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CV 2015


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CV 2015

  1. 1. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE Mark Joseph Fitzpatrick, Registered Nurse for the Learning Disabled (UK); Registered Psychopaedic Nurse (NZ); Registered Mental Health Nurse (NZ) Contact details Mark JosephFitzpatrick, 609 southTitirangi rd, Titirangi, Auckland 0604 Phone:021 1247651 Personal statement My colleaguesandpastemployerswoulddescribe me asa goodteamplayerwhois reliable, level-headedandaperson whoadaptswell tochangingcircumstances.Ibelieve thatasa RegisteredNurse inbothPsychopaedic(IntellectualDisabilities)andMental HealthnursingI will be anassetto any team.I bringclose to twentyyearsof experience inthe fieldwithme and can adapt to the challengingandchangingnature of the jobas required.Since 2003 I have workedacrossthe range of mental healthcare deliverysohave abroad anddeep knowledge of the typesof serviceswe offertoour clients. Career objective In the short term,as I become familiarwiththe local range of servicesandthe NZstyle of nursing,Iaspire to workin a flexibleandinnovative multidisciplinaryteamwhere Icandraw on myskillsandexperience workingwithawide range of clientgroups. In the longerterm,Iintendtoexplore the possibilitiesforgoingdowndifferentavenuesin the nursingfield,includingmanagement,teachingorclinical research. In mid2014 I successfullycompletedthe post-graduate certificate inMental HealthNursing withthe Universityof Aucklandandthishaspavedthe wayfor my scope of practice to be extendedtoformallyinclude nursinginthe mental healthsector. Skills summary  12 yearsexperience inmentalhealthnursing  8 yearsexperience inintellectual disabilitiesnursing  Experience of workingbothina teamand as a lone worker  Experience inbothacute in-patientandcommunitysettings  Experience of workingwithotherservice providers  Experience of workingincharge duringnightshifts  Experience in assessingandmanagingrisk,bothimmediateandlongterm  Proficient ITskills,quicktolearnnew software specifictoanorganizationorrole  Thoroughunderstandingof the importance of goodrecordkeeping  Experience andtraininginmanaging challengingbehaviorandaggression
  2. 2. 2  Thoroughunderstandingof the principalsof clientconfidentialityanddataprotection and confidentbalancingthese withthe needtopasson critical informationwhen necessary  Confidentworkingincomplexandchallengingenvironmentsacrossthe Mental Health and Intellectual Disability/Psychopaedicspectrum Work History August2014 – February2015 Staff Nursefull time Early Psychosis Intervention,WaitemataDistrictHealth Board, westAuckland,NZ I worked withthe EarlyPsychosisIntervention multi-disciplinary teamforthe WestAuckland catchmentarea. My workinvolved treatingfirst-episode psychosisas itemergesinyoung adults.I was part of a community-basedteamthattreatsclientsintheir homesin conjunctionwithfamily/whanau.Thisworknecessitated aclearandcontemporary knowledge of psychosisandschizophreniaandhow appropriate interventioncanhelp reduce the negative impactpsychosishasonpeople’slives.I workedincollaborationwith otherservices,includingthe police andin-patientmental healthunitsaswell aschildand familyservices. The EPIteamismade up of assortedhealthprofessionalsincludingsocial workers,doctorsandoccupational therapists. Key Responsibilities  Regularassessmentsforclientriskandsafety  Arrangingmedicationreviews  Attendingwardreviewswhenaclientisanin-patient  Runninga weeklymetabolicscreeningclinicforclientsatriskfrommetabolicsyndrome  Triallingclientson clozapine  Writingupcare plansand relapse preventionstrategieswithclients  Referringclientstootherservices /providinginformationonotherservices  Establishingconnectionswithotherservicesandoftenworkinginconjunctionwith them,particularlydrugandalcohol servicesandaccommodationproviders.  Carry a case loadof clients  Keepingup-to-date withcurrentthinkinginmental healthnursingandcare  Administeringdepotinjections  Recordkeepingandmaintainingconfidentiality  Applyingthe principalsof the Treatyof Waitangi to mydeliveryof care June 2013 – July 2014 Staff Nursefull time Ward B/Te Kakenga – Te WhetuTawera, Auckland City Hospital,Grafton, Auckland
