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In a spin-off of her lively article of the same title, marketing strategist Kelli Schmith shares her down-to-earth perspectives on approaching social media for the first time. If you’ve been tempted (or cajoled) into creating a Facebook fan page or tweeting your latest sales promotion, start with this webinar. You’ll learn what really determines whether you’re ready for social media and what questions you need to ask yourself before you dive in.

In the webinar, we discussed: Why Facebook and Twitter, etc., might (or might not) be the place for everyone. The 2 questions you have to ask (and answer) before you jump in. Three (safe) ways to dip your toe into social media.

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Social Media Made Me Do It

  1. 1. “Social Media Made Me Do It” UNCOVER THE POWERFUL (AND PRACTICAL) ROLE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA IN YOUR BUSINESS Presented by: Kelli B. Schmith, Marketing Strategist December 2009
  2. 2. Trust me. I’m no expert.
  3. 3. Social Media is Big – Really Big   The Big Aha   The Big Promise   The Big But (aka the gap)   The Big Question
  4. 4. Today’s Goal: Your Big Aha   Am I ready for social media?   Is my company ready for social media?   3 ways to safely test the waters
  5. 5. The Big Promise Social Networ king will change the way you engage with your customer s, the mar ket, and your own people.
  6. 6. Big Stats, Big Brands
  7. 7. The Big But Business folk s get the Big Idea of social media, but there’s an even bigger GAP between the future payof f and today’s real business challenges.
  8. 8. What’s Inside the Gap  Too much noise  Hype versus measurable ROI  Who are all these experts?  What will really stick?
  9. 9. Last But Not Least 2 Twitter accounts Facebook LinkedIn Blog ??!! Chuck Musciano, CIO Martin Marietta Materials
  10. 10. The SM Anxiety Scale Aversion Doubt Curiosity Fear Skepticism Possibility
  11. 11. What Social Media is NOT…
  12. 12. It’s intertwined into everyday life. use social technologies each month Forrester Research, 2009
  13. 13. Be There or Be Square? If your company is not using social media, you are simply ignoring the conversations already happening online. Scott Monty, Head of Social Media Ford Motor Company Photo by CC Chapman, available under a Creative Common License
  14. 14. Putting Social Media to Work Business Objective Social Media “Behavior”   Better understand your customers Listen   Spread messages about your brand Talk   Find your most enthusiastic customers and Energize encourage them to pass along your message   Help customers support each other Support   Influence product (or service) design and Embrace corporate strategy Forrester Research, Three Steps to Measuring Social Media Marketing
  15. 15. What These Could Mean Listen Talk Energize Support Embrace
  16. 16. First Things First Your customer determines the platform. Your objective drives the metrics and how you measure them.
  17. 17. 2 Questions You Have to Ask Who is your customer?
  18. 18. Customer Segmentation 101+1   Audience Review   Demographic   Sociographic   Technographic   Revenue Streams & Profit
  19. 19. 2 Questions You Have to Ask What is the ONE objective?
  20. 20. Defining the ONE Objective   What are you driving your customers to?   Already exists   Current engagement   Company-wide touchpoints   Looks like?   Executed how?   By whom?   What isn’t measured?
  21. 21. Strategy & Technology Last Platform Freshness Factor Affect on Behavior User Transparency Interaction Your Role Community Dynamic
  22. 22. Platforms =Means to the End. Source: Overdrive Interactive Search Marketing Map Downloadable map with live links at:
  23. 23. The SM Anxiety Scale Aversion Doubt Curiosity Fear Skepticism Possibility
  24. 24. 3 Ways To Dip Your Toe In 1.  Engage as a consumer.   Twitter   Facebook   Etsy   GoodReads 2.  Establish your professional identity. It’s yours.   LinkedIn   Twitter 3.  Lurk. Listen. and Learn.   RSS Feeds   #Hashtags
  25. 25. From the Sample Bin
  26. 26. You Define the Big Aha Enhance your relationships? Build (or deliver on) your brand? Recruit talent? Serve your customers? Boost morale?
  27. 27. Connect Here First. Kelli Schmith MarketingVeep Marketing Blog: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.