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10 Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide


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Let's face it. In the business world, despite every terrific tweet, luminous LinkedIn recommendation and fantastic Facebook post, sometimes a little quality time and face-to-face action is just what it takes to really connect with your clients and get the job done. With this week's Pulse, we step away from our usual online and social media focus in order to highlight offline hot spots -- specifically, some of the best-recommended restaurants from around the world for hosting agency clients. We know that online presence and audience engagement across the social sphere are critical for public relations and marketing professionals today, but we also recognize that offline “real life” is where some really great stuff happens. After all, contracts aren’t signed on Twitter, and most new business pitches are still sealed with a handshake and a smile. Here’s a list of ten sit-down social hot spots.

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10 Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide

  1. 1. Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  2. 2. Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients WorldwideWe depart this week from our usual online focus to highlight some offline hot spots—specifically, the most recommended restaurants to take agency clients worldwide.We started our research by asking you—our readers—for nominations. The best ofthe many submissions we received are featured here.While we aggressively promote online social media engagement and adoption, wealso recognize that offline “real-life” is where some really good stuff happens. Afterall, client signings don’t happen on Twitter. They usually happen in person—andpreferably, over a good meal!You might notice that not all of these spots are rocking their virtual presence. Give ittime. The rest of the world will catch up with you trailblazers soon enough. Untilthen, bon appétit.
  3. 3. 1. Pershing Square Big Apple Bistro Bustle Conveniently located in New York City across from Grand Central Station, this is a popular place to hang out for a business lunch with PR and advertising pros. Times Square, the Theater District, the Empire State Building, the shops on Fifth Avenue, and the United Nations are all close by. This favorite spot sports a bistro vibe with all the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Comments we received about it included: “This is a hot spot for PR and media. It has a convenient location and is a place to see and be seen. Great food and service.” If you want the flavor and flair of NYC and love homemade food with a big city feel, Pershing Square will do the trick. Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  4. 4. 2. Michael’s New York Advertising Haven We said we weren’t going to lead with social media requirements, but we can’t resist. We confess a social media crush for Michael’s. The hot spot’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence all make us smile. What you said about it in your nominations was that Michael’s is a “must-do with industry advertising execs.” Located at 24 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019 (between 5th & 6th Avenues), it’s a place to “mingle with the greats.” You can certainly see the star-powered hobnobbing that goes on via its social media channels. Beyond that, you must check out the eatery’s blog. Some would call it foodie porn, some would call it great advertising. We call it heaven. Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  5. 5. 3. The PalmOld School Hollywood, New School Yummy Yes, another social media crush. What we like so much about the Palm’s approach is that it has been rocking the spirit of social media since the 1920s. Check out the cartoon and caricature work of King Features artist Jolly Bill Steinke! What started as an economic décor option has grown into a veritable who’s who of Hollywood greats. The Palm was crowdsourcing before crowdsourcing was cool! Little surprise then that it’s a favorite among entertainment publicists and even local social media digerati. The West Hollywood location of The Palm has been a staple with celebrities since it opened in 1975, when the Palm had only three other restaurants. Many of you nominated it and we can see why! Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  6. 6. 4. Hub 51 Windy City Hip Here’s what you said about this hot spot: “River North restaurant Hub 51 boasts a hip, laid-back vibe and is the perfect spot for those afternoon power lunches. Serving up an eclectic menu of inclusive American cuisine, the food ranges from homemade tacos and seafood to signature sandwiches, salads and sushi, offering something for everyone. Its great service and bustling atmosphere make this place guaranteed-to-please.” We like its strong social presence, conversational interactive tone, fun website personality that is both modern and engaging, and the restaurant’s level of interaction on its social channels. Oh, and the weekend brunch: Yum! Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  7. 7. 