Digital Industries Proposition


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Digital Industries Proposition

  1. 1. Greater Grimsby Digital Industries Proposition GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  2. 2. Greater Grimsby is an emerging centre for digital media and broadcasting. Greater Grimsby offers: the largest TV studio space in the region a centre of excellence for media production and training cutting-edge content providers the UK’s longest-running local TV channel experts in satellite, cable and digital platforms partnerships with the industry’s biggest names a diverse range of proven film locations high speed broadband So, if you’re looking for the optimum location for: digital media creative industries connectivity Greater Grimsby is the natural choice. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  3. 3. Greater Grimsby Get it Straight From the Heart Greater Grimsby is a straight-talking, no-nonsense place. We speak our minds and tell it how it is. When it comes to promoting our area, we give you the facts to make your own mind up. Big UK-leading facts like, we’ve got: - the busiest port complex - the largest concentration of food companies - the most renewable energy opportunities - the greenest power station - the biggest strategic employment sites - the lowest operating costs Our towns of Grimsby, Immingham and Cleethorpes, and surrounding Lincolnshire villages offer very different things. But taken as a package, they combine to offer cost-effective, well-connected business locations within a few miles of stunning countryside and great schools. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  4. 4. From the Heart of the UK to Europe and the World Greater Grimsby puts you at the heart of the UK and Europe. We are centrally located on the east coast of the UK in the county of Lincolnshire. Our area includes: - Grimsby – the world-famous port and Europe’s Food Town - Cleethorpes – the popular seaside holiday resort - Immingham – a focal point of heavy industry and logistics - Wolds villages – an area of outstanding natural beauty Thanks to our maritime and fishing heritage, we are outward looking and have traditionally had strong international links, especially with Scandinavia, something that continues today with many commercial partnerships. Distances from Greater Grimsby Miles Km Being 200 miles from London, Edinburgh and Rotterdam, means that we Sheffield 60 96 are truly central to the UK and Europe. Leeds 70 112 Our area is an integral part of the Humber region and enjoys close links Manchester 100 160 with the nearby cities of Hull and Lincoln. Liverpool 130 209 Birmingham 130 209 London 160 257 GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  5. 5. Greater Grimsby Vibrant Centre of Digital Media If you want to be close to the future of media, look no further. Greater Grimsby has a long history of innovation in digital media, influencing a growing community of talented young people, award-winning companies and state-of-the-art facilities. Partnerships with the BBC, ITV, Sony and the Press Association enable this area to punch above its weight with programming that reaches millions across Europe. The area offers film-makers a superb choice of locations backed up with access to a skilled talent pool and facilities which have seen been used in Oscar-winning films. In addition, there is a growing community of media and arts creatives who form a regional network providing support, knowledge exchange and interaction for the area’s award-winning talent. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  6. 6. Largest Television Studios in the Area Greater Grimsby has state-of-the-art TV production and transmission services. Immage Studios is a production centre and hub of creative TV, broadcast technology and new media innovation. The Immingham based facility owned by North East Lincolnshire Council and leased to the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, consists of a 2,700 sq ft broadcast TV studio with full production support, HD edit suites and a digital broadcast transmission facility. The studio building is home to Propeller TV and Channel 7 and outputs over 3,500 hours of broadcast programming a year to the SKY satellite and Virgin Media cable platforms. Immage Studios is also home to a range of companies offering services that include media training, studio hire, digital broadcast consultancy and 3,500 commercial TV production and broadcast programming. Channel 7 production company has a host of top corporate clients and has produced TV commercials, broadcast programmes, corporate promotional material, e-learning packages and new media solutions. hours of broadcasting output each year GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  7. 7. Nationally Recognised Media Academy Ensuring a pipeline of new talent for the industry. The Yorkshire & Humber Media Academy is made up of a partnership of the Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education’s East Cost Media, the University of Bradford and The National Media Museum. “Skillset started this initiative to Skillset – the sector skills council for the creative media industries – find the best media centres in the established the Skillset Media Academies in response to the television and interactive media industries’ desire to develop lasting partnerships country. This is a great with further & higher education institutions. The Academies provide an answer to industry’s need for fresh talent and innovation and to set new achievement for Bradford and standards in higher education for the design and delivery of practise- based courses. Grimsby and will ensure our The aim is to provide practice-based and industry-endorsed world-class region is providing the media media education and provide an answer for the media industry’s need for fresh talent and innovation. moguls of the future.” Tom Gutteridge, Television Executive GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  8. 