Blueprint To Build The Perfect Tweet


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Have you ever thought of what the perfect Tweet looks like?

Many business professionals, sales executives, small & large businesses and thought leaders are using Twitter to reach many audiences - followers, influencers and customers that are searching for solutions.

I want to provide you a quick read to help you make your Tweets work harder. I've provided 10 slides to make it easier for others to find you and engage with you on Twitter.

This document is a great resource to create Tweets that will reach the most amount of people in the best way possible.

If you like this slide deck, you might also find my social media and marketing coaching blog enjoyable. Check out

Thank you for your interest!


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Blueprint To Build The Perfect Tweet

  1. 1. MarketingThinkBlueprint To Build !The Perfect Perfect | Social Media & Marketing Coaching @GerryMoranSCALE: < 120 CharactersAnother""Social Media BlueprintHow To Build ThePerfect Tweet
  2. 2. MarketingThinkMessage. Use good punctuation including capitalletters, no txt speak and avoid ALL CAPSCraft Your | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Do not abbreviate anything otherthan numbers (e.g., 6 instead of six)
  3. 3. MarketingThinkBlogging Session #1Optimize Your LinksLinks. Shorten all URLs to increase Tweet space and track performanceCoaching: Studies show links generate the most | Social Media & Marketing Coaching
  4. 4. MarketingThinkSend People To A DestinationDestination. Make 90% of your Tweets link to articles, blog posts, pictures orvideos that relate to your messageCoaching: Links do not always have to be at the end of a | Social Media & Marketing Coaching
  5. 5. MarketingThinkLeave Space To RetweetRetweet Space. Leave > 20 characters for retweeters to addtheir messageCoaching: Make sure to say thank you for each RT! | Social Media & Marketing Coaching
  6. 6. MarketingThinkTopics | Keywords | Editorial CalendarUse Your Own VoiceTone. Use your own voice in a professional way to add | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Get someone to regularly reviewyour style
  7. 7. MarketingThinkRetweet & Mention Your AudienceMentions & RTs. Use Mentions and RTs to call outauthors (e.g., @GerryMoran) | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Add your own messaging to RT’s
  8. 8. MarketingThinkHashtag To Extend ReachHashtags. Include 1-2 hashtags in each message toextend reach to | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Include hashtags in the message body andavoid adding them at the end of a Tweet
  9. 9. MarketingThinkFocus On Your FormatFormat. Use a mix of headlines, questions andfacts & figures to drive clicks and RT’ | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Monitor your Tweet performance to makeformat changes
  10. 10. MarketingThinkClear Call To ActionCall To Action. Tell readers what youwant them to | Social Media & Marketing Coaching Place ‘[ ]’ around the deliverable to driveadditional action (e.g., [Blog])
  11. 11. | Social Media & Marketing Coaching BlogCopyright®2013GerryMoran|AllRightsReserved|moran.gerry@gmail.comBy @GerryMoranSCALE: <120 charactersAnother""Social Media BlueprintHow To Build ThePerfect TweetMarketingThink.comPlease pass this blueprint on to help build better socialmedia messaging throughout the world!Reach me @GerryMoran with any questions!Rev. Feb. 22, 2013  Call To Action. Tell readerswhat you want them to doCoaching: Place “[ ]” aroundthe deliverable to driveadditional action (e.g., [Blog])MESSAGE   LINK  Hashtags. Include 1-2 in eachmessage to increase reachamong non-followers Coaching: Include hashtags inbody of message and avoidadding them at end of tweetLinks. Shorten all URLsCoaching. Studies show Bit.lylinks generate the most retweetsDestination. Make 90%+ ofyour tweets link to articles,blog posts, pictures or videothat relate to your messageCoaching: Links do not alwayshave to be at the end of a tweet Retweet Space. Leave > 20characters for retweeters toadd contentCoaching: Make sure to saythank you for each RT!Tone: Use your own voice in aprofessional way to add somepersonalityCoaching: Get someone toreview your styleMentions & RTs. Use these tocall out authors (e.g.,@GerryMoran)Coaching: Add your ownmessaging to RTsMessage. Use goodpunctuation including capitalletters, no txt speak and avoidall caps!Coaching. Do not abbreviateanything other than numbers(e.g., 6 instead of six)(<100 characters)   (20 char.)   BLANK   (20 char.)  Format. Use a mix of headlines,questions and facts & figures to driveclicks and RTsCoaching. Monitor your tweetperformance to make format changes
  12. 12. | Social Media & Marketing Coaching"!Social Media And Marketing Coaching BlogThanks!Contact me at 215-817-4085 to set up aTwitter tune-up or a social mediacoaching session.
  13. 13. MarketingThinkMarketingThink.comHelping You Survive In A Social & Digital WorldSocial Media & Marketing Coaching Blog | Social Media & Marketing Coaching | Social Media Channel Management | Social Media & Marketing Coaching