  3. 3. 3 I workedasa mental healthnurse inAucklandCityHospital’sin-patientpsychiatricunit.Iwas part of a teamproviding24-hourcare to acutelymentallyunwell service users,usuallyunder compulsorytreatmentordersof the Mental HealthAct. I wasemployedbythe ADHBon conditionthatI undertake apostgrad cert inmental health nursingwhichIcompletedinJune 2014. My time withADHB wassplitbetweenanopen22-beddedwardanda locked8-bedded intensivecare wardwhichcaredfor the most acutelyunwell clients. Key Responsibilities  Work withthe teamto provide asafe, therapeuticandprogressiveenvironment  Carry a case-loadof clients  Admittingclientsintothe unit  Care planning  Safetyplanning  Riskassessment  Keepingnotes/recordsetc.  Dispensingmedication  Liaisingandworkingwithotherservices  MDT meetings  Use of RecoveryModel  Maintainingwardsafety  Control andrestraint - includingrespondingtoemergenciesacrossthe hospital  Use of de-escalationtechniques  WorkingwithMaori,Pacific,Asianandotherculturesina safe and appropriate manner  Workinginthe IntensiveCare Unit  Thoroughunderstandingof the Mental HealthAct Mar2012 – Nov2012 Bank1 NurseBand 5 (Variedshifts,ongoingrelief) CrisisHome Treatment Team (CRHT) - SussexPartnershipCommunityMental HealthTeam, Mill Viewhospital,Neville Avenue,Hove, BN37HZ, UK CRHT are involvedwithclient care post-discharge frompsychiatrichospitals,ensuringclients’ continuedwell-beingfollowingastayas an in-patient. CRHTalsoact as a gate-keeperforthe in-patientunits,nursing clientsinthe communitywhomightotherwise have been hospitalized. Asabanknurse I regularlycoveredupto5 shiftsperweekandworked essentiallyaspartof the regularteamfor this6 monthperiod. Key Responsibilities  Dailyvisitstoclientsattheirhome address  Dispensingandmonitoringmedication  On-goingassessmentof riskandmental well-beingof clients  Record-keeping  Information-sharing  Liaisingwithwardsandotherservice providers  MDT meetings 1 The NHS ‘bank’ system is an in-houseagency that provides relief nurses to wards and community teams at shortnotice. Some teams also drawon bank nurses for shortterm placements, especially when they do not have sufficientbudget to secure a permanent placement.
  4. 4. 4  Collaborativecare-planning Jan 2012– Mar2012 BankNurseBand 6 (Full time, shortterm) Brighton UrgentResponse Team (BURs) - SussexPartnershipCommunityMental Health Team, Mill Viewhospital,Neville Avenue,Hove, BN37HZ, UK BURs are a dedicatedservice forlocal GPswhohave urgentconcernsaboutthe mental wellbeingof theirpatients.A GPwill make a referral tothe BURs teamwhowill then undertake aface to face assessmentwiththe clientwithin4hours.Thishighpressure job carrieda lotof responsibilityandrequireddecisive andconfidentdecisionmaking,including knowingwhenandhowtoescalate a case to a more seniorlevel.Forthisthree monthperiod I providedfull timecoverforlongtermstaff absence. Key Responsibilities  RiskAssessment andSafetyPlanning  Appropriate referral withinMHsystem  Liaisingwithotherprofessionals,e.g. GPs,social workers,Police,Recovery&Crisis teams,etc.  Mental State Assessment/mental healthhistorygathering  Immediate response toeventsasrequired Nov2011– Dec2011 Travelling May2011– Oct 2011 BankNurseBand 5 (4 days perweek, shortterm) WestRecoveryTeam - SussexPartnership CommunityMental Health Team, Mill Viewhospital, Neville Avenue,Hove, BN37HZ, UK The RecoveryTeams(East,West andCentral) take upcare for clientswhorequire longterm communityinput,oftenafollow onfromCRHTsupport.Workersinthe recoveryteameach carry a caseloadof upto 20 clients,andactas a keyworkerto coordinate inputfromvarious othersocial servicesacrossthe city. Towardthe endof my secondmentwiththe Central RecoveryTeam(below),Iwasofferedthis6monthcontract withthe West RecoveryTeam. Key Responsibilities  Act as the client’sconsistentpoint-of-contactwiththe Mental Healthservices  Coordinate inputfromarange of social services  Undertake regularhome visitsandothercontacts  AttendMDT meetingsandteamaroundthe familymeetings  Liaise withotherservice providers  Organize medicationreviews  Work withfamily/friendsof the client  Riskassessment  Use of RecoveryModel  Assistclientstoaccessservicesand findemploymentorsecure benefits  Recordkeeping  Care planningwithclients  Maintaininglinkswithotherservice provider’sinc.the Courts,police,socialservicesetc.  Informationsharing