8. Centre for Media Training and Placements Industry-approved hands-on training is available. East Coast Media of the Grimsby Institute provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes alongside high quality professional media training. One of only 22 Skillset Media Academies in the UK, selected through rigorous application and evaluation processes and assessed by industry evaluators, reflecting their excellence and highlighting their exceptional “What makes East Coast Media’s courses links with the media industry. stand out is the way they are so focused The department boasts excellent facilities, many of which are coveted by on the real world of the media. The content industry partners, including a television studio on campus, over 200 Apple multimedia and digital video stations, a digital photographic studio of the courses is relevant to today’s rapidly and darkroom facilities. Students are taught by specialist staff, who all have industry experience before coming into lecturing. Also, East Coast changing environment, putting students in Media offers excellent work placement possibilities across the country, industry master classes and excellent networking opportunities thus prime position to get jobs in what is a very putting students in an excellent position to make sure the skills learnt are competitive sector.” relevant to current and future media industry needs. Tony Johnston, Head of Training, The Press Association GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  9. 9. World-class Production Companies National names creating local content. North East Lincolnshire boasts a vibrant and growing production sector including East Coast Pictures run by former Director of Entertainment for Sony Pictures, Julia Thompson. The company produces Entertainment and Factual Entertainment programmes for local broadcast and maintains strong links with major industry networks. East Coast Pictures aims to promote and encourage links between local businesses and TV professionals across the region, making the benefits of television and an online presence available to all via the local TV channel, Seven and online. The area is also home to a range of developing new media companies benefiting from the superior connectivity experienced in North East Lincolnshire. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  10. 10. Longest Running Community TV Channel in UK A new concept in community broadcasting. Seven is the longest running community TV channel in the UK. It is a community interest company that works closely with local people to deliver television made by and for the community. The channel has developed links with public and private sector companies and works closely with the Grimsby Institute to provide broadcast media work placements and training opportunities for students. Channel 7 launched in January 1998 and broadcasts from Immage Studios in Immingham on to the Virgin cable network channel 879 and reaches approximately 140,000 homes across North and North East Lincolnshire. Seven is also available online at Following 10 years of successful broadcasting the channel continues to produce and schedule programmes that directly or indirectly support, enhance, promote or deliver local concerns & initiatives that raise educational attainment, regenerate communities, develop the arts, reduce unemployment and develop the economy. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  11. 11. Broadcasters Choose Greater Grimsby Broadcast from Immingham, propeller TV Since its launch in February 2006, the TV channel has gone from strength to strength. Following its sale in 2009, bringing investment to Sky 195 the region, the channel continues to support the short film industry. Propeller TV has now expanded its programming to cover music, comedy, drama, lifestyle and documentaries, reaching a much wider UK and European audience. The TV channel continues to be a resource for professional development, creating jobs and opportunities within the region. The new channel owners have an additional objective to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the UK and China, thus increasing the opportunity for inward investments in the area. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  12. 12. Diverse Choice of Oscar-winning Film Locations Proven location that can meet the requirements of major productions. The Grimsby area has a proven track record as a film location with recent successful titles such as Atonement and This is England being part-filmed here. It offers a wide range of diverse scenery ranging from major industrial and port settings and gritty urban streets through to rolling countryside and stunning coastline and beaches. With access to film and production crew and extensive studio facilities, and with our well-connected transport links, this area offers outstanding opportunities for film-making. Our partners at Screen Yorkshire can support your production in a number of ways, for example, by finding locations, sourcing crew and facilities, securing permissions, liaising with councils and negotiating with hotels on your behalf. GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  13. 