Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing


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Ali Sabkar presented "Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing" at the #ECME12 #SMMF2012 #Bahrain

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Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing

  1. 1. Utilizing Social Mediafor Events Marketing Presented by: @AliSABKAR
  2. 2. Social media enables event attendeesto connect in powerful ways.Social media can help promoteevents and empower attendeesto share. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  3. 3. Though small organizations stillrely heavily on traditionalmarketing channels to promotetheir events, social media is alsoan important outreach tool:77% of event marketers whowork for a small business ornonprofit say they use socialmedia to promote their events,and another 14% say they plan todo so in the next year, accordingto a survey from ConstantContact. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  4. 4. When in the Event Life Cycle Do MarketersPromote?Event marketers who use social media were askedto rank their level of social media activity (lightestto heaviest) leading up to a planned event.Most (60.3%) marketers cite the days just prior toan event as their heaviest social media marketingphase, 26.7% cite one month before the event, and14.9% cite one to two months prior to the event. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  5. 5. Most Popular Channels:Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInFacebook is the mostpopular channel forevent promotion:Among those who usesocial media topromote their events,88.8% say they useFacebook, followed byTwitter (66.0%) andLinkedIn (53.8%). Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  6. 6. Goals of Promoting via Social MediaThe top reason event marketers are currentlyusing social media is:• educating & informing prospects about upcoming events (55.9%),• driving word of mouth (40.3%),• attracting event attendees (38.7%), and growing email lists (38.2%). Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  7. 7. Event marketers goals for future social media useare loftier:• 66.1% want to use social media to reach more people,• 65.0% would like to gather feedback from past event attendees,• 62.9% would like to attract more event attendees,• 61.9% would like to remain engaged with past event attendees. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  8. 8. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  9. 9. About the survey:The Constant Contact-sponsored survey wasfielded in October 2011 to small businesses (50or fewer employees) that use Constant Contactsevent marketing product. Results includeresponses from 474 marketers across a range ofB2B (26%), B2C (26%), and nonprofit (48%)organizations. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  10. 10. 15 Ways to Bring Social Media to EventsBy: Ekaterina WalterEkaterina Walter is a socialmedia strategist at Intel.She is a part of Intel’sSocial Media Center ofExcellence and isresponsible for socialnetworking strategy andsocial media enablement. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  11. 11. #1: Registration BuzzYou don’t have to wait until the day of your eventto create a buzz—it can start at the registrationstage.Services such as Eventbrite, twtvite and theEvents Pages on Facebook & LinkedIn let yourattendees share the event with their networks asthey register. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  12. 12. #2: Sharing BuzzEncourage yourattendees to sharedetails of your eventearly by offeringincentives forspreading the word. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  13. 13. Make sure all your event promotions include pre-agreed hashtags (#EVENT) in prominentpositions to encourage people to start using themearly when they talk about your event. You don’twant two or three variations getting coined as itwill be much harder to follow conversation threads. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  14. 14. Once you’ve got yourspeakers lined up youcan include their profiles—and Twitter handles—onyour website and otherpromotions, which will helpyour audience get to knowthem if they don’t alreadyand even start suggestingquestions and topics thatmight help your speakersgauge the audience better. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  15. 15. #3: Event-Shaping BuzzSXSW has always been active in asking attendeesfor their views to help shape events, with 30% oftheir programming chosen by attendees. Withoutgoing to these lengths, you can conduct simplepolls before your event. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  16. 16. #4: Rumor BuzzIn 2009 a rumor flew around Twitter that comedian DaveChappell would be playing a secret midnight show atPortland’s Pioneer Square. No-one was able to confirm ordeny the rumor, so it just kept running until 5,000 peoplehad showed up. Midnight came and went, and no DaveChappell. At 1 am, just as everyone was starting to thinkthey’d been victims of a Twitter, Dave Chappell walked onstage and rewarded the crowd with an impromptu gig.Rumors of surprise special guests or exciting prizescan help to invigorate your event and get peopletalking. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  17. 17. #5: Use QR Codes for Ad-Hoc PresentationsNowadays it doesn’t matter how ad-hoc yourevent is. Even if it’s being held outside with notraditional conference facilities, you can use QRcodes to share your presentation without aprojector by uploading your presentation toSlideshare, then creating a QR code that points tothe presentation. Print an image of the code andanyone with a smartphone can scan it and gostraight to the presentation. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  18. 18. #6: Collect All of Your Speakers’ Blogs in OnePlaceHow do you keep your attendees up to datewith all your speakers’ news, whether before,during or after the event? With Netvibes, you canuse the RSS feeds from blogs to create adashboard of all their latest posts. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  19. 19. #7: Twitter BackchannelsThere’s no need to stick to the rigid format oftalking, then opening up to questions from theaudience. With a Twitter backchannel run onsomething like Tweetwally, not only can theaudience provide commentary on the talks, butalso non-attendees can follow along on Twitter.A good solution is to have a screen up in acommunal area away from the live events, withmarshals collecting comments and feedback to putto the speaker at an appropriate time. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  20. 20. #8: Sharing ImagesBy setting up anofficial Flickr page andusing small prizes andincentives to encourageparticipants to uploadtheir own photos, you canquickly build a greatunofficial photo record ofthe event, which you canuse again in futurepromotions. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  21. 21. #9: Sharing LocationsEncourage attendees to checkin using Foursquare atdifferent locations around thevenue by rewarding them withdiscounts, special offers andother incentives. Not only caneveryone see which booths arepopular, but also you canencourage them to explorelocations that they mightotherwise have missed. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  22. 22. #10: Open Up Your Event to Virtual AttendeesIf you don’t want space to limit your attendance,consider opening your event up to virtualattendees.Some events, go one step further and are entirelyvirtual, with speakers recording sessions milesapart, cutting the need for a conference venue,travel or accommodation. Virtual attendees can askquestions via Twitter or Facebook, or comment onevents using hashtags to create what is potentiallya global conversation. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  23. 23. #11: Video StreamingLive recording is the keystone to a virtual event.UStream, Facebook or a dedicated YouTube channelcan enable you to stream events live, either inwhole or in part. This is particularly valuable atlarge events where attendees are never going to getaround to all the talks. If you’re going to do this ona large scale, it’s worth investing in dedicatedrecording equipment and a separate Internetconnection, as you’ll be using a lot of bandwidth. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  24. 24. #12: QR Code HuntsHow can you make visiting your booth morefun and stand out in a busy venue? You can useQR codes to create a theme hunts for fans to winprizes.Reward your attendees for sharing blog posts,weblogs and photo galleries at your event withprizes and discounts. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  25. 25. #13: Publish Your Twitter WallIf you have a whole lot of media you don’t knowwhat to do with, try using Storify to collect Tweets,videos and photos and embed them in yourwebsite or share them through social media. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  26. 26. #14: Give Access to All of Your Talks With Links toVideosYou can make your website the main place forpost-event catch-up by using Ustream andYouTube to embed video of your biggest events.This can also serve as a great marketing tool fornext year’s event. Make sure you have an emailsign-up on the same page to capture interest, andyou can even get ahead of the game by offeringincentives for early interest. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  27. 27. #15: Publish Your PresentationsYou can use Slideshare to reach a whole newaudience beyond your own website and helpconvince new audiences to sign up for next year’sevent. Utilizing Social Media for Events Marketing @AliSABKAR
  28. 28. Thank youIf you get it, share it @AliSABKAR