  5. 5. 5 May2010– Nov2010 Staff NurseBand5 (4 daysper week,secondment) Central Recovery Team - SussexPartnershipCommunity Mental Health Team, 79 Buckingham Rd, Brighton, BN1 3RJ, UK I tookup thissecondmenttobroadenmyexperience workingincommunitybasedmental health.Brightonhasa highratioof people withMental Healthproblemsandsubstance abuse issues,homelessnessandvagrancyparalleledonlybyLondonandGlasgow inthe UK. As a resultIgainedmuchexperienceworkingwithpeople withcomplexneeds,poly- substance abuse issues,anti-social behavioursanda general lackof personal support networks. Key Responsibilities  As above forthe WestRecoveryTeam Aug 2008– May2010 Staff NurseBand5 (4 daysper week,permanent) RegencyWard, SussexPartnershipNHS FoundationTrust, Mill Viewhospital,Neville Avenue, Hove, BN3 7HZ, UK After5 years workingasan agencynurse throughoutBrightonandSussex,in2008 I secured a permanentcontractwiththe local Mental HealthNHSTrust and began contracted nursing workin a psychiatrichospital,inamale-onlylockedward.Thiswarddealswith people sufferingacute mental healthissuesincludingschizophrenia,bi-polardisorder,personality disordersetc. Many clientsalsopresentwithcomplexcare needsincludinglearning difficultiesandsubstance abuse problems.Manyare beingheldforundersectionfor compulsorytreatment. Key Responsibilities  Work withthe ward teamto provide asafe and progressive environmentforthe in- patients  Carry a case-loadof clients  Care planning  Safetyplanning  Riskassessment  Keepingnotes/recordsetc.  Dispensingmedication  Liaisingandworkingwithotherservices  MDT meetings  Use of Recovery Model  Maintainingasafe environment  Control andrestraint - includingrespondingtoemergenciesacrossthe hospital Sept 2003 – Jun 2008 AgencyNurseBand5 (4-5 shiftsperweek, temp) Advantage NursingAgency,7 QueenSquare, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3FD, UK AND AmbitionNursingAgency, GroupHouse 2-96 Lind Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4PL, UK WhenI movedtoSussex Ifoundthat there were nopositionsforRNLDas the fieldhad recentlybeentakenoverbySocial Services. AsaresultIwas compelled towork through nursingagencies inavariedmix of mental healthcommunityandward-basedsettings. An area that I discoveredIwaswell-suitedtoandenjoyed. Mostunitswere NHS-runbutIalso didoccasional workinthe local PrioryClinicfordrug/alcohol detox andrespite care. Over
  6. 6. 6 this5 yearperiodIhad a broadand deeprange of work experiencesinavarietyof MH settingsincluding:  Dene hospital –a medium-secure forensicsmentalhealthfacility forwomenwith severe personalitydisordersandwhowere involvedwiththe legal system.Thisunit, the containedfourwardseach housing20 in-patients.  Millview hospital –the county’sprimarypsychiatrichospital, afourwardMental Healthhospital includingPICUacute mental healthtreatment  Substance Misuse Service - methadone clinic  Various care in the community/respite home settings Key Responsibilities(general Agencynursing)  As an agencynurse,itiscritical to be able to adapt quicklytoa new environment(e.g. layoutandprocesses),buildgoodworkingrelationshipswithcolleaguesandclients,and balance initiative andcaution  Regularworkinthe city’s methadone clinicinvolveddispensingmedications,managing the safetyof the environmentandrecordkeeping  Work ina teaminacute psychiatricwards  Dispense medication  Maintainsafetyonthe ward  Riskassessment  Regularworkina numberof community respite homesformental healthservice-users  Escortingclients’toappointments/events  Note/recordkeeping  Chaperone individual patientstoensure continuoussafety May2002– Aug 2003 AgencyNurse(Full time, temporary) Gemini NursingAgency,BishopsCourt, 17A the Broadway, Hatfield,Herts.,AL9 5HZ, UK. DuringthisperiodIprimarilyworkedatSmugOak House (a privately-runten-bedhomefor adultswithsevere learningdifficultiesandautism) andwithafamilywhose sonwasseverely disabledinaroad trafficaccidentsome yearspreviously. Key Responsibilities  Work as part of a teamdeliveringcare ina safe environmenttotenveryintellectually disabledpeople withcomplexsocial needs  Escort clientstoand fromday centre  Assistwithdaycentre activitiesandfacilitate mealtimes  Facilitate ADL’s (Activitiesof DailyLiving),particularlyonlate shifts  Riskassessment  Escort clientsonday outingsandsocial events  For the private client,the maintask wasto facilitate socialisingin the afternoonswith the client Feb 2002 – May 2002 Travelling May2000– Jan 2002 Staff NurseBand5 (Full time, permanent) Langley House CommunitySupport Unit, 14 Stratford Rd, Watford,Hertfordshire,WD14 4DG, UK
