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  1. Introduction 55-years and elder people are 16,2% of all active internet users in Belarus. Actually ageing people try to use social network and Internet, but only small part of all facilities. They have feeling of discomfort in society and finally they counting last days instead life enjoying. Our objective –to change the attitude towards ageing from negative to positive. We want show, that ageing – it’s time for using society prerogatives.
  2. Creative insight I wanna use all facilities of modern society and live an active lifestyle, but I’m worry about free place for myself in mad information stream.
  3. Solution: Ageing – age in game! If meet something new and unobvious, a person afraid about it and can to decide do it latter or never. For example, social network and nowadays services - it’s a big iceberg for elderly people, but full news and live sours for millennials. If you want living like millennial - be millennial and use the same tools! Be in game = age in game! We create special browser extension – easy digital way to feel the pulse of life.
  4. How it works: web extension Let’s doing the web world are friendly and open for elderly people – install special web extension for their browsers. The extension is making easy key pages and services with the help of enlarging fonts size and hiding complicated UI/X elements from page. Who can install extension? -  Elderly people -  Family and friend of elderly people
  5. How it works: social network The trend-setter of our extension is the main companies and web-services, for example Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, AliExpress and etc. They make our extension open source for all web projects.
  6. How it works: target banners We leave the special banner place in new version of all sites. The place will be use for promotion of relevant events for elderly. Every banner have call to action button ‘Age in game! ‘
  7. How it works: events platform The user after click the button linked to events platform page. Event platform – place of all city events from opera to football. As usually every city have the same city platform so collaboration - will be easy for us. Every relevant for our audience events will be mark by special icon.
  8. How it totally works?
  9. Thank you!