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Team 2

  1. 1. To work out the strategy for promotionof the idea of the global “accessibility”,that refers to all the spheres of one’slife.
  2. 2. “Everything is accessible for me, that’s whyI’m not thinking about accessibility”. We have to make people think about the inaccessibility by putting them into the situation when their own abilities are restricted.
  3. 3. Appealing to the emotional reaction, we can make people think about the problems of accessibility of people with disabilities.By doing this we will demonstrate howimportant it is the ordinary things to beaccessible to every person.
  4. 4. CrosswalkTraffic lights are equipped with Green LightMessenger. Any time when green light is on,pedestrian hears a unique message: “Close youreyes and try to keep it closed during you arecrossing the road. Blind people do it with ease”.SupermarketsUnusual store shelves with attractive goods for thelowest prices can be installed in shops on the heightof 2,5 m. The shelve is decorated with a title: “Hardto reach? People with disabilities agree with you”.
  5. 5. Restaurants and CafésFirst several minutes of service is held on the finger language. The waiterwelcomes guest by gestures and proposes a menu in the same manner. Then acard with basic signs of finger language is given to the guest. After that thewaiter begins a conversation on the common language.ParksSpecial “Blind Tour” is organized in the park. Anyvolunteer is proposed to participate in a specialexcursion with a guide-dog.
  6. 6. Own Experience We propose celebrities (singers, sportsmen, actors) to restrict his or her abilities for a definite period of time (f.e. to live a day in wheel-chair). All their feelings and experience are to be described in a social blog.Examples of tweets:“My hands are tired of this wheel-chair!” @ScarlettJohansson“D#mn! I Couldn’t give a simple pass with my eyesblindfolded!!!” @DavidBeckham
  7. 7. Digital ActivitySpecial internet game will be created. The idea is to complete tasks shown ondisplay (f.e. “type the phrase with a help of your nose”, “try to lead the cursorout from the labyrinth with a help of computer mouse controlled by your elbow”and so on). All the activities are controlled by moderators with a help of web-camera. When all the tasks are completed, the user sees a message on his “Great result! P. S. People with disabilitiesdisplay:complete these missions every day”.
  8. 8. We make problems, feelings and experience ofpeople with disabilities accessible for people who’venever faced problems of this kind. For receiver itbecomes evident that he or she hadn’t reallyunderstood the problem of accessibility until faced it.Accessibility begins with understanding.