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  1. Challenge Insight Life of elderly people can be different To change the attitude of elderly people and wide audience towards ageing from negative to positive. To motivate seniors to search new exciting activities (physical and mental).
  2. Strategy Healthy population is a physically and mentally healthy society for all ages. Our goal is to show elderly people the vast amount of opportunities that are opened to them in their new social status. They can try a lot of activities for free and choose the ones they find most exciting. Moreover, we want to show elderly people that society needs their skills and experience a lot.
  3. Activation Direct mail When we face a new unknown period of our life we feel confused and alarmed. Elderly people feel the same (they’re afraid of loosing their jobs or being labeled as unprogressive). And we’ll help them do this important step to the new life without fear. We’ll show them that ageing is full of opportunities. We’ll motivate them to test many wonderful activities what have been missed before due to the lack of time. How it works Every senior man/woman gets a congratulation letter with an invitation to the club «Level up» by post (today it’s the most influential media channel for our target audience in Belarus, and in some years it will be transformed into an online media channel). The senior can find the following CV form in his or her envelope: «Congrats, you’ve become a Mentor» and «Your Ticket to the new happy and healthy life». There’s also an invitation to test a vast amount of new opportunities and a map with the partner companies locations.
  4. Do not stop a carrier Elderly people face the fear of loosing their jobs. They are often labeled as worthless generation, grumblers and people behind the age. As a result, they feel depressed. How it works We create a new filter category of applicants called «Mentors» on the most popular Belarusian job vacancy website. Every senior applicant receives the following update CV form «You have become a Mentor. Take part in experience exchange. Please share your experience with us». They can describe their skills and experience can use to teach the new generation (ex.: «I know some secrets how to bake the most delicious cookies», «I can be a babysitter and prepare your children for school»). If a Mentor doesn’t have an opportunity to register on the web-site he/she can give us a paper version of Mentor’s CV. Every Mentor will share his/her experience with the new generation and get some new useful experience as a bonus.
  5. will be the most convenient service for the search of the right Mentor, depending on your location. It’s good both for you and for the Mentor.
  6. Bank of opportunities for an active and healthy life Do not stop your activity Elderly people often have no idea how to spend their spare time. We suggest them to take part in active ageing which has the positive effect on physical and mental health of elderly people. How it works We create a bank of opportunities for the elderly. Many state and private organizations will take part in this program with their useful offers for seniors. Every partner company offers the first trial usage of their services to the elderly according to the «Ticket to the new life». This opportunity will be marked with a special sticker on their exit door. As a result, elderly people will have a vast amount of different activities and every day they will be able to choose the most attractive ones on a special map.
  7. Benefits Being a Mentor - This new cultural movement helps to change the attitude of elderly people and wide audience to ageing from negative to positive. - Encourages the elderly to be active participants of social life and not to stop their carrier. - Helps elderly people understand the importance of their experience for the next generations. Bank of opportunities - This new cultural movement motivates elderly people to better adapt to the ageing process and new periods of their lives, to make ageing more active, exciting and healthy. - Every partner company gets great opportunities to extend their target audience by the huge number of elderly people without any financial losses (according to the marketing activity standards every company should offer its clients a free trial usage of the services). Every year the number of elderly people grows, and some of them are quite well-off.
  8. Summary Offline media channels Online media channel Motivation program and stickers Challenge To change the attitude of the elderly and wide audience to ageing. Insight Life of elderly people can be different Strategy To offer elderly people the bank of new opportunities and show them the importance of their experience for the new generations Activation To create new cultural movement (Club “Level Up”) that shows that ageing can be different – exciting, healthy and active