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DevDay: Mike Hearn Keynote, R3


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Mike Hearn, Lead Engineer at R3, keynotes DevDay at CordaCon 2019.

Published in: Technology
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DevDay: Mike Hearn Keynote, R3

  1. 1. CordaCon DevDay Keynote 2019
  2. 2. Agenda 1.Things we’re not doing* 2.Things we’re actually doing *currently
  3. 3. BLACK START • 12 hours to Skeleton Network • 24 hours to 60% supply • 72 hours to full restoration Best case scenario!
  4. 4. Possible plan 1. Combine SIM and EMV Contactless chips. 2. Emergency GSM broadcasts at the start of an outage. 3. Phones move tokens into temporary chip balances. 4. Terminals enter emergency mode. 5. Chips can protect against double spending when not in daily use, good enough for 72 hours.
  5. 5. Things2
  6. 6. Weird consequences of wallets inside machines 1. Accidental collision or breakdown might destroy money. 2. User has to regularly fill up machine with money. 3. User cannot earn interest on money held in machines. 4. Machines can’t buy on credit. 5. End user would refuel with money, but often should be employer 6. Money shouldn’t physically pile up in beacons or charge points.
  7. 7. Common IoT requirement pattern • Physical proximity establishes business relationship • Security and authentication are key • Corda community can provide valuable solutions
  8. 8. Device Nodes and Ledger Sockets • Establish flow sessions linked to an encrypted physical connections • Linked flow is a “ledger socket” • “Device nodes” help create ledger sockets • Device nodes have machine identity. • Software library linked into embedded solution. • X.500 name contains serial number, VIN, other identifier.
  9. 9. Enclaves
  10. 10. SGX for ledger privacy Basic Java in enclave Advanced Java in enclave Verify transactions Add DJVM Signatures of validity Fully encrypted ledger
  11. 11. • Multi-party compute • Reduce trust in clouds • Lock down app stacks • Auditable SaaS • And more … Enclave oriented computing
  12. 12. • Generalised Java in SGX • Integrated with Corda • Multi-party computation • Designed for Java/Kotlin Conclave
  13. 13. • MPC over a set of Corda transactions. • Calculates an aggregated price owed to the app developer. • BNO/developer never sees the contents of the transactions. • Avoids pricing traps Transaction pricing (TXP)
  14. 14. Conclave Developer Preview
  15. 15. London 2 London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5AU Hong Kong Bonham Strand, 7F Office 18- 121 Hong Kong Thank you Brazil Av. Angélica, 2529 - Bela Vista 6th Floor São Paulo - SP, 01153-000, Brazil New York 11 West 42nd Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10036 Singapore 18 Robinson Road, Level #14-02 Singapore, 048547 Come discuss on