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10 Coolest PR Agency Reception Areas


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We set off in search of the coolest PR and marketing agency reception areas knowing we’d see some pretty amazing spaces: exposed brick, funky artwork and open, welcoming interiors. We didn’t expect to see the utterly amazing, quirky, and just plain fun alternatives to traditional office design, including an antique carousel, a barista bar and even a “WOW” bell for clients to ring when they experience great service. Equally impressive was the extent to which these agencies and their employees personified the social media ethos; collaborative work environments, Wi-Fi lounges, breakout spaces that foster creativity and sharing. Let’s take a look at ten of the places some very fortunate and creative people call “the office.”

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10 Coolest PR Agency Reception Areas

  1. 1. Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception AreasWe knew we’d see some pretty amazing spaces when we set out to find the coolestagency reception areas. We knew we’d see lots of glass, gorgeous woodwork, andopen, welcoming design. And, true to our expectations, we did find those things.We didn’t, however, expect to see such interesting, quirky, and fun alternatives totraditional agency designs. Nor did we expect to be as impressed with the extent towhich some agencies personified the social media ethos. We were led down playfulside roads to find an antique carnival carousel, a barista bar, and even a jungle treehouse. We could hardly wait to share them all with you, so let’s get started!
  2. 2. 1. Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou, China As a benchmark legacy company, Ogilvy & Mather could rest on its laurels, but doesn’t. The company is a recognized brand worldwide and has clearly stood the test of time, while also entering the social media space with panache and skill. That same flair applies to the decor in the agency’s Guangzhou, China office, where we’re sure the creative team feels inspired in open spaces that tickle one’s inner child. M. Moser Associates created this playful space for the agency. The design is full of color, movement, and creativity. Whether it’s an antique carnival carousel or a life-sized nutcracker, the theme park feel here cultivates a sense of fun. The only thing missing is the cotton candy and popcorn! Image by Lagom Design Co.Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  3. 3. 2. Taxi Canada, Inc. Vancouver, Canada Taxi is an advertising and design firm that embodies the social ethos beautifully. Its reception desk is a coffee bar. The barista/receptionist has a MacBook with the employee directory in it and she can mix up a mean cappuccino. The company also has its own line of coffee, local regulars, and a space that promotes the brand through multiple touch points of engagement. The agency office situated within the historical Lumberman’s building further highlights the firm’s mindset to finding meaning in the every-day. “We believe brands should live, breathe and represent the same thing to consumers, wherever and whenever they touch them,” explains Victoria Gray, general manager of Taxi’s Vancouver office. To this, we say café ole!Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  4. 4. 3. Access Advertising & Public Relations Roanoke, Virginia Access specializes in higher education, high-tech B2B, and healthcare and pharmacy public relations. The firm scored big for its reception area’s beauty, openness, and sense of heritage. A large photo hanging on the wall shows that the space was originally used as the service bay for an auto dealership in the 1930s and ‘40s. You can even spy old tire marks in the refurbished concrete floors if you look closely enough. Access offers Wi-Fi, cold or hot drinks and plenty of conversation while clients and vendors wait. The sun pours in, the hospitality flows, and the location’s history is honored – a perfect example of merging the past with the present. Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  5. 5. 4. Big Fuel New York City, New York It only makes sense that Big Fuel, specializing in full-service social media marketing, has a space that is designed to be truly social. The front lounge facilitates both digital and physical interaction. The different configurations of furniture allow for a wide range of social interaction in this space that features both long conference-like arrangements and more intimate casual settings. We especially like the open versatility and the way Big Fuel walks the walk. It’s one thing to simply say you do social. It’s another thing completely to design your entire office space to show it. Everything about this office screams social.Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  6. 6. 5. Laughlin Constable Chicago, Illinois Located on Chicagos Magnificent Mile, Laughlin’s bright and energetic lobby features a tattoo-inspired painted floor, HD televisions, Wi-Fi, lounge chairs made from cardboard, Victorian seating, and walls made from old warehouse pallets. Talk about creativity! The lobby design is just one example of the agency’s concern for workplace environment. Laughlin Constable is considered an employer-of-choice, receiving numerous family-friendly workplace awards such as the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility and numerous MetroParent Family Friendly, Best Places to Work and Working Mother awards. Great lobby, great place to work, great entry into this list. Congratulations to Laughlin for taking “reception” to a new level!Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  7. 7. 6. Mono Ad Agency Minneapolis, Minnesota It’s hard to improve on this description of Mono’s office space: “Nested inside a historic building in uptown Minneapolis that sat vacant for almost 20 years previously housing a print shop and a car dealership, you will now find the very cool offices of the advertising agency Mono. In a neighborhood known for funky shops, eateries and apartments, the entrance to Mono’s office is easily distinguishable by its boldly colored blue door, which upon entering, leads visitors down a path of finished concrete floors that still have flicks of color from the old print shop.” Mono gets our vote for uber-cool consistency in branding. Follow the blue door to find them!Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  8. 8. 7. Dixon Schwabl Rochester, New York When Dixon Schwabl moved to new offices in 2002, the company called an agency meeting to ask employees to help create an office with a “WOW” factor— an aesthetically pleasing environment reflecting the firm’s own openness and creativity. One look at its space, and we say they succeeded. Clients often “take a spin” on the spiral slide in the lobby with most of them landing on their feet, demonstrating a “Perfect 10.” The lobby boasts a “WOW!” bell near the front door so clients can ring the bell if they received great service that day. Lobby windows can be opened by employees, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the building. We admit we are ringing that bell!Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  9. 9. 8. Edelman Public Affairs Washington, D.C. Specializing in public and international affairs PR, Edelman’s Washington, D.C. office features a reception area that reflects its style – clean, modern, crisp, and sleek. The blend between comfortable and modern is what caught our eye. It’s a fine line to walk and Edelman’s D.C. office does it beautifully. The reception area includes Wi-Fi, an open layout, hardwood floors, lots of natural sunlight, walls of glass, quality stonework, 3D wall art, tasteful Corian and wood finishes, and an informational flat screen for visitors to enjoy. The area is flush with quality amenities and engaging elegance – just like Edelman’s social media, its website look and feel, and its award-winning work. This is the whole package.Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  10. 10. 9. Whybin/TBWA/Tequila Pyrmont, Australia One look at the Whybin/TBWA/Tequila website, and it’s no surprise that their entry was worded with style, verve and confidence. Here’s what they said: “Stepping out of the lift and into the newly renovated third floor reception area of our warehouse in Pyrmont is like a quick visit to heaven. The glass ceiling lets the sunlight come pouring in and it radiates off the fresh white walls. Because we think of our clients as VIPs, the red carpet is there to warmly welcome them as they take a stroll toward one of our meeting rooms. You wont mind waiting in this reception ... In fact, you may find yourself arriving early on purpose!” ‘Nuff said.Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  11. 11. 10. Walker Brands Tampa, Florida Welcome to “Brand Central”! With a reception area – or rather, a purposeful lack of one – Walker Brands gets our vote for its homey style and innovation. A large living room leads visitors into an open kitchen, 14 island work space, library, a hanging acrylic chair, a 37 kinetic sculpture overhead, small break- out tables with crayons and white paper tops, and a floor-to-ceiling map wall where guests “sign in” by leaving a customized flag on their favorite spot. As Tampa’s first LEED Gold building, thousands have toured the space, greeted by “Ruby,” the company’s Black Lab and brand emissary. If this office is going to the dogs, then we’re all in.Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  12. 12. Bonus! David and Sam PR Phoenix, Arizona We couldn’t resist adding a bonus video submission and we think you’ll understand. Here’s the description in the agency’s own words: “At David and Sam PR, our entire Phoenix office functions as one big reception area. With no walls, our ‘tree house’ welcomes even the most dysfunctional primates. Walking in the door, visitors instantly comment on the vibe, saying, ‘This place feels just like a loft in…’ Portland, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco or Amsterdam. “Built with lots of glass, oxidized steel, exposed beams, ducts and concrete, our tree house also boasts a ping-pong conference table and a gorilla mascot to boot.” Watch the firm’s fun video for a jungle adventure tour – you won’t regret it!Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception Areas
  13. 13. Top 10 Coolest Agency Reception AreasAND SO CONCLUDES OUR TOUR ...We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun, inspiring, and welcoming examplesof great design and functional reception areas. What impressed us morethan anything was the way each office demonstrated its brand withinthe space at hand. That’s the spirit of social we support and certainly aworthwhile example for all of us. If you have a great reception area, besure to upload some pics and share them with us. It’s never too late tomake a great impression!
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