  7. 7. 7 As a recentlyqualified RegisteredNurse forthe LearningDisabled(RNLD),Iworkedaspart of a team deliveringcare to clientswithmoderate tosevere intellectual disabilitiesandwith accompanyingmental healthissuesinanNHS-run10-bedunit. Key Responsibilities  Drawingup care-plans  Recordkeepingandreporting updatesatweeklystaff meetings  Managing challenging behaviour  Dispensingmedication  Riskassessment  AttendingMDTmeetingsandworking closelywithotherservicesinc.Police,GP’s, Psychiatristsandsocial services  In charge of unitinabsence of manager  Carryinga caseload of clients Dec1999 – May2000 AssistantManagerGradeG (Full time, permanent) WalsinghamHomesTrust, 9 MonicaClose,Watford,Hertfordshire,WD24 4GZ, UK Thisprivate communitycare home for6 adultswithvaryingIntellectualDisabilities.As assistantmanagerI providedsupportanddirectionforthe care of 6 adultsintheirsocial and psychological development. Key Responsibilities  Encouragingand facilitating social engagement  Maintainingacleanand safe livingenvironment  Escortingclientstoand fromvariousengagements  Managing challenging behaviour  Dispensingmedication  Riskassessment  Providing24-7 care Sept 1996– Sept 1999 NursingStudent(Full time) UniversityofHertfordshire,College Lane,Hatfield,Hertfordshire,AL10 9AB, UK. Course Summary  The first18 monthswere general introductiontothe fourrecognised fieldsof nursingin the U.K., i.e.general,paediatric,mental healthand learningdisabilities.We studied each branch through placementsandwiththeory.  I beganspecialisinginstudyingnursingforthe learningdisabledinthe secondhalf of the three yearcourse. Againthisconsisted of placementsonwards,communitysettingsand withfamilies.These placementsare backedupwiththeory.
  8. 8. 8 Sept 1993– Aug1996 SupportWorker (Full time, permanent) Brother of Charity Services,John Paul II Centre,Ballybane,Galway, Republicof Ireland. I beganmy workinthisfieldasa supportworkerin a Government-fundedDay Centre/HousingTrustforteenagersandyoungadultswithmoderate tosevere intellectual disabilities. Myworkhere wassharedbetweenthe DayCentre,whichprovides schoolingand social skills,andthe residentialunitswhichprovide homesforclientswithchallenging behaviours. Key Responsibilities  Work witha teamto deliverqualitycare fora range of youngadultswithcomplex behavioursandoftensevereintellectual difficulties  Escort clientsonsocial trips/shopping  Recordkeeping  Reportingtoline manager  Facilitatingactivitiesof dailyliving forservice-userswhoreside inthe centres’homes  Providingasafe environmentforthe clientstolearnandlive in Professional Qualifications Date 2014 2013 Course/Qualification Post-GradCertificate inmental health nursing SPIN aggressionmanagementandde- escalationtechniques(5days) Provider Universityof Auckland AucklandDistrictHealthBoard 2001 Control andRestraint(5 days) aggressionmanagementtechniques NHS UK 1999- present Annual CPRrefresher(1day) NHS UK 1996-1999 RegisteredNurse forthe Learning Disability –RNLD Universityof Hertfordshire,UK 1990-1993 DiplomainFine Arts – Printmaking LimerickSchool of Artand Design, Ireland 1989-1990 Pre-foundationArtCourse Scoil StiofanNaofa,Republicof Ireland 1984-1989 IrishSecondaryLeavingCertification DouglasCommunitySecondary School,Republicof Ireland Relevant Registrations Date Body Identifier 2012-present NursingCouncil of New Zealand 180092 1999-present NursingandMidwiferyCouncil UK 9614850E
  9. 9. 9 Referees Lorraine Emerson (mostrecent manager) Manager,Early PsychosisIntervention team Waimarino 44 ParamountDrive Henderson Auckland 021 2861022 PreviousManagers Anne Frew ChargeNurse,Ward B/Te Kakenga Annewasmy line managerwhen Iworked in Te Whetu Tawera/Auckland City Hospital Building35 AucklandCityHospital Grafton Auckland 021 020 64226 Joan Farrell ManagerWestRecovery Team. Joan wasmy direct line managerforthe6 monthsIworked withthis team. Mill ViewHospital NevilleAve Hove BN3 7HZ UK 0044 1273 242041 Paul Wilkinson ChargeNurse,MentalHealth Liaison teamat A&E, RoyalSussex County Hospital,Eastern rd, Brighton,BN25BE,UK; Previously ChargeNurseon Regency Ward, Mill View Hospital, Neville Avenue,Hove,BN3 7HZ, UK. Paulwasmy direct line managerforthe2 yearsI worked on Regency ward.He also helped me with my PersonalPerformance Plan. 0044 1273 696955
  10. 10. 10