Twitter Inspiration from the LIMRA Social Media Conference


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An overview of dynamic attendee tweets from the recent LIMRA-LOMA Social Media Conference in Boston to help motivate marketers in the insurance industry to break new ground and jumpstart social media in the years to come.

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Twitter Inspiration from the LIMRA Social Media Conference

  1. 1. 2 Speakers at conference and authors of tweets have absolutely no affiliation with Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance company nor endorse our products or services. Their opinion reflect their own, not this company or its affiliates.
  2. 2. 3 Byrnes Consulting@ByrnesConsultin: Think of #twitter as your radio show and you are the content DJ Turn up the volume
  3. 3. Connect 4 LIMRA CRS @LIMRA_CRS: @Twitter is the shortest distance between you & what matters most
  4. 4. 5 INVE$T Actiance, Inc. @Actiance: At #LLSMC @beccayuen of @Twitter suggests you put some money behind your hashtag to own it and develop it
  5. 5. 6 Liz Skinner @skinnerliz: “Impossible to be successful in biz if you don’t have a web site; same is about to happen in social” within 3 yrs AMUST
  6. 6. 7 CDA @The_CDA: Great question @amymcilwain “how much time does social media take?” @garyvee “all of it”: what you put in dictates what you get out in the work PUT
  7. 7. 8 Gary Liu @garycliu Traditional cold call no longer works today. Marketers need to change their game GET Corey Dahl @LHPro_Life “You guys were worried about the do not call list... but no one’s picking up a phone now anyway.” MODERN
  8. 8. 9 Augie Ray @augieray “Every business is in the media business, but they just don’t know it yet.” The mic is live
  9. 9. 10 Distribion @DistribionDM @garyvee Salespeople are bad at #socialmedia because social media is a marathon, not a sprint Be Patient- Rewards will Follow
  10. 10. 11 Corina Roy @corinaroy “Only reason I care about social media is to sell stuff.” Focus on Goals
  11. 11. Steven Webster @StevenPWebster Groups are an untapped opportunity to empower your associates as SMEs. How are you using groups? empower employees 12
  12. 12. 13 Kristin Shevis @SheviNY LinkedIn Sponsored Updates have 11X higher click through rates vs native ads ‪@ortman_ social ‪#LLSMC Opportunity to promote personal brand? PeoplefollowPeople-NotAds
  13. 13. 14 LIMRA @LIMRA Wow: 61% of financial advisors surveyed said they had landed a new client directly from ‪@LinkedIn Social Means Business Sarah Carter @SarahActiance 79% of sales people on social outsell their peers ‪ #LLSMC 51% of advisors use social media
  14. 14. 15 Meagan Herfkens @mherf Being findable used to be abt the yellow pages & having a storefront, but now it’s about being google-able & on ‪#linkedIn New Phone Book
  15. 15. 16 Diane Eder @DianeEder Quote from Neil Hiltz, Facebook, at LIMRA conference -- “The world is a better place when it is open, connected and transparent.” Change Better forTHE
  16. 16. 17 Paul D. Tyler @pauldtyler facebook: “social marketing is just marketing at eod” The Future is Already Here - It’s Just Uneven
  17. 17. 18 Michelle Smyth @michelle_smyth “Storytelling’s the key to convincing someone to switch from the insurance company their family used their whole life.” Customers want our stories
  18. 18. 19 Victor Gaxiola @VictorGaxiola Advisors/agents need to stop asking compliance “Can I?” And ask “How can I...” instead be a leader.
  19. 19. 20 Michelle Smyth @michelle_smyth Right now, if you “cold call” someone on Twitter, and don’t push too hard too fast, you are going to succeed @garyvee #LLSMC Not Your Average Cold Call
  20. 20. 21 Amy McIlwain @amymcilwain Social Selling = 1) Be findable 2) Grow your network 3) “Hear” Do your research 4) “Say” Establish credibility @clarashih #llsmc The Art of Social Selling
  21. 21. 22 Meagan Herfkens @mherf Why engagement on social matters: purchase intent increases by over 50% when brands engage with consumers - from @ johnp at LLSMC Engagement is Key
  22. 22. 23 Yes, it is.
  23. 23. 24
  24. 24. 25 Fidelity & Guaranty Life® is the marketing name for Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company issuing insurance in the United States outside of New York and, in New York only, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company of New York. Each Fidelity & Guaranty Life company is solely responsible for its contractual commitments.