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10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah


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Public Relations is changing fast. To help you stay ahead of the curve and in touch with the some of the best practitioners, communicators and thought leaders PR has to offer, we’ve recommended ten truly great PR blogs. We’ve featured those that are doing a great job incorporating new media techniques into both their content and community engagement. Hopefully, you find a gem you hadn’t yet discovered. We think you’ll be impressed with this group, so meet the new breed of PR blogs.

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10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah

  1. 1. The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!The contenders in the “PR blogs” category represent an interesting group. As you know,there are a LOT of PR blogs out there. Many of them have become mainstays. Good forthem! So we set out instead to find 10 PR blogs we could recommend to you that offered aunique mix of personality and...well...chutzpah! We tried to bring you a wide variety, withthe interesting twists you’ve come to expect from the Pulse series.We started with the BlogRank top 100 PR blogs and picked our favorites based oninformation, presentation style and verve. We then reviewed each one’s social mediapresence, focusing on those that are doing a great job incorporating new media techniquesinto both their content and community engagement. Hopefully, you find a gem you hadn’tyet discovered. We think you’ll be impressed with this group, so meet the new breed…
  2. 2. 1. Peter Shankman Adventures in Communications Founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a skydiver and an Iron Man triathlete, Peter is hard hitting when it comes to discussing the challenges facing the new social marketplace and PR. His blog site comes in at #1 in BlogRank’s ultimate rank. Peter is fully engaged on social—with 111K on Twitter as himself, 40K as HARO, and a very active Facebook fan page with 50K+. What places him in the new breed category is his business model. It provides crowd- sourced, broad-reach access to information for and from journalists. For leading the way on making PR and media both social and accessible, we’d jump out of a plane with Peter.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  3. 3. 2. PR-Squared Sacred Cows Beware Todd Defren’s blog, PR-Squared, comes in as a top 20 blog on AdAge’s Power150 list and #4 on BlogRank’s ultimate rank. It focuses on the intersection of social media, PR and common sense. His posts are cutting, modern, fresh … and he regularly slays the sacred cows of the industry. We found Todd’s forthright nature charming. He openly lists and displays his social media connections. He also displays how many people have tweeted out his posts, his Feedburner stats, and his blog ranking number. His use of graphics throughout his work is captivating and fun. This transparency caught our eye, and then his refreshing writing style hooked us in.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  4. 4. 3. Media Culpa Next Stop: Global Domination Named in March as the #6 blog on HubSpot’s Hot Marketing Blogs, Swedish PR practitioner Hans Kullin hooked us with the tagline: “Two Swedish eyes on Media and Public Relations.” The international focus further grabbed us, as so many top blog lists seem U.S.-centric. Each post features social media, PR and marketing data for most of Europe, as well as other parts of the world. The site and Hans are on social media with a decent following. But Hans’ social numbers aren’t why Media Culpa is on this list. It’s here in large part thanks to the social integration of its international information. Media Culpa shows us that Sweden has more to share with us besides Ikea and for that, we thank Hans.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  5. 5. 4. Solo PR Pro Indie Spirit All the Way Kellye Crane, host of Solo PR Pro, has been a successful independent PR consultant for more than 15 years. Her Twitter following is at 10K+ and she frequently appears on the Top 100 PR list on Twitter. Kellye approaches blogging and independent PR consulting very openly and that’s why we really like her. She doesn’t shy away from the emotional barriers that many independents face as they build their business. She airs the dirty laundry and openly discusses the challenges of being a successful freelancer in PR. That level of honesty is very social. It’s hard to pull back the curtain, but Kellye does it with style and grace.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  6. 6. 5. Next Gen Market ResearchStats, Facts and Data That’s All That Tom Anderson’s blog ranks high on all the lists we reviewed. His market research focus is definitely not fuzzy. If you are the type who needs the facts and the hard data to be content, then welcome to your happy place. Some great points to note about Tom’s blog: His social media connections are displayed upfront and are easy to connect to without ever leaving his blog. He does a lot of interviews with respected industry leaders. He speaks in person at numerous events, all listed on his site. He is doing a tremendous job bridging the virtual world and the “real life” one and for that, he deserves a nod.