5. Bambara High-End Salt Lake City Surprise We don’t think we can improve on the recommendation that was submitted for this venue, which is adjacent to the Hotel Monaco: “Menu is consistently excellent and upscale imaginative. My favorites are the crab bisque soup, Ahi tuna and the blue-plate luncheon specials that are three courses and very good.” In addition, “Business discussions are easy, because it’s a quiet, rather confidential restaurant. Waiters treat my guests with the utmost respect, especially if I let them know it’s a business or client lunch. When I make reservations, the host will even ask if I have any special needs or requests, and "Is this a business lunch?” The people have spoken— enough said. Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  8. 8. 6. POV Rooftop Terrace A Capital Idea The recommendation for this spot came in short and sweet: “How many restaurants have a bird’s eye view of the White House?” We like it when people get to the point. We also like it when a restaurant leverages its historical and cultural vantage points to deliver a great experience. The lounge and restaurant within the W Hotel in D.C, the POV Rooftop Terrace offers a seasonal cocktail selection, signature ice selections (one of our faves is the Maison Blache), and a generous selection of wines and champagnes. Its social presence is emerging, but it leads with a personable and friendly, non- corporate vibe. We asked and you answered —so we shared the love. Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  9. 9. 7. KeensNew York’s 126 Year-Old House of Mutton Of all the entries, Keens won hands down for best back story. Here are some highlights: “Keens Steakhouse’s Pipe Club membership roster contains over 90,000 names, including Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Will Rogers, Albert Einstein and more. Opened in 1885, by the time Keens celebrated its 20th anniversary, you could glance into the Pipe Room and see the many producers, playwrights, publishers and newspapermen who frequented Keens. Today, Keens is the only survivor of the Herald Square Theatre District in New York. In an age which tears down so much of the past, it is comforting to find one landmark which survives.” We agree! Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  10. 10. 8. Judie’s RestaurantBoston Area’s “Greasy Spoon” Guilty Pleasure The reasons you gave to visit Judie’s certainly were enthusiastic: “1. Location— Judie’s is in Amherst, about an hour from Boston. 2. “Judie”—she’s always there. She studied under world-famous Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) and takes no reservations. It’s worth the wait. 3. Décor— unique/mesmerizing art. 4. Gigantic popovers and margaritas—they’re like nowhere else. Everything on the menu is superb, all invented by Judie, and attentively served by bright, young men and women. If you cant cement a client relationship here, you might consider taking up slinging hash at this local greasy spoon!” The hot spot offers little in the way of a social media presence, but who are we to argue? Besides, we love popovers! Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  11. 11. 9. The IvyLondon’s Classic Power Lunch for Over Two Decades The Ivy is situated in the heart of London’s West End, close to Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue and the vibrant quarters of Covent Garden and Soho. It may be hard to get a reservation (and you will be competing with celebrities to get a table), but it’s worth the effort to plan ahead. The dining room doesn’t open until noon, so expect to start a little later for lunch. If you want to enjoy gourmet comfort food like bangers-n-mash at a historic restaurant that has been in business since 1917, complete with impeccable service and classic styling, then The Ivy hits all the high points. Oh, yeah—the Beatles ate here! Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  12. 12. 10. Blue Water Café Vancouver’s Upscale Catch If you need to take an influential client to a luxurious destination, Blue Water Café in Vancouver will do the trick. Sprinkle in the many celebrity sightings and you’ve got the making of an impressive business dinner. Located in the trendy heart of historic Yaletown in a brick-and-beam heritage warehouse conversion, this is the go-to spot for top-notch seafood. Whether you’d like to sample sushi and sashimi from its raw bar or would prefer Dungeness crab and oysters, you’re sure to find something to please your palate. Regardless of your choice, it will likely be seasonal, fresh, and wild (or at least sustainably raised). Here’s to closing your deal! Wine, Dine & Sign!10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients Worldwide
  13. 13. Wine, Dine & Sign! 10 Top Hot Spots to Take Agency Clients WorldwideIs Your Favorite Listed?We stuck to our crowdsourced polling in choosing these featured hot spots. We receivedmany more responses among the cities we listed, but nixed too many multiple mentions percity in favor of variety. We really wanted to present a broader selection—a smorgasbord ofstellar hotspots, if you will!On that note, your favorites could be here—if you had joined the conversation. We canopine endlessly about “being social,” but the truth is that the conversation goes both ways.So sign up to get our updates, get involved when these surveys ping your email inbox—andmaybe next time, your go-to spot can be featured. We’d love to have you join us. There’splenty of room at the table!
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