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Increasing Social Media Engagement


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The "Increasing Social Media Engagement" was presented at Social Media Club Conference 2011 in Bahrain by Jiri Voves (@jirivoves) Head of Product, Socialbakers

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Increasing Social Media Engagement

  1. 1. Increasing Social Media Engagement By Jiri Voves (@jirivoves) Head of Product, Socialbakers March 20, 2012
  2. 2. About Socialbakers• Prague, London, San Francisco, October 31, 2011 Munich “We are a ‘customer developed’ company,” said Jan Rezab, who is the CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers. “Our customers kept telling us the metrics they wanted to see.”• 330,000 marketers across 60+ countries, every continent Used by Leaders• Founded in 2008 as Social Media Agency• Team of 100 people, Launched Socialbakers platform 2009• Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant
  3. 3. Socialbakers Platform View in Build Get Data Context Engagement The #1 go to place for The #1 platform of choice Build meaningful marketers to find by hundreds of marketers social media social statistics. to monitor and compare campaigns that help their social media drive your social performance media success
  4. 4. Facebook In Numbers: Steady Growth
  5. 5. Facebook Facts Facebook has about 845 million users Over half of the users login every day More than 100 million Page likes happen every day #1 website worldwide in terms of average time spent on site “ Facebook: Not just clicking, but really making “ connections between users and brands Source: Facebook
  6. 6. Latest Trends In Social Media Content Customer Care AnalyticsMost of your fans don’t Almost no barrier Monitoring matters.come back to your between brands and Only fully informedPage. Most of the users. Proper brand is able to dointeractions are made communication is a proper marketingin the Newsfeed key to success decisions.
  7. 7. Engaging Content - Tips 1. Great content mix – photos, videos, albums, statuses 2. Asking for engagement – asking for likes, comments 3. Asking questions 4. Posting content which is interesting to fans With proper content, you are able to reach ! beyond the actual fan !
  8. 8. Engaging Content
  9. 9. Best Practices For Content Strategy  Have a mix of content and include photos, videos Diverse Content along with your status updates and links Pay attention to your most Engaging Content engaging content and replicate Call to Action Don’t be afraid to ask your fans to like or to take action Simple, Clear Less is more, keep messages Messages simple, concise and clear
  10. 10. Worst Practices  Recommend 1 – 2 posts Too Many Posts day for brands Not Engaging with Not responding to questions or Fans engaging with your fans comments May seem obvious but rule of Confrontation thumb is to not engage negatively with fans Not Following Facebook has rules on how you run contests, etc. Make sure you stay Facebook Rules within limits! Not Using Apps or Leveraging apps and tabs to build fun ways for fans to Tabs engage with you
  11. 11. Customer Care – Power to the user 1. Facebook Page: Your mission control on Facebook 2. No barriers between users and brands 3. Quick and immediate reach 4. Big potential in tab applications 5. Popular in services industry
  12. 12. Customer Care – Power to the user
  13. 13. Customer Care – Power to the user
  14. 14. What You Should Monitor Fans Engagement Size, reach, and growth User interactions and evolution engagement to content, People talking about Community Competition Compare all of that with Community management, competitors and know response rate, key what’s happening in the influencers, Core Fans industry
  15. 15. Analytics – Ranks & Benchmarks
  16. 16. Analytics – Benchmarks
  17. 17. What to take away1. Facebook Page as a mission control2. Creative content (1-2 posts a day max)3. Engaging in conversation with fans4. Proper Analytics5. Other: Ads, Facebook Apps
  18. 18. Jiri Voves jiri@socialbakers.comLink me: Friend me: Follow me:(anytime) (meet me first) (when you want)