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How To Make The Inch Wide Mile Deep Principle Work For Your Recruitment Business


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How To Make The Inch Wide Mile Deep Principle Work For Your Recruitment Business

  1. 1. Superfast Recruitment ~1~ How To Make The Inch Wide Mile Deep Principle Work For Your Recruitment Business By Denise Oyston Phone: 0845-257-0073 | Web: Email:
  2. 2. Superfast Recruitment ~2~ Can the Inch Wide Mile Deep Principle really work for you and your recruitment business? Hi! I’m Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update. Today’s topic then is about choice and this principle of “inch wide mile deep” and how does it relate to you and your recruitment business. Well let’s face it, today we have got so so much choice which is fantastic. I was watching a program last night with Nigel and Adam. It was a new cookery programme. Did you know that there are 42 different kinds of milk available? Unbelievable isn’t it? Now let’s just think about that though. You can buy milk that is lactose free… Now because there’s so much choice, you and I can be so much more specific about the brand and the kind of milk that you buy. I think when I was small it was Silver Top Full Fat or Pasteurised Gold Top that was it. Now today, your clients have got so much more choice which means they can also be so much more specific. Imagine yourself 15 years ago, would you have thought that you could actually get a marketing company that just concentrated on marketing recruitment businesses like yours? Probably not, no. Today you can. Now likewise, your customers are specifically looking for recruitment companies that specialise. This is where the inch wide mile deep principle becomes relevant for you and your recruitment business because some companies, you know, may want to operate in 12, 15 or more sectors. What does that mean for your marketing? It means your marketing budget spread across the sectors. You might choose to focus on certain specific sectors. You need to make sure you have expertise across all those sectors – lots and lots of potential ramifications. Now one of the considerations is, people think if they cut away some of those sectors and concentrate on fewer, they might reduce their opportunity for business. Now here’s the real thing. I would challenge that and say the more specific you are, the more focused you are on fewer sectors, the more you can channel your marketing budget and your marketing activities into fewer sectors such that, actually, you will find you get more business because people see you as being more specialised. So as you’re thinking about your planning for next year think about your focus on the number of sectors that you’ve got and how much you want to specialise and how much impact that can make on your marketing being so much easier. Phone: 0845-257-0073 | Web: Email:
  3. 3. Superfast Recruitment ~3~ ABOUT US The Super Fast Recruitment team is different to most marketing companies that help recruitment business owners get more candidates and clients. Our background is sales and marketing. In fact we have spent many years building sales teams and working with recruiters on a different side of the fence. This gives us a real appreciation of the vital role that recruiters play in the current marketplace and how we can help them transform their business growth. WHY SUPER FAST? What we deliver: Marketing consultancy, services and education that assist recruitment companies to attract more candidates and clients consistently. Here is a small selection of what this can achieve for your organisation.      Increases the number of visitors to your online presence Creates engagement with candidates and clients Increases the number of warm leads flowing into your business Brands you as an authority in your sector Provides a ROI of a minimum of 5:1 Why us? We have launched brands and products that have turned over £350 million in revenue. We have a combined successful track record in sales and marketing of over 50+ years. We can demonstrate consistent results in the services we provide. We have personally delivered sales and marketing training to over 6000 people globally. Over 250,000 have read our sales and marketing content on line (excluding what we have written for our clients). How we work? We call ourselves a ‘boutique’ agency. For us, that means that we work with a smaller number of clients where we strive to provide an exceptional and personal service. We have some ‘package’ options that we provide and the majority of our work is bespoke. Some clients like us to be at the end of a phone for them as their outsourced marketing director and we are happy to provide that service. We work on both a project and retainer basis.  We have a combined experience of 48 ++ years working successfully in Marketing, Sales and Learning and Development Phone: 0845-257-0073  | Web: Email: Our two directors have been responsible for marketing and launching products that have generated over £350 million in sales
  4. 4. Superfast Recruitment ~4~ Want to get in touch? If you have read this far we sense you are interested. We may or may not be a fit and a match for you and your recruitment organisation the only way to know is to have a conversation. You can contact us in a number of ways. Our office: 0845 257 0073 Denise Mobile: 07919593516 Sharon Mobile: 07887 717294 Skype: deniseoyston or s.newey Phone: 0845-257-0073 | Web: Email: