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Marketplace Connection Info

  1. 1. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24 …taking Christ to the marketplace…
  2. 2. About Marketplace Connection Our Mission: To teach Christian women how to connect with other women in the marketplace Our Vision: To appoint at least one Christian woman in every workplace in central Arkansas as a Connector, equipped to build relationships, mentor, and lead Bible studies to help other women develop authentic relationships through Jesus Christ
  3. 3. Workplace Statistics • 74% of all women are in the marketplace • A record 68 million women were employed in the U.S.--75% worked on full-time jobs, while 25% worked on a part-time basis. • By 2014, that number is projected to reach nearly 76 million, 46.8% of the labor force • Today most mothers—even those with young children—are part of the labor force • Women owned 23.3% of Little Rock’s 17,721 total firms Sources:, Department of Labor,
  4. 4. Workplace Statistics From the WorkMatters for Women survey: • 84% of women surveyed were in a leadership role with influence over other people • 72% experienced work/life balance issues in their current work environment • 77% worked more than 40 hours a week • 60% face a high stress, high pressure environment • 79% ranked faith in handling business situations during the day as “Very Important” • 80% were interested in learning more about integrating faith into the workday
  5. 5. Making the Connection Small Groups Connector Quarterly Training Lunches Young Connection Professionals Website Points (“After Hours”)
  6. 6. Website Through the website, women can: • Learn about Marketplace Connection events • Get encouragement for their walk with Christ • Train to be workplace Connectors Visit
  7. 7. Quarterly Lunches Quarterly luncheons held Downtown and West Little Rock • Create momentum for Marketplace Marketplace Connection has helped me Connection with presence in 2 locations understand God’s • Connect women with women during the work design for my life and how He wants to day change the hearts and • Provide opportunities to bring a co-worker lives of others through ordinary people. and to grow into authentic Christians • Have spiritual impact in the lives of women in I’ve also met a lot of new friends through Little Rock, nonbelievers as well as Christians Marketplace Connection and enjoyed some great programs. Mary Larmoyeux
  8. 8. Small Groups In the workplace, the Bible Studies: average Christian knows 50 We encourage each woman who is part of non-Christians. And in the the workplace and equip her to be a workplace Christians spend successful Bible study leader. a lot of time with non- Christians—far more Recommendations: time, perhaps, than they'll Practical Christian Living 1 & 2 to help assure the women get spend with even their best foundational truths to the Christian life friends. Book Clubs: The relationships Christians have with the A new, appealing way to get women into a people around them are small, non-intimidating small group for key to reaching the world connection and spiritual growth. All books for Christ. support the Marketplace Connection Mark Greene mission statement The Great 9 to 5 Opportunity
  9. 9. Connector Training • Helping Christians with a paradigm I learned to really listen shift to those around me and take the Through actions and words, they are Christ’s conversation from ambassadors at work general to specific ways God wants to help us. • Equipping and encouraging women Everyday conversation with coworkers to help co-workers in their spiritual becomes fertile ground journey for sharing when you see them like Jesus • Equipping women to mentor and sees them. lead Bible studies in the workplace With Him it is all about serving. Cheryl Gunnells
  10. 10. “After Hours” Events planned in the Downtown River Market area to provide opportunities for Open up your young professionals eyes and look around. You are in • Create Marketplace Connection in young the middle of a professionals mission field— you’re in the • Provide opportunities o bring co-workers workplace. and grow into authentic Christians • To give spiritual input into the lives of women in Little Rock, appealing to nonbelievers as well as Christians
  11. 11. How you can help… Individuals can • Pray to support Marketplace Go anywhere in the world Connection’s ministry serving Little Rock and the marketplace is where you will find the • Become a part of the Marketplace largest group of Connection network: attend unreached people gathered each day and yet luncheons, mentor and lead Bible study it receives little or no in your work place, attend training intentional ministry focus by the local church. • Tell others in your sphere of influence about Marketplace Connection • Become a donor through one-time or monthly donations
  12. 12. How you can help… Companies, churches and individuals can • Sponsor or underwrite a quarterly If we were to plot a map of your city and pinpoint luncheon event, young professional the workplaces of church event, or special event members, you’d quickly realize that your church • Designate funds for Marketplace has a significant presence in the opportunity for Connection training materials transformation. • Support general operating costs of Marketplace Connection