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10 Social Media Meccas: Where to Get Connected Worldwide


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When it comes to social media usage around the globe, the stats, trends, and “did-you-knows” are seemingly infinite. A lot of surveys and have been conducted to determine the most socially connected cities based on numbers alone, so we did things a bit differently: we identified international cities that personify the social way of life in their own unique ways. We’ll take you to London, the city with the most Twitter users worldwide, and to Seoul, whose broadband penetration rate of 83 percent is nothing short of astonishing. And you’ll learn which US city is the best for online dating and where you’d likely get the best salary as a social media manager.

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10 Social Media Meccas: Where to Get Connected Worldwide

  1. 1. 10 Social Media Meccas Where to Get Connected WorldwideMultiple surveys have been conducted to determine the most “socially connected”cities. In contrast, we wanted to highlight truly international cities that personify thesocial way of life in their own unique ways. We started our research working from a listof the “Top Twitter User Cities,” moved to how social was being used in those cities,and then tried to venture off the beaten path a bit to offer some surprises.We went in search of the best social media meccas, and discovered the cities with themost users on Twitter, the most widespread broadband connection, and the mostinnovative uses of social media (like crime fighting and online dating). For all of youadventurous social media fans, consider this your passport to social adventure …
  2. 2. 1. London, United Kingdom The City That’s All A-Twitter Londoners rank high in using social to stay connected. Theirs is the #1 city with the most Twitter users, and social media was used here during the August riots to track rioters and looters, organize clean ups, and keep citizens safe. The social chatter during the riots saw over 26,500 blog posts and 1.3 million tweets using the words “London” and “riot” or the “LondonRiots” hashtag in only five days. The British use online tools not only to communicate and connect, but also to bring much needed attention to causes. Of special note is the recent decision by the International Paralympic Committee to encourage the 2012 Paralympic athletes to use social media during the upcoming games to extend the awareness of this event. Tally ho!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  3. 3. 2. Seoul, South Korea The Greatest Broadband Penetration Although mobile is rapidly taking over, the truth is that if you don’t have an Internet connection, you don’t have social. With a broadband penetration rate of 83%, getting connected in Seoul is as easy as getting on a train. As the second most-populated metro area in the world, this city ranks high. Internet access is cheap, PC gaming is popular, and Internet cafes abound. The city government has been deeply committed to modernization for the last several years and the city is the home of some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. We all take it for granted, but you can’t get social until you can get connected … and Seoul does that with panache.10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  4. 4. 3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Exotic City Where Women Tweet Known for its beautiful beaches, Brazil’s Twitter usage places it as one of the most active in the world. Currently listed as the 20th most active city by Twitter usage, Rio is a gorgeous place to visit and to tweet from, especially for the ladies. It’s also the top spot globally for most Mashable Meetups. While statistics show Twitter equally distributed between men and women worldwide, women are leading the way in Rio. At a data split of 57% women to 43% men on Twitter, the conversations center around networking, business, and “nova” (“new things” in Portuguese). The men are much better represented in the blogosphere, but in Rio, the women rule Twitter and that’s reason enough for us to feature them. Tweet away, ladies!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  5. 5. 4. Toronto, CanadaThe Most Socially Progressive Civil Servants Besides being listed as #6 worldwide for total Twitter users, Toronto is also stepping into the spotlight by using social to fight crime. Toronto Constable Scott Mills explains, "Social media can be a productive tool in policing. We can get into the community in a positive way, which helps to prevent crimes." Through an integrated use of Twitter, Facebook, their website and more, Toronto police are treading uncharted territory not yet frequented by other law enforcement organizations. Although the new approach is controversial to many, putting a human face and more communication connections in front of citizens is working. More eyewitnesses are coming forward and more crime is being solved. All of this goes to show that Toronto is one progressive city!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  6. 6. 5. Boston, Massachusetts Best Place to Get Hooked Up Though listed as #8 worldwide for total Twitter users, Boston is the best city for online dating according to OKCupid. By analyzing the site’s 1.5 million users, we find that Boston was the city with the highest percentage of its adult population with active profiles within the last year. You can’t really get much more social than that, can you? Not only does Boston have a population of singles above the national U.S. norm, but it’s also well connected socially. Owing this connection to its concentrated student population and a sharp eye toward technology, Bostonians use social media to promote non-profit causes, recruit for their fire department, and quite obviously, find love. The heart wants what the heart wants!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  7. 7. 6. San Francisco, CaliforniaThe Best City for a Stellar Social Media Salary Coming in at #7 for most Twitter users, San Francisco also comes in on top for well-paid social media managers. According to, the average pay ranges from $35,069 to $86,712, outranking other social media meccas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. While being connected is cool, being able to make a comfortable living at what you do is a big plus. When you add in the innovation coming out of the area—thanks in no small part to nearby social giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple—it’s clear that this is a socially connected city that is worth visiting and working in. 10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  8. 8. 7. Bangalore, India Facebook Hotspot Despite an overall population access to the Internet at only 8.3%, the adoption rate of social media here is astonishing. What distinguishes India though, is that they are the third largest country on Facebook, second only to the U.S. and Indonesia. Listed at #23 among cities with the most Twitter users, Bangalore has long been a hub of technological activity. With a 250% increase in the Indian social media networking audience (September, 2010, year-on-year), brands are focusing on leveraging social media marketing techniques more than ever here. If you want to find some friends, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, might be a place to visit.10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  9. 9. 8. Paris, France The European LinkedIn Connection As #28 among cities with the most Twitter users, Paris has something else going for it. No, we don’t mean the great wine and mind-blowing museums. We mean LinkedIn. A full 56% of people using LinkedIn live outside of the United States, and France is one of the most represented countries on this business social media network. The same holds for Facebook, with France ranking earlier this year as the fifth fastest growing country in number of Facebook users. While Paris itself may be less connected than some others on Twitter, its commitment to multimedia and interactive social media experiences earns it a place on our list. Besides, don’t you need an excuse to go there? We thought so …10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  10. 10. 9. Jakarta, Indonesia Socially Connected for Social Change At #16 among cities with the most Twitter users, Jakarta is an enigma. Although social media is heavily used here, the political climate in Indonesia isn’t as warm as some places in the world regarding open use. For this reason, we want to feature the city here. In Jakarta, social media is aiding massive social change. With laws already in place that require information sharing by the government, the openness required by social media is not particularly comfortable to everyone. Potential corruption, for example, is certainly more likely to be discovered with the easy, free sharing of information. For this reason, we put Jakarta and its widespread use of social for social change on our list. Power to the people!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  11. 11. 10. Washington, D.C. Most Socially Networked The Beltway City won top honors— thanks to a mix of data that includes the number of Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita, overall Twitter usage, traffic generated by the major social networks (including MySpace, Friendster, Reddit, and Digg), and the percentage of households that visit chat rooms and blogs. Another enigma, D.C. might surprise you as a contender here. With so much of politics and the nation’s business still being done with a handshake and a promise, the pace and reach of social here is staggering. With this city coming in so strong in so many ways, it’s a real harbinger of the change that social media is bringing to the world. Bring it on, we say!10 Social Media Meccas - Where to get connected worldwide
  12. 12. 10 Social Media Meccas Where to Get Connected WorldwideSocial media is rapidly increasing choices—for products, relationships,and even ideas. Although we could have re-listed the cities that, strictly bythe numbers, were the “top” in terms of Twitter usage and other similarstats, we firmly believe that in social, numbers only paint part of thepicture. Innovation, creativity, connectedness, and engagement are allequally important.
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