Orlando LGBT Travel: Converge Official CVB


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Orlando LGBT Travel: Converge Official CVB

  1. 1. Converge Orlando, Inc.
  2. 2. What is Converge Orlando? Converge Orlando, Inc. is a non-profit 501 c6 public membership corporation, governed by a Board of Directors, funded through sponsorships and private funds. We cooperate with all other destination marketing agencies in Central Florida The other major destination like Orlando is Las Vegas—in terms of number of visitors and appeal of the concentration of attractions Las Vegas CVB has a sizable Diversity Division and budget to attract the LGBT traveler to their destination
  3. 3. Converge has a clear strategyConverge strategy to produce value for Orlando  Attract first-time visitors (put Orlando in consideration)  Extend the stay of current visitors  Actively target conventions, conferences and groups  Focus on amateur athletics & competitions
  4. 4. Why was Converge founded?  Five percent of all travelers but represent 10% of all tourism expenditures— less impacted by national economic downturns  We believe LGBT visitation can be significantly increased, especially during off-peak seasons
  5. 5. Orlando has a compelling story to tell LGBT visitors  The market requires authentic and sensitive targeting  Perception of “gay- friendliness” is the most important driver of visitation we can impact  Assurance of personal safety and security is also important  The OutServe Leadership Conference is great example of Converge’s unique contribution
  6. 6. Milestone One: We have launched the first LGBT travel insert with Visit Orlando  4-month print & online campaign generating 600,000+ impressions  225,000 print circulation  Special targeting of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, NY metro, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Toronto and drive markets
  7. 7. Future plans for Converge Orlando Participate in major LGBT travel trade shows and Pride events Create major Orlando presence in all gay travel guides Significantly increase the number of articles and references written about the Orlando gay travel experience Participate in organizations that promote LGBT travel and tourism
  8. 8. Milestone Two: New Website is officially launched today www.orlandogaytravel.com is reliable, comprehensive, unbiased and non-commercial  Create a distinctive and exciting persona for Orlando  Central Florida’s wonderful hotels, restaurants, attractions and experiences are interpreted for the LGBT traveler
  9. 9. 2018 Gay Games  Previously hosted in San Francisco, Chicago, Amsterdam, Montreal, Cologne, Sydney, Vancouver, New York, Copenhagen and Antwerp  Know competitors for 2018 include London and Las Vegas
  10. 10. $150+ million for the local economy  12,000+ Participants  200,000+ Attendees  80+ Countries Represented  10 Days Of Competition  40 Competing Sports  10 Outstanding Events