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Common Causes of Chest Pain while Sleeping


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The 4 common causes of chest pain while sleeping are identified.

Published in: Healthcare
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Common Causes of Chest Pain while Sleeping

  1. 1. Chest pain can be the result of medical issues that are present inside your chest cavity or in other parts of your body. Here you will find the most common causes of chest pain while sleeping. Chest Pain While Sleeping 4 Common Causes Of
  2. 2. Injured Chest Wall • Chest muscles and bones have been strained or injured • Any type of movement of your torso causes pain How This Affects Your Sleep You may experience chest pain while you are sleeping, particularly if you frequently change positions or fall asleep on your chest.
  3. 3. Acid Reflux • Burning sensation in the chest • Occurs when stomach acid flows backward into the esophagus. (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) How This Affects Your Sleep The chest pain can worsen while sleeping as the amount of acid produced increases and backflows into the esophagus.
  4. 4. PLUERITIS • Pain in the left or right chest areas • Can cause fluid to build up around lungs • Pain is much worse when lying down Inflammation of tissues lining the lungs and chest cavity How This Affects Your Sleep Being in a flat position while sleeping tends to worsen the pain caused by inflammation of the lining around the lung.
  5. 5. ANGINA • Chest pain caused by restricted blood flow to the heart • Usually due to heart disease • Damages the heart muscle, forcing your heart to work harder, even while asleep (Angina Pectoris) How This Affects Your Sleep Angina damages the heart muscle by making it work harder, even while you are asleep.
  6. 6. It can be difficult to distinguish which ailment is causing your chest pain while you are sleeping, which is why it is important to note other symptoms you may have. If you need to seek medical care, don’t hesitate to contact the closest Complete Care emergency room by phone to schedule an appointment or for more information. CHEST PAIN DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT AT COMPLETE CARE Visit Our Locations Page To Find The Complete Care ER Or Urgent Care Nearest You