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SAP Social Media Presentation For J Boye 2013 Conference


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@GerryMoran presented the SAP NA social media strategy at the 2013 J Boye conference in Philadelphia, PA on May 3rd. Highlights include:

1. How to monetize in-house channel managers by eliminating over $200,000 in annual agency costs
2. How to build a social media strategy
3. How to create a process to handle over 50 monthly social media campaigns
4. How to measure social media channel and campaign success
5. How to optimize social media marketing at the campaign level

Please contact Gerry Moran at, @GerryMoran or 215-817-4085 with any questions or inquiries to speak at your conference.

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SAP Social Media Presentation For J Boye 2013 Conference

  1. 1. Branding & Community ManagementAn SAP Case Study | @GerryMoran |
  2. 2. How do you build and monetize acommunity that reaches, engagesand converts customers?
  3. 3. Source: on ZDNet
  4. 4. Back to the beginning (mid-2011)
  5. 5. Houston, we have a problem.
  6. 6. Paying Mad Men Agency Rates.
  7. 7. Many SAP social media ‘kingdoms’.
  8. 8. In other words ….Decentralized50+ decentralizedsourcesVolume50+ monthlycampaign requests No ResultsPoor social campaignperformanceAlignmentNo alignmentwith GlobalmeasurementProcess?No processNo TransferMultiple agencies/ ownersSuccess?MissedopportunitiesOptimizationNo content orcampaignoptimization
  9. 9. Turnaround ObjectivesScaleProcess to activate50+ monthlycampaignsPerformanceIncrease reach,engagement andconversion in eachcampaignSharingShared learningPipelinePipelineattributionActivationEasy accessMeasurementAlign metrics acrossregions and Global
  10. 10. Was our goal just to sell?
  11. 11. Yes, but in a different waywith social media.
  12. 12. Amplify, Engage and ConvertSocial media’s role in our marketing strategy and the buyer’s journeyReachCreate and deliver content andamplify your message to themaximum amount of peopleEngage.Keep your customers and prospectsconnected with your Industry,Solution or LoB with valued contentthat keeps them in a ready to actstateConvert.Turn customer interest into a sales-related action (e.g., phone call,registration, etc.)
  13. 13. Focus on being a broadcaster.
  14. 14. Social Media Scorecard Q1 2013REACHNumber of Facebook fans andTwitter followers. 2,259 of whichare new in 2013Q1.ENGAGENumber Facebook likes, shares,and comments. Number ofTwitter retweets and replies.CONVERTNumber of social media clicks toa registration page.16,495+15%4,169+2%43,221+12%IMPRESSIONSNumber of times messages mayhave been seen by followers andnon-followers.43,231,571+1%CONSUMPTIONNumber of social media clicks tocurated content40,674+16%
  15. 15. We needed an ‘engine’…
  16. 16. … and a set of rails.
  17. 17. Way to deliver valued messaging.
  18. 18. Foundational Services ActivationHow NA manages 50+ monthly campaignsTrackingEach campaign coded by date,event, owner and solution andkeywords
  19. 19. ConvertGet people toperform aconversion-related activity.EngageGet people toclick, comment,retweet, shareour content.AmplifyReach the mostamount ofpeople with ourmessage andcontent?‘Dial-based’ strategy to support playsHow do we reach 70% of buyers making a sales-related decision?ChannelsInfluence SocialSellingSocialIntelligenceOffers / ToolsOngoing amplification ofdownloadable and easy toaccess assetsWebinarsEvents requiring 2-3weeks of amplificationBig EventsBig events that require 3-4weeks of amplification andmessagingLocal EventsSmaller events that requireprecise amplification andmessagingAlways OnAmplification of news,blogs and other thoughtleadershipBlogging ContentPlays
  20. 20. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Last chance call to actionCommunicate WIIFM event detailsState relevant industry facts tied to eventAnnounce your eventTypical @SAPNorthAmerica Social Media CampaignCampaign Content Formula Approach20 tweets per campaign over a 2-week periodMost clicked and retweeted messagesstate a fact and a clear customer-centricreason why a customer should attend.Please RT! #CustomerService is the new marketing!@DestinationCRM Apr 11 2pm est Webinar #CRM12% of Internet Users tweet. Find out how to leverage#SocialCRM#SCRM Apr 11 2pm ET #CXLearn the value of real-time #CustomerEngagement at the@SAPCRM& @DestinationCRM Apr 11 WebinarLast Chance Please RT! Reach influencers thru socialmedia. @DestinationCRMApr 11 2pm est Webinar
