in biotech research - extraction of Omega-3 oils from fish - development of functional foods and nutraceuticals - use of microorganisms in the food-processing industry - food safety and biotech-based diagnostic testing The range of skills in the pharmaceutical and drug-development sector that have been developed thanks to major manufacturers like Novartis, offer a significant overlapping opportunity with the area’s food industry. New research and development labs in the Greater Grimsby area enable cutting-edge innovation and testing around seafood. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  17. 17. Workers With Relevant Skills and Right Mindset You’ll find all the skills necessary for process industry projects here. The local area has a workforce of 90,000 within a 15-minute catchment, and 350,000 workers within a 45-minute drive. Recent economic conditions mean that there is a ready-made labour-force eager and willing to work on new projects, many with direct experience in the process industries. In recognition of the specific skills required by the process industries, local schools and colleges are working in partnership to ensure that the 350,000 area’s companies are able to recruit the talent required in the future. CATCH plays a key part in this provision of training and is supported by the Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education. The Institute delivers engineering training to apprentices at CATCH and relocated its successful pipefitting and plating delivery team to bring expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering. ChemSkills represents a major network for skills in the industry and workers within 45-minute drive forms part of Cogent, the Sector Skills Council’s national network. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  18. 18. Cost-Effective Offices, Units and Development Sites We have the right premises, in the right places, at the right prices. Greater Grimsby has a wide choice of modern offices, both in-town and on high quality business parks, industrial units and development land adjacent to major roads, a deep-water estuary and major docks. The area’s flagship business park, Europarc, has been designed to attract manufacturing, distribution and office based businesses with high quality, cost-effective, purpose-built accommodation, within an attractive lakeside setting. Property costs and land values across the area are up to 25% lower than in competitor locations. The inward investment team at North East Lincolnshire Council provides a free service to help find the right property for your business. 25% lower property costs GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  19. 19. Lowest Operating Costs Equals Profitable Location Property and labour costs are among the lowest in the UK. Greater Grimsby is a cost-effective business location. Compared with similar locations, this area has the: Average Wage Industrial Rent Medium Office £/annum) £/m2/annum £/m2/annum - Lowest average wage costs Grimsby 20,577 40 85 - Lowest industrial rents - Lowest office costs Hull 22,122 45 100 In difficult times, the ability to keep your cost-base to a minimum helps to Lincoln 20,873 45 120 keep businesses afloat and protects jobs. Nottingham 23,499 55 160 Living costs are low here too with housing among the cheapest in the country, enabling a choice of urban and country lifestyle. Doncaster 21,420 50 155 Sheffield 23,549 55 165 Teesside 20,689 42 170 Newcastle 21,837 47 210 Manchester 25,494 55 310 Sources: Property Market Report, VOA, July 2008 ONS - 2008 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  20. 20. Outstanding Beauty Sun, Sea, Sand and Happy People Lifestyles to suit all tastes. Everywhere claims to have a great quality of life, but few places can compete with our rich diversity of historic towns, quaint villages, wildlife sanctuaries, rolling hills and sandy beaches. Our surrounding countryside is famous for its beauty, with the Lincolnshire Wolds being designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is protected due to its "precious landscape" and "distinctive character". English country pubs, historic churches and quaint villages are just a few miles from the towns of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham. “The resort is taking care of people The seaside town of Cleethorpes has been voted as one of the happiest places to live in the UK. A 2008 survey ranked the town ninth out of 273 UK who are making the most of the districts, which is not surprising given the classic mix of sun, sea, and sand. weather and the places to visit. Local shopping and nightlife attract millions of visitors from outside the area We are making Cleethorpes a each year and as befits Europe's Food Town, you can enjoy great food from the world's best fish and chips to award-winning fine dining. happy place to visit and live in.” Robert Chalmers, Cleethorpes Resort Manager GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  21. 21. Education For All Choice and Quality New Investment Success and excellence from primary to higher education. Our local schools offer a wide choice for children of all abilities. In the most recent league tables, three-quarters of local primary schools outperformed the national average, while half of our schools and colleges outperformed “The reputation the Grimsby the UK average at A’level. Institute enjoys with employers, There are a number of excellent grammar schools in Lincolnshire within easy reach, that regularly achieve some of the best results in the country. students and Associate For further and higher education, the Grimsby Institute offers a wide range Universities has been founded on of courses and has particular strengths in vocational training with several centres of excellence in fields ranging from automotive technology to digital the quality of our courses and the media. The Institute is planning a £150 million programme of development, enhancing links with local schools and creating modern excellent facilities.” facilities. Ray Ellis Grimsby Institute GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  22. 22. Practical Support And Advice For Your Next Project How we can help. Whether you're based in the UK or overseas, North East Lincolnshire Council has a team of specialists waiting to help you. Our services are provided free of charge on a completely confidential basis and include: - helping you plan your expansion or relocation project - providing research to help you make your decision - advising on available sites and premises and development options “The biggest single thing that - organising personal tours of the area - providing introductions and liaison with key local advisors influenced the decision was the - information about grants and financial assistance that may be available availability of a skilled labour For more information on how you can be a part of the Greater Grimsby success story, contact: force. We are very impressed and Grimsby has a great reputation in Kate Walker North East Lincolnshire Council that area. This is an ideal location 01472 324967 for us and for our future growth.” Rob Burnett, Daniels Group (New Covent Garden Soup) GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  23. 23. Your next move? GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE