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Isa Almoawda presented "Content creation - let us blog!" at the #SMMF2012 #Bahrain

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  • Once you know how to set your blog, you need to create your content and start creating.
  • First you need to define you objective: What do you want to achieve by creating your blog.Then, you need to define your targeted audience: Who do you want to reach in order to achieve your objective?To link your targeted audience to your objective, we will use the blog.
  • Lets take Open Forum as an example.
  • American Express wants to expand more into the small business market. This is their objective.The right target market to achieve this objective is to target small business owners.And the vehicle to get to them is to create a blog that will help them do business better.
  • Other examples of blogs are:The Sharpie Blog: getting young hipsters to use Sharpie more by inspiring them with art.
  • Adobe blogs: Teaching introductory adobe products users to use their products.
  • Whole Story (Whole foods market blog): relating to their customers and give them delicious recipes to increase brand awareness and encourage them to buy more from Whole Foods.
  • How do we create content?It can work either way, linking our objective to the audience, or linking our audience to the objective of the blog. In both ways, you will need to brainstorm ideas.I will explain it through a series of examples that will help you form many topics for your blog.
  • Open forums (American Express blog) does it best. The whole blog is about ‘Powering small business success’, and they do it by educating their audience about how to do business every way they could.
  • When you have a product you want others to use it. Sharpie blog inspires people to use their products in a very artistic way. Whether through beautiful examples or contests.
  • Another way of inspiring the audience is done by Whole Story (Whole foods markets blog). From time to time they post a delicious recipe, giving people reason to buy from them.
  • You need to know your audience more to relate to them. Think of what does people associate your products/services with. Marriott's got it right, they know travelers like to read and blogged about books. Know your customers and be creative in how to relate to them.
  • Try to establish a calendar of topics related to what you do. South by Southwest post a weekly weather forecast and called it meterology Monday. In our culture, we can use Ramadan and Eids in a way its relevant to what we do. Other examples are seasons, national holidays, birthdays, and whatever day you think is relevant to your brand, even if you had to use natinal peanut day or Starwars day. Be creative but relevant!
  • If you understand your brand well, you will know what kind of values it stands for. Wholefoods stands for organic, so it can talk about it on its blog. Find the right values to support. Make sure these values means something to both your organization and most important your audience.
  • Adobe products can be complicated, but their blog is a good way to understand their products more. Use your blog to help your customers on how to use your products (if they were hard to use).
  • One of the reasons people use social media, including blogs, is that it adds a human tune to your brand. Try to find the right human tune (that fits your brands personality) and use it to communicate to your audience.
  • You can be as creative as you can be when using a blog. Google uses its blog to send press releases and news about the organization and its products.
  • Content creation - Let us blog!

    1. 1. LET’S BLOG!CONTENT CREATION @isa_almoawda Strategic Marketing & Branding
    2. 2. Objective Our Blog! Targeted Audience @isa_almoawda
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    4. 4. Objective Our Blog! Targeted Audience Expand To New Markets Educate them! Small Business(Small Business) Owners @isa_almoawda
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    8. 8. Topics TopicsTopics Objective Topics Topics Topics @isa_almoawda
    9. 9. Topics TopicsTopics Targeted Audience Topics Topics Topics @isa_almoawda
    10. 10. GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE @isa_almoawda
    11. 11. INSPIRE TO USE YOUR PRODUCTS! @isa_almoawda
    12. 12. INSPIRE TO USE YOUR PRODUCTS! @isa_almoawda
    13. 13. RELATE TO YOUR AUDIENCE ! @isa_almoawda
    14. 14. MAKE A CALENDAR @isa_almoawda
    15. 15. TALK ABOUT YOUR REAL VALUES! @isa_almoawda
    16. 16. AFTER SALE SERVICE @isa_almoawda
    17. 17. HUMANIZE YOUR COMPANY @isa_almoawda
    18. 18. NEWS @isa_almoawda
    19. 19. NOW, CAN WE BLOG? @isa_almoawda
    20. 20. CHOOSE YOUR TITLES WELL• Use Numbers: • 9 Secrets of building the perfect home!• How-To: • How to film like a Hollywood producer!• Ask a question: • Who else hate going to crowded malls?• Give a command: • Cook Lasagna like an Italian! @isa_almoawda