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Social Media Club Bahrain


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Welcome to Social Media Club Bahrain, where innovators from Bahrain will meet for monthly events to share, engage and collaborate with the community on the issues of social media and technology.

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Social Media Club Bahrain

  1. 1. Social Media Club Bahrain Chapter 14th July 2011
  2. 2. Social Media Club Founded in 2006 by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, Social Media Club has morphed into the largest non-profit trade organization for social media professionals Image Credit: Kris
  3. 3. Social Media ClubSocial Media ClubMissions include,• Promoting medialiteracy• Sharing best practices• Adoption of industrystandards• Promoting
  4. 4. Social Media ClubOur Social MediaClub communityincludes more than300 chaptersacross 49 countriesand 300,
  5. 5. Social Media ClubSocial Media Clubchapters hostmonthly eventsacross the globewhich have aneducational focus &
  6. 6. Social Media ClubSocial MediaClubhouse eventsare hosted at manyof the social mediaindustry conferencesincluding BlogWorld,Le Web, CES andSxSW with livestreaming
  7. 7. Social Media ClubVisitSocialmediaclub.orgfor more information,membership benefits,upcoming eventsand to connect withus across our
  8. 8. Social Media Club – Bahrain ChapterWelcome to SocialMedia Club Bahrain,where innovatorsfrom Bahrain will meetfor monthly events toshare, engage andcollaborate with thecommunity on theissues of social mediaand technology.
  9. 9. Social Media Club – Bahrain Chapter Bahrain Chapter Leaders Eman Burashid Hala Sulaiman Ali AlSabbagh Ali SABKAR President Hussain Husaini Ammar Alaradi Adel Maymoon Sari
  10. 10. Social Media Club – Bahrain Chapter For more information: kingdom-bahrain #SMCBahrain
  11. 11. If you get it, share it