13. Cost-Effective Offices, Units and Development Sites We have the right premises, in the right places, at the right prices. Greater Grimsby has a wide choice of modern offices, both in-town and on high quality business parks, industrial units and development land adjacent to major roads, a deep-water estuary and major docks. The area’s flagship business park, Europarc, has been designed to attract manufacturing, distribution and office based businesses with high quality, cost-effective, purpose-built accommodation, within an attractive lakeside setting. Property costs and land values across the area are up to 25% lower than in competitor locations. The inward investment team at North East Lincolnshire Council provides a free service to help find the right property for your business. 25% lower property costs GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  14. 14. Lowest Operating Costs Equals Profitable Location Property and labour costs are among the lowest in the UK. Greater Grimsby is a cost-effective business location. Compared with similar locations, this area has the: Average Wage Industrial Rent Medium Office £/annum) £/m2/annum £/m2/annum - Lowest average wage costs Grimsby 20,577 40 85 - Lowest industrial rents - Lowest office costs Hull 22,122 45 100 In difficult times, the ability to keep your cost-base to a minimum helps to Lincoln 20,873 45 120 keep businesses afloat and protects jobs. Nottingham 23,499 55 160 Living costs are low here too with housing among the cheapest in the country, enabling a choice of urban and country lifestyle. Doncaster 21,420 50 155 Sheffield 23,549 55 165 Teesside 20,689 42 170 Newcastle 21,837 47 210 Manchester 25,494 55 310 Sources: Property Market Report, VOA, July 2008 ONS - 2008 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  15. 15. Outstanding Beauty Sun, Sea, Sand and Happy People Lifestyles to suit all tastes. Everywhere claims to have a great quality of life, but few places can compete with our rich diversity of historic towns, quaint villages, wildlife sanctuaries, rolling hills and sandy beaches. Our surrounding countryside is famous for its beauty, with the Lincolnshire Wolds being designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is protected due to its "precious landscape" and "distinctive character". English country pubs, historic churches and quaint villages are just a few miles from the towns of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham. “The resort is taking care of people The seaside town of Cleethorpes has been voted as one of the happiest places to live in the UK. A 2008 survey ranked the town ninth out of 273 UK who are making the most of the districts, which is not surprising given the classic mix of sun, sea, and sand. weather and the places to visit. Local shopping and nightlife attract millions of visitors from outside the area We are making Cleethorpes a each year and as befits Europe's Food Town, you can enjoy great food from the world's best fish and chips to award-winning fine dining. happy place to visit and live in.” Robert Chalmers, Cleethorpes Resort Manager GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  16. 16. Education For All Choice and Quality New Investment Success and excellence from primary to higher education. Our local schools offer a wide choice for children of all abilities. In the most recent league tables, three-quarters of local primary schools outperformed the national average, while half of our schools and colleges outperformed “The reputation the Grimsby the UK average at A’level. Institute enjoys with employers, There are a number of excellent grammar schools in Lincolnshire within easy reach, that regularly achieve some of the best results in the country. students and Associate For further and higher education, the Grimsby Institute offers a wide range Universities has been founded on of courses and has particular strengths in vocational training with several centres of excellence in fields ranging from automotive technology to digital the quality of our courses and the media. The Institute is planning a £150 million programme of development, enhancing links with local schools and creating modern excellent facilities.” facilities. Ray Ellis Grimsby Institute GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  17. 17. Practical Support And Advice For Your Next Project How we can help. Whether you're based in the UK or overseas, North East Lincolnshire Council has a team of specialists waiting to help you. Our services are provided free of charge on a completely confidential basis and include: - helping you plan your expansion or relocation project - providing research to help you make your decision - advising on available sites and premises and development options “The biggest single thing that - organising personal tours of the area - providing introductions and liaison with key local advisors influenced the decision was the - information about grants and financial assistance that may be available availability of a skilled labour For more information on how you can be a part of the Greater Grimsby success story, contact: force. We are very impressed and Grimsby has a great reputation in Lorna Reeve North East Lincolnshire Council that area. This is an ideal location 01472 324615 for us and for our future growth.” Rob Burnett, Daniels Group (New Covent Garden Soup) GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE
  18. 18. Your next move? GreaterGrimsby LINCOLNSHIRE