Brief Golden Drum youth living with the parents final


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  • Scene from „The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
  • Brief Golden Drum youth living with the parents final

    1. 1. Hello
    2. 2. We are a large Slovenian financial institution
    3. 3. You can call us Future Bank
    4. 4. We want to sell a mortgage plan to young Slovenians
    5. 5. You know, credit for flats
    6. 6. Because it is a huge business opportunity for us
    7. 7. Share of young adults aged 18 -34 living with their parents (%) 46% EU-27 Source: Eurostat calculations based on EU-SILC database 67,9% Slovenia
    8. 8. Share of young adults aged 18-34 living with their parents – by gender (%) 74,8% 51,6% Source: Eurostat calculations based on EU-SILC database EU-27 (men) Slovenia (men)
    9. 9. 3 out of 4 men aged 18-34 in Slovenia live with their parents Source: Eurostat calculations based on EU-SILC database
    10. 10. Leaving the parental nest, getting married and having children: there’s no hurry Leave their parents house at the age of 29 First marriage at 31,2 Leave their parents house at the age of 31 First marriage at 34
    11. 11. So far so good
    12. 12. Except for one bothering detail
    13. 13. Why are they really prolonging their stay at their parent’s house?
    14. 14. We cannot blame everything on the crisis… …the issue was present even before it started in 2009.
    15. 15. It’s a tangle of reasons related to education, upbringing, mindset, infrastructre and … even to their mothers
    16. 16. Mothers are not helping us… AMERICAN MOTHER Enjoying her life, travelling, chatting with her friends… Children invites her on dinner… Admiring her independent children… Playing with grandchildren when she wants… vs. SLOVENIAN MOTHER Taking care of her son's family… Babysitting her grandchildren… Cooking everyday meals for the whole family… Worrying how they will manage without her…
    17. 17. ... and the big houses either The highest % of residential houses in Europe. 69% of people live in house. Generation cohabitation: well known trend in Slovenia, that all generations live together under the same roof.
    18. 18. It sounds scary but they do not dream about moving out
    19. 19. It`s their state of mind… VS Freedom? No obligations No responsibilities Travelling, sports, drinking, fun…
    20. 20. It`s their comfort zone It is clear to Slovenian youth that they will never achieve the standard of their parents, so they go faithfully along the line of least resistance and do not set up as a independent people. Am I going to live under the bridge, if mom does not have money to buy me a house? (Žan, 29)
    21. 21. It’s their limited aspirations Are Slovenian dreams really just “living together with my wife at her parent’s attic, earning together 2000€ per month, having trailer at Croatian island Krk and being drunk at skiing in the Dolomites?“ (from the movie Trip, by Nejc Gazvoda)
    22. 22. How can we change their attitude and motivate them to move out* ? * Thanks to our mortgage plan
    23. 23. A few insights starters …
    24. 24. What means staying with your parents at the age of 30?
    25. 25. It’s trading your freedom for comfort and safety
    26. 26. It’s thinking small and getting satisfied with average
    27. 27. It’s not being fully in charge and independent
    28. 28. It’s not realising your full potential
    29. 29. It’s not exploiting the most intensive and inspiring time of your life
    30. 30. It’s not knowing what you are capable of
    31. 31. It’s the old people game the fear of failure
    32. 32. Doing so means that you are already old at the age of 30
    33. 33. Now is the time to take the fate in your hands!
    34. 34. So, why spending the best time of your life with your parents?
    35. 35. Lack of money is not the issue
    36. 36. Future Bank is proudly introducing its new mortgage plan for all young people willing to be in charge of their lifes.
    37. 37. We want to pick up your brains!
    38. 38. THE TASK An idea presented in a written paragraph. Different executions in at least 3 channels. Filled with energy, enthusiasm and creativity!
    39. 39. Living with parents is like safe sex. It’s alright. But those who tried it without will tell you that it’s a whole lot different experience.