  21. 21. Shared Service ModelPlays• Webinars• Offers, tools• Always On• Local events• Live eventsMeasurement• Reportingmethodology• AnalysisContent Direction• Format direction• Sourcing direction• Writing servicesActivation• Channel system• Channel management• SyndicationSocial Media Office HoursCenterofExcellenceConsult To Drive ResultsFoundationalServices&ProgramMarketersShare Social Media team of 3channel managers, contentcreator, syndicatorMarketers & SocialMedia TeamShare content creation fromGlobal communicationsteamSocial Media TeamShares Global reportingresourcesMarketersShare syndicationservices topromote plays on multiplechannels
  22. 22. Moving beyond buying support.
  23. 23. Teaching marketers to ‘fish’.
  24. 24. Marketers now reached by SMOHCampaigns increased from 5Social MediaOffice HoursResultsProblem.Low marketer skill leveland no social integrationinto campaigns leading tomissed opportunitiesObjective. Create ascalable process enablesocial media best practicesto drive increased businessresultsProposal.Can we increase thesocial media skill set ofNA marketersandshow how to integratesocial media intomarketing activity tocreate more salesopportunities?12550+% increase in social media KPIs700Tightens Links To BusinessDevelops Pull MarketingInvests In PeopleHumanizes The BrandSimplifies MarketingSocial Media Office Hours
  25. 25. So, what about the monetization?
  26. 26. Moving from here …
  27. 27. … to here. 5 team members.
  28. 28. Community EvolutionEvolving process to support NAM campaignsAgencyManagementMove Tools & Skillset In-houseMay 2011 Apr. 2012 May 2012 Jan. 2013 April2013AutomateThe Process (some)Complete OnlineSystem2nd & 3rd ChannelManager Added• Supported <5campaigns• Disjointed strategy• No measurement• Supported 58 marketingcampaigns in January2013• Pipelineattribution• Drives demand gen• Channelmanagers havemore time to providestrategic support• Shared servicesintroduced
  29. 29. Social Media Campaign ActivationSuccess= Easy ActivationSocial mediaactivationrequested, andWBS sub-tacticcode created inCSD.Content received,edited and finalizedin CSD.Campaignreporting ispulled inSprinklr andtracked inCSDCampaign ismonitoredin Sprinklr.Campaign isscheduled,tracked anddeployed inSprinklr.Request& ActivateReceive& EditSchedule& DeployMonitor &RespondReport &Optimize
  30. 30. ActivatingEmail confirmation delivered with activation instructionBest-practiced brief is returned to marketerServices explainedIndividual activation
  31. 31. Scorecarding
  32. 32. Savings = $200,000 per year
  33. 33. The real prize is in-house value add.
  34. 34. Always on Social Media (blogging)
  35. 35. Always On SocialContent program strategy to monetize thought leadership and content curationContentSelect topPPC & paidmedia assetsto inciteincrementalregistrationPackagePackagepopularassets in 1-2weekly blogposts with acall to actionto “click hereto downloadthis assset”ActivateSAP NA,Industry,SCN, IP andSAP coworkersocialchannels todrive to blogsDriveBlogs postssyndicated toBIB, SCN,Business2Community andother blogs.BIB uses CTAbannersRegister.Each blogpost linked toa registrationpage toaccess assetMonetizeMeasure ourcontentstrategy’sreach,engagementandconversionUpdated evergreen content to drive registration
  36. 36. Social Selling
  37. 37. Social Selling Strategy & ProgramActivating skills and campaigns to over 3,000 sales executivesFoundational Training:100 Minutes of SocialSocial Selling 101 & 201Roll-out at FKOMSocial Media Genius Bar reached2,600 SAP field employeesSocial SellingJam CommunitySales UniversityOff-the-shelf RecordingsExecutive-level Training
  38. 38. Social Intelligence
  39. 39. Use-case Social Intelligence ProgramUtilizing Frameworks to Place Structure Around A Fluid PlatformFiling CabinetSingle listening initiativefor a single companyFile FoldersKey words and phrasesaligned by theme (e.g,product attributes taste, seasoning,ingredientsFiling DrawersDrawers = themes;universal attributesapplicable to strategicgroups within anindustry (e.g., pricing)AccountMarketingInsightsUse Cases3 come-to-thewindow cases
  40. 40. SAP’s Turnaround GoalsAgency In-houseNo Process ProcessStaff of 1 Staff of 5<5 campaigns 70+ campaigns500Kimpressions25 millionimpressionsContentEngagementClicks & RTs upbetween 43-50%No Sharing Shared LearningNoAttribution Attribution
  41. 41. Thanks!@GerryMoranSr. DirectorSAP Social Media MarketingGerry.Moran@SAP.comMarketingThink.comMarketing blog