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  7. 7. 6. India PR Blog Emergence with Urgency Palin Ningthoujam, who currently works as a digital strategist at Genesis Burson-Marsteller, launched India PR Blog in 2006. This blog boasts that it features marketing, branding, public relations, and social media news, trends, opinions, resources and reviews. The boast is not bluster, either—as these features are exactly what you’ll find there, for India and beyond. India PR Blog caught our attention due in part to its placement on multiple ranking lists (#13 top blog by RSS subscription levels, with 2,500+), its Twitter following (8,300+), its email subscribers (2,700+), and its overall social presence across all channels. We don’t normally fall for impressive numbers, but this one is among the worthwhile exceptions in this list.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  8. 8. 7. Influential Marketing Blog Professor with Personality Here’s another exception. This blog can give you a case of marketing envy with its 21,000 Twitter followers, 16,000 blog subscribers, 2,400 Facebook fans and #31 ranking on the AdAge Power150. Reading the blog will convince you that these numbers are well earned. The information is rich, deep and helpful. It’s like sitting with a marketing pro at your local café, sharing his insights, his creativity, and his genius. Influential Marketing Blog is written by Rohit Bhargava. He is the SVP of global strategy and marketing at Ogilvy, an adjunct professor of global marketing at Georgetown University, a published author and a popular speaker. Great social media numbers aside, we picked this on the quality of the work – ‘nuff said.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  9. 9. 8. The Bad Pitch Blog Punch Meets Panache High blog ranking? Check. Social media reach? Check. Snarky PR advice? Yep, check for that, too. We confess a love for “tell it like it is” instigators and The Bad Pitch Blog is home to two of them. Founded by Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan, the blog features this telling snippet on Richard’s bio: “A supposed authority on media culture and hype ... Richard Laermer is a former magazine and newspaper journalist, the guy behind five bestselling books, and CEO of acclaimed PR agency RLM (” We fell in love with this personality-fueled, hard-hitting, fun approach. Featuring a refreshing blend of personality with punch and panache, the blog works for us and we think you’ll like it too.The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  10. 10. 9. Marketing Conversation You Talking to Me? Another big winner in social media outreach and blog ranking, Marketing Conversation dares address the polarizing conversation surrounding “new media.” It clearly draws the distinction between approaching online PR as online PR, instead of as a nothing more than a traditional PR add-on. The conversation this blog engages in with its readership is raw, argumentative and often controversial. It doesn’t pull any punches. Written by many members of a 27-person team, you get a subtle variety of voices with a consistent theme here – namely that online PR is not your grandparents’ PR. This theme is one we subscribe to and are glad that Marketing Conversation is saying what we’re thinking. Kudos!The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  11. 11. 10. Pierce Mattie Public Relations Beauty Is in the Eye of the...Client Pierce Mattie PR is a New York based agency that specializes in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, jewelry and home furnishings PR. Its blog ranks high on all the lists and its social media numbers are strong for good reason – the firm’s team members are expert niche promoters. They have not forgotten one of the reasons that a PR blog might exist: to help gain visibility for clients. This blog is interesting because it turns the news into teachable moments. It also features the firm’s clients. The blog is visually appealing, fun, feels personal, and it doesn’t forget its purpose. We live at the intersection of commerce and social and we like how Pierce Mattie navigates that intersection. The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!
  12. 12. The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!Off the Beaten Path...We could have featured the usual suspects in the PR world. You know them. You love them.You probably already subscribe to their blogs. What we wanted to do instead was to showyou some new ideas, some fresh concepts, and some innovators who are garneringnumbers and leading the way.The PR world is changing fast. With edgy experts like these sharing their insights, it’s easyto see that PR will survive, and even thrive, as the online marketing communicationsenvironment evolves. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and are looking for insights tohelp you navigate the changes ahead, join us while we browse and subscribe to some ofour favorites featured here…
  13. 13. The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah! Next on “The Pulse”: "Show Me the Money: 10 Leading Cities for PR Jobs and Salaries”We’ll feature our picks of best cities for PR and communications jobs and compensation. Follow us on Twitter: @Marketwire, @Sysomos Follow us on Twitter: @Commprobiz