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  1. 1. “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” Old parable
  2. 2. Who we are“Key decisions” Company specializes in strategic,investment and management consulting, comprehensivereorganization, organization diagnostics and establishing ofholdings.The company has extensive experience in such industriesas building, engineering, mass-media, light industry, foodmanufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc.Along with consultancy “Key decisions” Company is knownas holder of unique author’s workshops, trainings andcourses in corporate format.
  3. 3. BackgroundTotal amount of people with limited abilities inBelarus in 2012 was 519,2 thousand people and only18% of them have a job. In 2012 only 9% of peoplewith limited abilities who has registered asunemployed this year got a job.
  4. 4. Product description We offer a comprehensive program, that includes consulting and training in the field of creating new jobs in different economic sectors for people with limited abilities. GoalsProfit for our Economic benefit Extra jobs forcompany from for companies people withselling our service using our product limited abilities
  5. 5. Job to be doneDevelop and implement effective communication strategy for newcomprehensive program for the chosen target group Target audienceB2B: top-managers and business B2G: employees of the Ministry of Economicowners in different fields of Affairs , the Ministry of Labor and Socialactivities Protection, Social Protection FundKey message: “If you hire people Key message: “This comprehensive programwith limited abilities, you can get helps to achieve strategic goals of theadditional profits in forms of tax government: attraction of foreign investmentsremissions and access to targeted and creation of new jobs for people withforeign investments” limited abilities”
  6. 6. Guidelines Timeline1. Develop and approve creative concept and May 1, 2013media-strategy of promotion for new service of thecompany in compliance with given complicatedconditions2. Develop and approve activity plan May 13, 20133. Develop and approve assistance program for the June 1, 2013company web-site that will calculate potentialeconomic benefit for client according input dataabout client and desirable amount of employeeswith limited abilities4. Realization of advertising campaign Terms of realization – 2 monthsBudget – 42 000 USD (30 000 USD – after the end of campaign and12 000 USD – additional bonus in case of achieving necessary KPI)
  7. 7. Social benefits Social benefit of our service is considerably increased amount of vacancies for people with limited abilities and thereby it helps them to fulfilthemselves as professionals. As a result this sphere of life becomes more accessible for them.
  8. 8. JOB ACCESSIBILITY for peoplewith limited abilities