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  1. 1. THE BACKGROUNDMore than 500 000 person with disabilities in Belarusare facing with the lots of boarders in everyday life.Actually they are not full-integrated into society lifebecause of many reasons but the firstand the most urgent isNO ACCESSIBILITY
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCEPoliticians.People, who make opinions. People, who make decisions. Why? Because they influence law-making, and the framework (e.g. incentives for businesses): To improve educational system accessibility To encourage architectural accessibility provision To give incentives to improve the employment accessibilityAll other Belarusians –the voters of first ones
  3. 3. CHALLENGEAt the same time it is not just the problemof people disabilities – all the society loose opportunitiesThey are not included in many processes and the countryloose them as workers.State policy in long-term perspective also loose more.500 000 is just about 5 % of total population of Belarus.But if take into consideration those fact that reallyworking population is 4 599 000 it means that societyloose 10 % of potential workers.
  4. 4. INSIGHTAnd the cleverest way isto invest in people not to buy off E. g. in USA every 1$ spent for involvement people with disabilities bring to federal budget 25$ of profit. For state it’s more profitable than most of other investments
  5. 5. STRATEGYWe will speak with politiciansabout people with disability on language they like –about investments,not about social security
  6. 6. IDEA Politicians talks a lot about economical crisis in country Politicians talks a lot about their efforts about absolutely different possible investments all around the world: from Venezuela to ChinaSo. OK, let them look for money.But as people are really interested in discussionabout economical reforms why do not discuss the idea:to make real investment –in our own people.
  7. 7. MEDIA? A LITTLE BITWe talk about how more accessibility brings a long-termReturn-On-Investment for the state, and/or a companyBecause of the economic benefitsit bringsThis form of accessibility relates to education, employment,as well as architectural accessibilityMass media channels are inefficient for this audience
  8. 8. MEDIA? A LITTLE BITIndividual approach is needed: networking, informational events, direct marketing, work-group activity,Lobbying (direct communications with World Bankand other international organisations)